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Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markel Stepped down from royalty earlier this year. The book “Finding freedom” was released on August 11 which does not directly characterize Prince Harry and Meghan Markel but the co-authors revealed that the story is based on the life of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markel after marriage. They were feeling side-lined and dejected in the Royal Palace. 

Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel spoke to the press openly on why they left Buckingham Palace. Meghan started with the ” The Sad Irony of the last four years as I’ve advocated for so long for women to use their voice and then I was silent” to which the Interviewee asked “Silent ” or “Silenced” and the response was Silenced!!

The couple left the royal palace two years earlier. In the two-hour interview, Meghan revealed the friction between the Couple and Buckingham Palace. She also added how her life was in the palace and the problems she faced. 

Points of Highlight in the Meghan & Harry’s Interview

The Interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markel aired on 6 March 2021 revealed every dark secret of what happens in Buckingham Palace.

Talks about the Son Archie

Meghan & Harry's Interview; Harry and Meghan- son
Source: Time Magazine

She told the press the title-tattle about her unborn son “Archie”. She was always told that her son won’t be getting any security for he won’t be holding any royal titles. There were also conversations about the unborn’s skin color that would make any mother Depressed.

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Thoughts About Suicide!!!

Harry and Meghan- meghan
Source: Daily Express

“I Just didn’t Want to be alive anymore and that was very clear and real and frightening Thought” were the words, Meghan used for describing how she felt in the palace. She was made felt alone and dejected in the palace which took her so low that she thought of committing suicide.

Smear Campaign In the Palace

Harry and Meghan- bhukinghum Palace
Source: The Royal Family

Leading British news “The Times” ran a report where the sources claim that Meghan treated her staff so badly that they Quit the Palace. To which the Palace which usually remains silent on the allegations responded to the news and said they would investigate which they did not do in Prince Andrew’s Sexual Alligations.

Meghan Markel said “Not only was I was not Being Protected but they were willing to lie to protect other members of the family but they weren’t willing, to tell the truth, to protect me and my Husband” This made her feel left out in the palace.

Meghan Said “She Was Naive”

Caption: WGN-TV

In her interview, Meghan told she was naive and was unaware of what to expect from the Royal Family. She said everyone was so welcoming in the beginning but everything changed after the tour she and Harry took to the South Pacific.

The Couple Felt Trapped

Source: Pakistan Today

After the Tour from the South Pacific, The couple said they felt that they were trapped in the Royal Palace. Everyone around was just talking about them in a negative sense and this was was the starting point when the couple started feeling neglected.

Harry Was Cut-Off Financially

Harry & Meghan- financially
Source; Town and Country Magazine

The Couple Harry and Meghan told in the interview the bad games that were taking place in the Palace against the Couple. Prince Harry was cut off financially from the family. He talked about how disappointed he was with Palace’s move.

Inter-family Relationships

Harry & Meghan- family
Source: ABC

The Couple Harry and Meghan exposed their relationship with the family members. They told that Prince Harry was not in good talking terms with his father and Brother. Although Charles was hospitalized when Prince Harry and Meghan Markel left the Palace he was always aware of the fact.

Racial Behaviour

Harry & Meghan- racism
Source: Community Care

The thing that was talked about the most in the interview was the racial behavior of the people of the palace. The racism started after the Couple took a tour of Australia and Mehgan Markal’s Pregnancy.

The words that can be repeatedly heard in the Interview were Mental Health, Self Harm and Racism. They said they wanted to be free and be independent so they left their Royal Duties a Year Ago.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markel were approached many times in the past year by various news agencies for the interview. But, they denied it every time. This time a serious allegation was put against Meghan Markel, She was accused of torturing her staff members which lead them to Quit their job. So, the couple decided to come up and speak to the media.  

Harry and Meghan talked mostly about the things that happened in the past and told nothing about their future plans but, they told me that is expecting a baby girl this year.

The eagerly awaited interview with the Duke of Sussex was broadcasted this Sunday, March 7. Two hours of confession were broadcasted in the evening on the CBS website for the USA, for the United Kingdom was broadcasted the following evening on ITS.

Featured Image Source: Deadline

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