6 Unknown Facts About Double Eyelids! Can you Create Double Eyelids Naturally?

Facts About Double Eyelids

What’s the first thing you notice about a person when you meet them for the first time? Their Eyes, right? You can tell a lot from someone’s eyes. Beauty comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and even in different eyelid shapes. Do you know double eyelids are a common facial feature among East Asians? There are a lot of other interesting facts about Double Eyelids that you may not be aware of.

Whether you have monolids or Double eyelids you are beautiful both the way! First things first, what is a Monolid? Ever noticed an outer crease on your eyelids like an extra layer covering your eyelid? Yah! That’s what we call a monolid. What makes these double eyelids so popular?

“Supratarsal Fold”, is what we call these double eyelids in medical terms. Southeast Asians have the highest percentage of monolids. After that monolids can be found prevalent in East Asians especially in Mongolians and Koreans. But due to extra doughy monolids, East Asians go through various eye surgeries to get that perfect crease. Curious to know more facts about Double Eyelids?

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Read along and get to know every fact about Double eyelids, the surgery costs, the after-effects, natural ways for having a monolid crease, and much more.

Facts About Double Eyelids 

Facts About Double Eyelids; Facts About Double Eyelids
Source: SCCSNJ

1. In spite of being a common facial feature of almost every Asian, 50% of Asians do not have a clear and visible upper eyelid crease.

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2. The highest number of people with double eyelids is found in SouthEast Asians. After which a decent percentage comes from Koreans and Mongolians from East Asia.

3. The medical term used to describe double eyelids is “Supratarsal Fold”. You can even get an eyelid crease created with the help of surgical treatment. 

4. Approximately 50% of East Asians undergo eyelid surgery. It’s the most common cosmetic procedure for getting a double eyelid crease.

5. Monolid eyes mean eyes without an outer crease and Double Eyelid means having eyes with the visible outer crease.

6. Levator muscle is an eyelid muscle that helps in the elevation of the eyelid.

Makeup Tutorials For Creating Double Eyelids!

Good news!! You don’t have to spend tons on expensive eyelid surgeries. You can simply create your own natural double eyelid by watching these makeup tutorials.

To enhance the beauty of your monolids or to try the double eyelid look, practice the looks in these makeup tutorials.

Eye Powder

A simple yet effective way to create double eyelids is by using eye powder. You’ll find so many YouTube video tutorials to practice this. Follow these steps to create the perfect double eyelid look.

  1. Start from the inner space of the eyes. Apply the eye powder to the eye area close to your nose.
  2. Now apply a shade darker towards the outside of the eyelid.
  3. Blend them both to create a visible crease-like effect.
  4. Remove the excess lines using a makeup remover.

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Eyeliner completes every makeup look. Eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger and fuller. Try different eyeliner looks to enhance the eye’s beauty.

  1. Always use a primer before applying any makeup to your skin.
  2. You can apply any eye shadow shade if you want before applying the eyeliner.
  3. Draw a wing using your eyeliner just below the folded part of your eyelid. Now drag the eyeliner towards the inner eye.
  4. Now fill in the outline.


Your makeup is incomplete without the mascara. Use this makeup hack to create elongated lashes that flutter.

  1. Use a lash curler to curl your lashes. Now apply the mascara.
  2. First, apply the mascara to the upper lashes then rock the mascara wand towards the bottom lashes.

Cost for Double Eyelid Surgery!

Facts About Double Eyelids; Cost for Double Eyelid Surgery
Source: Imgur

Firstly you don’t need to go harsh on yourself by opting for surgery. Furthermore, monolids are as beautiful as double eyelids.

The surgery to create double eyelids is damn expensive. In 2020, the cost for a double eyelid surgery was around $4000. This is only the cost for surgery, in addition to it, there are many other precautionary measures to care of.

Other Non Surgical Ways For Double Eyelids

Facts About Double Eyelids; Other Non Surgical Ways For Double Eyelids
Source: YR Media

Apart from the painful and costly surgery, there are other ways too to create the eyelid crease. One such way is by using eyelid tapes and glues.

You can easily find these tapes from any drugstore. Usually, these tapes are used to force an eyelid crease into your eyelid.


  • You get a temporary Double Eyelid crease appearance.
  • No harsh eye surgeries.
  • Since this method is temporary, you can remove the tapes whenever you want if you are not satisfied.

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  • You’ll have to apply them fresh every day.
  • You might catch allergies.
  • Everyday use might cause irritation and redness to the eyes.
  • If the glue enters your eyes, your vision might get blurred.

To Sum Up:

In the post above we discussed various facts about double eyelids. We also discussed various techniques to create an artificial double eyelid crease like using eyeliner, mascara, glue, and eye tapes. But we should ignore the cons of using these methods. Love yourself! Love your appearance! Monolid or Double eyelid, both are equally beautiful!

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