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We always call retirement a happy retirement. Have we ever thought that getting cut financially at the age when you are not able to do anything new, How challenging this would be? There are various schemes by the government that make the life of senior citizens easy.

Apart from the traveling, banking, and long lines, there are thousands of other facilities that are provided for the senior citizen. The condition is we should know them for accessing them. Many of us are unaware of the schemes provided to us. Don’t worry, we at deasilex have researched a lot about the schemes availed to the senior citizens of the country and listed them below.

The facilities provide to senior citizens by the government are Senior discounts, travel deals, Deduction in tax, bigger retirement account limits, no penalty on early withdrawals, health insurance, and free college.

To avail of all these facilities, you need to have a senior citizen card and provide it whenever asked by the authorities.

Facilities To Senior Citizens

Given below are the detailed programs by the government that you must be unaware of. 

Senior Discounts

Besides discounts on travel deals, many other discounts are available to senior citizens. Not all of these discounts are publicized, you need to ask for a discount from the management. These discounts can be found in the tickets reservation, movie theaters, restaurants, bus tickets, museums, and many more. 

You have to ask yourself for the discounts and provide the senior citizen card if asked for. You can save a lot of money if you ask it yourself.

Travel deals

A special travel discount is given to old age people and this offer is mostly known by people. Not only discounts on travel but also seat reservations for the senior citizens are available. Traveling includes accommodation, hotel discounts are also availed to the senior citizens. 

According to research by our team deasilex, on average 10 percent discount is for the citizens for traveling over 65 years of age and 5 percent discount is available for the citizens over 62 years of age.

Deduction in Tax

Apart from reservations and discounts on the deals. Senior citizens can save a lot from the banking system as well. They are exempted from many taxes. If a spouse is 65 years old the deduction is up to $1300, if both the married people meet the age requirements then the deduction is up to $2600 and the person lives individually and is above 65 then his standard deduction is $1650.

If you are above specific age and are earning below a specific amount of income then you are exempted from the property as well as the school text. You must check your country’s rule book for more information on this.

Bigger Retirement Account Limits

If you are working and above 50 years of age, you can shelve tax up to $26000 that is $6,500 more than the young workers. The IRA contribution limit is also higher for workers above 50 years of age.

People who are above 70.5 years of age and own a retirement account can save income tax on any amount up to $100,000. If they transfer money from IRA to any qualifying charity. Taxpayers who are 55 years or above have deductible health plans as well.

No Penalty on Early Withdrawl

Usually, we have a 10 percent penalty on withdrawal from the IRA but if you are 59.5 or above then you are exempted from this penalty. If you leave your job at 55 years of age or later then you can also start withdrawing your money without penalty.

However, the penalty-free withdrawal of up to $100,000 is allowed at any age now, due to the coronavirus crises.

Health Insurance

Once you are retired at the right age, you don’t need to find any job to cover your health insurance. Once you are 65 years of age or above 65 years of age you can sign ho for medicare.

You don’t need to pay for the hospital expenses, you will be provided $144.60 per month as your expense for the doctor services and medical expenses. You can save a lot on your medical expenditure from the health insurance policies for the senior citizens.

Free College

Many colleges and institutes provide free tuition to senior citizens. If you want to continue your studies after retirement you can find the private institutions or government colleges around you that provide free tuition to old-age people.


I hope now you are clear with all the schemes and benefits to the senior citizens by the government. If your grandparents or the neighbors are unaware of the schemes do let them know and if you feel we have skipped any of the points do let us know in the comments section.

Featured Image Source: Seniority.in

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