Most Expensive Restaurant in New York City – 7 Luxurious Dining Spots In NYC!

Most Expensive Restaurant in New York

For foodies like me, this article can be mouth-watering!! So, read it at your own risk!! Hehe!!
For cities like New York, there is no shortage of delightful cuisines and restaurants. You’ll have a new coffee shop, a restaurant, or an ice cream parlor at every next street/lane. If you have ever been to New York, then I am sure you must have tried the famous cheesecake, street meat, pizzas, and many other dishes. Ever wondered which is the Most Expensive Restaurant In New York City? You should know about this, as you surely don’t wish to struggle with the bills after enjoying a tummy full of yummy food.

It’s better to do some research about the restaurants and hotels before visiting a place so that you can enjoy the best services in that city. For New York, I must say, you’ll find a no, of options, but not everything fits your budget. For those who are planning to go out on a luxurious date with their partner, or are looking for a royal dinner destination in New York, then this list is gonna be apt for you.

No doubt, you’ll get some of the best cuisines here along with the 5-star services. You must visit these places with your families for a relaxing holiday feel. You can even throw a surprise birthday party for your wife or husband. I am sure they’ll be stunned and pleased!! While you make plans for enjoying some of the best New York recipes, let me tell you that these most expensive restaurants in New York work on an advance reservation policy. So you better hurry, and book your slots now!!

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So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the world’s most delicious and most expensive restaurant in New York cuisines. Happy Dining!!

7 Most Expensive Restaurant in New York City!!

Here are the 7 most exotic restaurants in New York. Enjoy the perfect dining time with your loved ones here in New York!!

7. Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare

Expensive Restaurant in New York City; Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare
Source: Michelin Guide

Chef’s Table is a three-star restaurant in New York. It’s a small cozy place, perfect for couples! Since the seats are limited, you hardly get to enjoy their cuisines if you haven’t booked your slots prior. 

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The prices are quite high, but they are worth the struggle. Every day here feels like a heavenly delight as the menu changes on a daily basis. If you are in New York right or are planning to visit sometime soon, do visit this place. It’s lively!!

Price: $394.36 for a full prix-fixe dinner.

6. Kurumazushi

Expensive Restaurant in New York City; Kurumazushi
Source: TripAdvisor

Looking for the best sushi in New York? It’s the right place!! Kurumazushi is a Japanese-inspired restaurant that is well known for its authentic taste. 

You can try the Omakase menu here which means the chef will decide their best recipe for you. While this blind selection for cuisines can be interesting but it can cost you a nice fat bill. Be prepared!!

Price: $160 for dinners.

5. Eleven Madison Park

Expensive Restaurant in New York City; Eleven Madison Park
Source: The Beet

Eleven Madison Park is focused on serving you the most traditional recipes inspired by the history of New York. EMP has been awarded 7 grand awards like James Beard. 

You can get your menu and courses customized according to your wish. Pre-bookings are recommended if you don’t want to miss the chance of dining at this royal restaurant.

Price: $335 for prix-fixe dinner

4. Daniel

Expensive Restaurant in New York City; Daniel
Source: Hellenic News Of America

This restaurant is owned by the famous chef Daniel Boulud. Daniel brings out the best street-style food with a touch of traditional elements for delicious taste.  It’s one of the most expensive restaurants in New York.

The menu offers some of the greatest cuisines in New York City. You can stop trying a couple of dishes as the variety offered is so vast here. Although it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in New York which is worth your spending.

Price: $158 for four courses, $250 for Chef’s special tasting menu.

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3. Jean-Georges

Expensive Restaurant in New York City; Jean-Georges
Source: Jean Gorgeous

Dining here at Jean Georges feels like home. The services are amazing, the food is yummy, everything is fine and exciting here. 

They provide table-side services for your rooms which is super amazing. Their French Cuisine is quite famous along with the place. You must visit here once. You’ll love the place and the services.

Price: $238 per six-course dinner.

2. Le Bernardin

Expensive Restaurant in New York City; Le Bernardin
Source: www. le

Le Bernardin has been awarded the best dining restaurant in New York. It’s a four-star restaurant, but their services are A1. 

The most famous recipe that you can try at this place is their seafood, especially the fish. The food is prepared with the simplest techniques but the food is delicious. You can visit this place with your family and friends.

Price: $198 per tasting menu.

1. Momofuku Ko

Expensive Restaurant in New York City;  Momofuku Ko
Source: Goop

Looking for a cozy nice place in New York, what’s better than David Chang’s Momofuku Ko. People hardly get easy reservations here, as the place is quite busy and expensive. So, you better hurry and book your slots now.

Momofuku Ko restaurant is the perfect dining spot for a group of 1-6 people. You can throw a birthday party for your chums at this restaurant. Make sure you do your reservations 1 month early.

The best part about this restaurant is that they release the free slots 15-20 days prior so that you can book in advance. It’s definitely the most expensive restaurant in New York.

Price: $255 for tasting dinner and lunch menu.

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Hope you enjoyed exploring these executing and expensive restaurants in New York with us. The courses served here are top-notch. 

Do share this post with others as well if you found it interesting. For more delicious recipes and worldwide stuff, stay tuned. Until then Happy Dining!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Restaurants In New York:

Which is the most exclusive restaurant in NY?

The most exclusive restaurant in NYC are:
1. Le Bernardin. It’s situated in Midtown Manhattan.
2. Rao’s. It’s found in East Harlem.
3. Atera. It’s at Tribeca.
4. The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare.

Which is the no. 1 restaurant in New York? 

Daniel is rated the no.1 restaurant in New York but Editor’s Choice. 

Which is the hardest restaurant to get into? 

1. Alinea
2. Atera
3. Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare
4. Barolo Grill
5. Damon Baehrel

Featured Image Credits: Luxefeed Magazine

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