Three Exercises That Can Be Done Immediately To Increase Erection

Three Exercises That Can Be Done Immediately To Increase Erection

As you get older, your body weakens, and your erectile power declines. However, efforts to restore erection can be made at home.

Naturally, if you do nothing, your erection will decrease.

The lower body, which was healthy without thinking when young, will surely lose its erection power if it leads an unhealthy life without being aware of it after 30.

Currently, it is said that about 1 in 3 people, 18 million people, have erectile dysfunction. Also, it seems that one out of every two people over the age of 50 has ED.

However, a decrease in erection can lead to sexlessness and disappointment, leading to a loss of self-confidence as a man. Therefore, restoring erectile power is a top priority for improving the quality of life as a man.

There are many ways to restore your erectile power, including lifestyle, exercise, and supplements. This time, I will focus on the exercises that can be done immediately at home.

First of all, I know the reason for the decrease in erection.

Before I show you how to restore your erection, I’ll briefly explain the mechanism of erection to get a better effect.

Pump a lot of blood into the lower body

Imagine a bucket with holes. How can I store water in the bucket? You have to keep pouring more water than the water coming out of the hole.

In other words, a strong erection is caused by a large amount of blood being pumped into the lower body. However, if the libido is weakened in the first place, or if the blood flow is down due to incontinence, sufficient blood cannot be sent to the pe**s, resulting in decreased erectile dysfunction and ED.

Five leading causes of obstruct blood flow and reduce erectile function.

  • Fat accumulates in blood vessels due to a high-calorie diet.
  • Hobby items such as cigarettes and alcohol
  • Decreased cardiopulmonary function due to lack of exercise
  • Chronic stress and pressure
  • Decreased testosterone secretion

Where Can I Train To Recover My Erection?

There are two muscles, the PC muscle and the BC muscle, that maintain the blood pumped into the p**is and erect.

A healthy, well-trained PC muscle is taut and muscular, but if you neglect to train, it will lose tension, loosen, and become sloppy. Loosening of the PC muscles not only reduces erectile power but can also cause urinary problems such as frequent urination.

The muscle between the scr**um and an*s is there to pump blood to the tip of the p**is. By training the BC muscles, you can improve premature ej***lation, enhance hardness at the time of erection, improve sustainability, and control ejacu***ion time, so be sure to train your muscles.

Urinating is the easiest way to find the location of these muscles. Try to stop urinating while urinating. At this time, the PC muscle and BC muscle are healthy.

By training these two muscles, Cenforce 150 and Vilitra 40 can recover your erection and improve your erection.

Three erection recovery exercises you can do at home.

Exercise to tighten the an*s

The first exercise is an exercise that puts pressure on the an*s and closes it.

The PC and BC muscles are also used during urination and defecation so that you can see where you are when you urinate. Therefore, these two muscles can be trained by actions such as stopping urination and tightening the an*s.

The easiest way is to tighten the an*s for 5 seconds with as much force as possible and repeat the slow opening motion.

Let’s do it several times a day with ten times as one set. It may be ten times hard at first, but you will gradually get used to it.

Squats are two birds with one stone

Squats, which can train the adductor muscles, are also an effective muscle training method for improving erection.

Since both the PC muscle and the adductor muscle are connected to the pelvis, it is said that squats can eventually train the PC muscle.

Squats also have the effect of strengthening the thigh muscles. Therefore, it is possible to increase the muscle mass of the body and efficiently increase the amount of testosterone secreted, which is the source of energy.

Increasing the amount of androgen secretion has many benefits for men, such as improving libido and relieving stress.

Pelvic, low muscle exercise with Kegel exercise

In recent years, pelvic floor muscle training has been recommended in the United States as a muscle training method for improving erection. Pelvic floor muscle training is called Kegel exercise and was done initially to restore the body shape and constitution of postpartum women.

However, recent studies have shown that this Kegel exercise also restores the erectile function of people who are doing everyday Kegel exercise. According to the survey, 33.5% are feeling the improvement of the erection. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 you can improve your men’s problems.

Check out the video below to learn how to do Kegel exercises for men

We have introduced exercises for PC and BC muscles that are highly effective in restoring erection and maintaining an erection. Studies by various specialized agencies have shown that these exercises are effective in improving physical function.

Also, it is a highly recommended exercise because you can easily do it at home without tools.

However, if you want to improve your energy, the following methods can be very useful in recovery.

  • Strengthen blood flow by walking or jogging
  • Increase testosterone with regular muscle training
  • Promote androgen secretion by sleeping for 7 hours or more
  • Improve energy more efficiently with men’s supplements

Decreased libido and erectile power are caused by poor physical and mental health due to unhealthy lifestyle habits.

If you can maintain your physical and mental health regularly, you can improve your problems.

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