Interesting Facts About Brown Eyes That You Don’t Know!

Facts about brown eyes

Nothing gets unnoticed in this world! We’ve heard that phrase a million times, But you know what is the most important thing we pay great attention to? NO? It’s eyes! Our eyes or the eyes of others, we tend to focus on every detail of it! However, this isn’t about how important your eyes are but rather, what do they SIGNIFY?? There are many facts associated with a person’s eye color and if you want to know more about your brown eyes! Then you’ve jumped to the right place. Let’s delve into how your brown eyes talk with “facts about brown eyes!”

Brown is the most common color in the eyes. However, the shade of brown present varies from person to person. Some people have dark brown eyes which from afar may seem black and some have a lighter eye color. Do you know why? MELANIN! Don’t know what it is? Your science noob will explain to you provided you don’t leave first! Keep reading, you know nothing yet!

There are many eye colors, some are very common and some, on the other hand, are VERY RARE! But does it actually matter what kind of color you have? Does your eye color affect how you normally think? Have people been talking behind your back? Does this have any relation with your brown eyes? No? Let’s find out!

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Brown Eyes Nicknames | 55+ Cool Cute Nicknames For Brown Eyes

Your brown eyes have a tinge of blue in them! Don’t believe me? Keep reading! There are many more facts associated with brown eyes that you never knew.

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Magic or MAGIC?

facts about brown eyes
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Let’s start with the magic ingredient here! Oh, sorry! Science noob ALERT! Ahm… the magic PIGMENT! This is what makes your eyes appear brown, blue, grey, green, and all sorts of color palette colors. Do you think your brown eyes appeared in one day? NO! That pigment has been working so hard for you! Do you know what it is? Time of revelation here! MELANIN! What labor exploitation! 

Melanin is a natural skin pigment present in our skin, under the iris of our eyes, hairs, and even brain. This pigment is responsible for the color of skin, hair, and eyes. It has been observed that, in the presence of sunlight, our body produces more melanin. SO! So! Did I sound like a science expert here? No? Huh! Let me add more then!

One must have observed why African people are darker in complexion with dark brown to black eyes. This is simply because more exposure to the sun leads to more secretion of melanin causing our skin, hair, and even eye color to be darker than our European mates. European people usually are found with much lighter eye color, one of the main reasons for that is less exposure to the sun.

Do you know what will happen if you don’t pay homage to this pigment? Read ahead and be aware of labor exploitation!

The absence or very little presence of melanin in our body leads to diseases such as Albinism, Melasma, vitiligo, and even Parkinson’s disease.

Be disease-free and appreciate Mr. Melanin’s hard work!

9 Lesser Known Facts About Brown Eyes:

facts about brown eyes
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  1. You are AMERICA! Do you know that almost 41% of Americans have brown eyes? No? Then congratulations! You are a part of that 41% and you REPRESENT America!
  1. Your brown eyes weren’t always there! do you know you didn’t always have brown eyes! The color of your eyes may have been different than what it is now! A newborn baby sometimes has light-colored eyes as there is no melanin secretion yet. But however, within a span of time which is generally 3 years or less, the eyes acquire a deeper and a darker color.
  1. Even if you’re common, you’re UNIQUE! not all brown is BROWN! There are many shades of brown starting from light brown which may appear very light especially in light and as dark as BLACK! So even if it is said that 80% of the population has brown eyes, don’t worry! You are unique in your own way!
  1. You are the harbinger of LIGHT! your eye color may affect your vision! It has been noted that people who have light-colored eyes see good at night. But what does this study say about our brown-eyed folks? It says that people with brown eyes have good vision during the day! So? Doesn’t it make you the harbinger of light!
  1. Genes matter! But do they? It is a widely held belief that the parents who have brown or black eyes can’t have a child with blue eyes, or vice-versa. But that is not the case. In many cases, it has been found that this hypothesis is actually not true. There are many genes that are responsible for the color of your eyes. But, the genetics of human eye color is rather COMPLICATED! So even if your parents have blue eyes, you still can have those beautiful brown orbs!
  1. Are you greedy? Nature is a blessing! As you know, anything can happen! And if you’re greedy, then nature can surely help at times! Do you know you can have both colors? Although it is a rare phenomenon, people can have one eye brown and one eye blue or maybe any combination of colors! 
  1. GEOGRAPHY! The geography behind your eye color is the same that has been explained while discussing melanin production and the effects it has on the human Iris. The people in European countries usually have light-colored eyes whereas people from south Asian to African countries have dark brown eyes. However, exceptions are always there.
  1. Every brown is blue! As we know, science has progressed so much that we can have anything we want! And the same is the case with our eye colors! Dr. Homer, who is an expert eye surgeon, maintains that “ every brown is blue!” why? Because of melanin! Once you remove those extra layers of the pigment, all that’s left behind is BLUE!
  1. PRINCESS ALERT! A survey done on a group of women shows that women with brown eyes are more prone to pain than their blue eyes mate! What is it if not simple princess behavior! So? Treat us with care!

7 Personality Traits Of People With Brown Eyes:

Personality traits of people with brown eyes
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Many behavioral traits have been observed in people with brown eyes. Studies on groups of people have shown that the common personality traits of brown-eyed people are- 

  1. Trustworthy: People trust you and share their secrets with you!
  2. Easy to get along with: You make things easier and get along with friends well. 
  3. Has lots of friends: as you have all the traits a good friend should have, people necessarily flock around you!
  4. Warm-hearted: You always pursue people with good intentions and always have the best of others in mind!
  5. Confident: You are naturally confident and have a strong personality. People are drawn towards you whether intentionally or not!
  6. Empathetic: You feel the pain of others and tend to be overly emotional seeing others hurt. You never want to hurt people intentionally. And thus tend to be highly empathetic.
  7. You are strong!: you never shy away from confronting anyone who is being mean to you. You can not see anything bad happening to people around you and always stand up for others! You are the strength of people who know you!

All these personality traits are what is commonly associated with brown eyes people. But as you know, EXCEPTIONS are always there! So if a brown-eyed chick is acting up and being a total bitch. Don’t blame her eyes! 

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Famous Celebrities With Brown Eyes:

  • Halle Berry
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Keira Knightley
  • Nina Dobrev
  • Mila Kunis
  • Jessica Alba
  • Julia Roberts

All eyes are beautiful but there’s an exotic charm behind those brown orbs. Brown eyes are simply fascinating to look at as a piece of art. And if you have them, feel grateful! 

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