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Tragedies, tragedies and more tragedies this year has been all about those. I guess I do not need to explain myself here, or do I? Let us leave this year as it is and focus on the word “tragedy”. We watch different dramas and movies which often ends up that way, and even when we love happy endings, these tragedies hit the other nerve. HBO‘s Europhia is one of those. After the blockbuster season one, the second season of Sam Levinson’s Europhia is on its way. Let us take a look at the exciting second season of teen drama.

Europhia Season 2: Release Date

HBO renewed Europhia for the second season after one month of the premiere of the first season. Once again, our beloved COVID-19 comes in the way of filming and causes delay. ( I hope you get my sarcasm.) The filming was to begin this year but now its pushed back to early 2021. I have a piece of good news though that we will get two Covid special episodes to fill up this long gap between the two seasons. And as revealed by one of the cast members, Zendaya that one of them will be up on 6 December 2020. In one way or other we will be watching Europhia Season 2 in early 2021 or late 2022. I wish it is the first one; I lack patience.

Europhia Season 2: Plot

The complicated world in which our characters live will be there in the second season. Their lives are still in the mayhem which we will be watching. The story will continue from where it took off. As for the details, we know nothing ( I am disappointed too, but spoilers are annoying, aren’t they?). The one thing we know about the plot is that it is going to be “beautiful”, as described by Zendaya. I am wondering the same thing that what does she mean by ” beautiful”, so let’s wait and watch. Do you have any theories for it? Share your views in comments.

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Europhia Season 2: Storyline

As stated in the beginning that it is a teen drama, so it is quite understandable that the story involves teenagers. We follow a group of young people, specifically high school students. They have their struggles with life, including drugs. Rue, after a long battle to quit drugs relapses as Jules leaves the city. While Cassie is thinking of an abortion, Ethan and Kat find their way to each other.

Till now, I feel that Europhia is going to break the ice again. We all are aware of the success of the first season. HBO made the announcement of the renewal when the first season was still in the run. I nearly forgot to tell you the name of the special episode of December. We will know it as “Trouble Don’t Last Always.” I will be narcissistic and think that you thanked me, so “you are welcome”. (Please don’t disown me for this.) Do you like animes? Know about the third season of Castlevania, an anime series. If you want more of my writings, then stay tuned!

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