17 Most Interesting and Unrevealed Facts About Princess of Wales, Diana

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The brightest smiles hides the deepest pain!! Royal life is not that easy as it seems. History is the witness that every Royal Family has been accused of some or the other controversies. Money can’t buy happiness but stress for sure!! Stress to an extreme level can lead to the death of a person!! Wondering why I am saying all this? Because something identical happened with Princess of Wales, Diana. There are many more facts about Princess of Wales that you probably didn’t know. 

Like she had a rough childhood or her love marriage turned out to be a disaster. Diana was so incredibly beautiful and charming that two Hollywood heavyweights once even had a fistfight over the Princess. Then what led her love marriage to failure? Facts like these and many others about her life will leave you heartbroken and shocked to some extent. Want to know more about Diana’s life? Read and find out. 

Lady Diana was not born with a title. Yes, you read that right. No doubt she was such a braveheart who was always ready to contribute to a social cause but had suffered so much in her life. In this post, we have disclosed so many facts about Princess of Wales like she struggled with depression and bulimia, and much more.

As pretty as her smile was, Diana’s life was so inspiring and encouraging for millions out there. Having left so early left everyone in shock. Even after her dealth, she was often talked about in the media. Like her son, Prince William was seen talking about her mother’s selfless life and how unethical practices took her life.

17 Most Interesting and Unrevealed Facts About Princess of Wales, Diana

Not just one but we got you covered with the 17 most interesting and unrevealed facts about Princess of Wales, Diana. If she wasn’t born with a title then how she came to be known as the Princess of Wales or Lady Diana. You’ll get to know everything by reading this article.

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Diana’s Parents Separated When She Was 7

Facts About Princess of Wales; Diana’s Parents Separated When She Was 7
Source: Quora

Diana’s parents, Edward John Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd got divorced when she was just 7 years old. The reason for their separation was found to be domestic abuse and cheating. After years of tumultuous relationship when they finally got separated, Diana ended up living with her father. The custody battle between her mother and father was quite vicious.

Diana Always Wished To Be A Ballerina

Facts About Princess of Wales; Diana Always Wished To Be A Ballerina
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Ballerina means a female ballet dancer. Dancing always fascinated Princess Diana. Though her dreams of being a ballerina were never fulfilled in reality due to her height.
Yes, her height. Do you know how tall was she? 5 feet and 10 inches!!
She joined the ballet classes but as soon as she grew tall, she was forced to give it up.

Diana Was Not a Bright Student and is a Dropout

Facts About Princess of Wales; Diana was not a bright student and is a dropout
Source: Diana’s World

It’s true that Diana struggled in school and dropped out when she was 16 years old. Yeah, Princessesses too, can suck at studies !!
Diana failed her O-level exams twice, while she was in boarding school. After that, she dropped out.
The second time she dropped out was after meeting Prince Charles. She was seeking education from a finishing school in Switzerland but attended the school only for one semester.

Diana Was Born Without a Title

Facts About Princess of Wales; Diana was born without a title
Source: Daily Express

Unlike other royal children who are born with titles, Lady Diana was born without a title. Her father, later on, gave her the title of Lady Diana. After getting married to Prince Charles, she got the royal highness title and become Princess of Wales.

Prince Charles was Diana’s Elder Sister’s Date

Facts About Princess of Wales; Prince Charles was Diana’s Elder Sister’s Date
Source: India Today

Umm Hmm!! This is something interesting.
Will you be okay dating your elder sister’s ex? Just asking. Love is blind, you never know when you fall for whom.

Well, jokes apart! When Princess Diana met Prince Charles, it was rumored that he was dating her older sister. In fact, Sarah Spencer, Diana’s older sister even took the credits for introducing Diana and Charles. “I introduced them. I’m the Cupid”, were her words back then. Diana was just 16 when she met him for the first time and he was around 30.

Diana and Charles Tied the Knot After Having Met A Few Times Only

Facts About Princess of Wales; Diana and Charles Tied the Knot After Having Met A Few Times Only
Source: Insider

When in love, you just want to be together as early as possible. Despite the age gap of 13 years, Princess Diana and Prince Charles paired shortly.
The couple only met 13 times before they tied the knot for “the wedding of the century.”

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Diana was an independent Princess

Facts About Princess of Wales; Diana was an independent Princess
Source: BBC

Princess Diana was the first one in the royal family who worked before becoming a princess and even after that also, she didn’t quit working and kept earning money for her own needs.
She taught at a primary school. Her kids were sent to the same school where she worked. Her independent working style was for sure a surprising turn in royal history.

Diana Married at an Early Age

Diana Married at an early age
Source: Mental Floss

As I already mentioned the age gap between the couple due to which, Diana married at the age of 20. Despite being in doubt about her soon-to-be husband, Diana appeared madly in love.
In an interview on the day of their engagement, a reporter asked the couple ‘Are you in love?’ To which Diana replied, ‘Yes, of course, we are,’ while Charles turned around and said, ‘Whatever love means.’ Diana was kinda traumatized by hearing his answer, later she told in another interview.

Prince and Princess were Distant Cousins

Prince and Princess were Distant Cousins
Source: DianaLegacy

Surprising as it may seem, but the distant cousin relationship was rumored since their marriage. Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales are from the 16th generation of Tudor King Henry VII, which makes them distant cousins.
Also, their son Prince Williams is believed to be a distant cousin of Prince Kate. Strange, right? 

Diana’s Wedding Dress is Estimated to Cost…

Diana’s Wedding Dress is Estimated to Cost
Source: Diana’s World

Ahh!! The wedding dress. You have probably heard about Diana’s wedding dress cost. Well, do you know how much it cost?
It costs $115,000. Yes, you read that right. After all, that was a royal wedding, everything was grand. How can we expect a less costly dress?
The dress was designed by the famous husband and wife team, David and Elizabeth Emanuel. It is designed with lace, 10,000 pearls, sequins, and a long 25-foot train. Not just this Princess Diana always remained in Limelights for wearing the most expensive clothing brands

Diana was the first Royal to give birth in a hospital

Diana was the first Royal to give birth in a hospital
Source: Showbizz Cheat Sheet

Unlike modern times when giving birth to a baby in a hospital is normal, in earlier times it was a huge matter. Diana was always known for breaking stereotypes. Here’s another one that she broke by giving birth to Prince William at the hospital.

Prior to Princess Diana becoming a mother, the royal family had the custom to give birth at the palace itself. On June 21, 1982, Princess Diana broke the royal tradition. After that her second child, Prince Harry was also born in the same hospital.

Spreading of Diana Fever

Spreading of Diana Fever
Source: Insider

What’s Diana Fever? Princess Diana became one of the most popular royals so quickly in modern history that a worldwide phenomenon called the Diana fever was seen.
While traveling Diana eagerly met new people of all ages. She even refused to wear gloves when meeting people, which shows her sweetness and empathetic nature.
Lacks of people cheered when she and her husband drove through the streets of Tokyo, amplifying her reach beyond the borders of the UK.

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Princess Diana struggled with depression and Bulimia

Princess Diana struggled with depression and Bulimia
Source: Metro

I’m sure you didn’t know about this fact. The Princess of Wales herself opened up about her mental health struggle and bulimia in Andrew Morton’s book, “Diana: Her True Story”.
She revealed that her health issues were a result of her complicated relationships with the press and her troubling marriage.

Diana openly talked about bulimia in an interview, where she said that “You inflict it upon yourself because your self-esteem is at a low ebb, and you don’t think you’re worthy or valuable.” She even talked about her overeating habit due to bulimia.

Diana Knew about her husband’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles

Diana Knew about her husband’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

The most devastating thing in a marriage is to find out that your partner is having an affair!!
If you have seen the documentary, “Diana: In Her Own Words”, based on Diana’s life, you must have seen the downstairs scene where Diana reaches out to Camilla at a party just to tell her that she knows what’s cooking between her and Prince Charles.
Things started going rough between Diana and Charles after this. She started feeling depressed about her husband’s affair that led her to pass through so many health issues later.

Diana was very close to her Bodyguard

Diana was very close to her Bodyguard
Source: NZ Herald

After finding out about her husband’s affair she started feeling lonely and depressed. At that time she felt protected and safe around her bodyguard as he was the only one who stood by her side all the time.
It is believed that Diana and her bodyguard clicked quite well as their thoughts matched.

All the Boys Loved Diana

All the Boys Loved Diana
Source: US Weekly

After getting divorced, Diana dated a few big celebrities including the singer Bryan Adams and John Kennedy Jr. However, the love of her life was someone else. Who? 

Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani surgeon, became the love of her life. Diana lovingly called him, ‘Mr. Wonderful’. But unsuccessful in her love life, Diana again was left heartbroken by him as he decided that the Royal life would make their life and relationship miserable. 

Diana’s Sudden Tragic Death

Diana’s Sudden Tragic Death
Source: Sites at Penn State

Diana’s death still remains a mystery as so many facts came out behind her suspicious death. Facts like her being trolled by media houses after her divorce, being followed everywhere by paparazzi, and much more.

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One day while she was traveling to the west, the paparazzi followed her. She became conscious and while saving herself from their triggered questions and cameras, her car crashed. This is how she died in that car accident. She was just 36 when she died. After that incident, the media houses were highly criticized by the entire world for their over interference in someone’s life. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Diana Princess of Wales:

How old was Diana when she died?

On 31st August 1997 when Princess Diana died of a car accident, she was just 36 years old then. 

How older was Prince Charles than Diana?

There was a clear-cut age difference of 13 years amongst them. Diana who was born in July 1961 was 13 years younger than Prince Charles who was born in November 1948. Diana was just 16 when she first met him.

What were Princess Diana’s last words?

We all know that she died in a car accident. But what we don’t know is that she survived for few hours after the car crash. When the firefighter reached out to Diana to set her free from the burning car, she asked her “My God what has happened?”. The firefighter said that these were the final words she mumbled before she died.

Was Diana still a Princess after her divorce?

Following her divorce from Prince Charles, he sure demanded that she be deprived of her ‘Her Royal Highness’ (HRH) title, but eventually, it was decided that although she wouldn’t possess the HRH title anymore, she would still be called Diana, Princess of Wales.

To Sum Up:

These were the facts about Princess of Wales who was a warrior, a social worker, a stereotype breaker, an independent woman, a youthful charming lady, and most importantly a free soul who leaves behind her everlasting imprints in our hearts.

Although you’ll read and hear so many rumors about her life even today also. But that shows a sign of a powerful personality being talked about even years after death. Gosh!! Reality can sometimes be so cruel and unjust.

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