Meet The Fattest Dog In The World Weighing 343 Pounds!!

The Fattest Dog In The World

Eating and lying on the couch all day feels so good!! But this holiday feeling, that we find so comforting, can be troublesome for our health and body. The same goes for dogs. Dogs are just like humans. Too much food and too little physical activity can lead to a flappy overweight body. I think that’s the reason dogs are called man’s best friend. LOL! But do you know the fattest dog in the world weighed 343 pounds as reported in the Guinness Book of Records?

There are over 330 dog breeds in the world as per FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) reports. And to date, the heaviest dog ever reported was Zobra belonging to the English Mastiff dog breed known for their lazy lifestyle. Making a world record in the excessive weight category, Zorba bagged the first spot with an impressive 343 pounds. But Zorba is not alone, many other dogs are recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records for their obesity.

Dogs need extra care when it comes to managing a healthy lifestyle. Everything from their diet to exercise plays a vital role in deciding whether their body weight is healthy or obese. Like I said there are so many dog breeds that are recorded in the overweight category, but with the help of animal welfare organizations and proper physical workout, they regained their healthy body. “Obie” is one such fattest dog in the world belonging to the Dachshund breed. Find out how much he weighs? 

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I have mentioned the 5 fattest dogs in the world having overweight history. But with the right care and treatment, they were able to regain a healthy lifestyle. Also, get to know which are the fattest dog breeds in the world. Spot the top 5 right below. 

Who is The Fattest Dog in the World?

Like humans, animals too face health problems like asthma, blood pressure, obesity, and more. There are so many animal care camps and animal welfare societies that work for homeless, suffering animals like these. Here have a look at how these organizations changed so many animal lives by giving them a healthy and long life to live.

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Obie – The 77-Pound Dachshund

Fattest Dog In The World; Obie - The 77-Pound Dachshund
Source: Rifles’s Belief It Or Not

Obie was five years old when he came to notice for being one of the fattest dogs in the world. Obie belongs to the dachshund breed known for its short feet. 

Dachshunds usually weigh around 30 pounds. But Obie is more than double the targeted weight for this breed which was a matter of worry.

Bolinha – The 80-Pound Mutt

Fattest Dog In The World; Bolinha - The 80-Pound Mutt
Source: Pinterest

Bolinha got into the heavyweight category due to his homelessness. For many years Bolinha survived alone living near a well-trafficked gas station. He was fed by the customers passing by giving him constant access to food. 

As he developed a heavy body weighing around 80 pounds he developed breathing issues. Only after an animal rescuer helped him and took him to the Animal Protection Organization, he was able to lose 30 pounds giving him a much longer life. Such relief to hear this!! 

Millie -The 64-Pound Cocker Spaniel

Fattest Dog In The World; Millie -The 64-Pound Cocker Spaniel

Millie belongs to the Cocker Spaniel breed. She came into the limelight for her excess weight when her caretaker made her enter the Pet Fit Club in the UK. This was a special program designed to help needy animals by the People’s Dispensary For Sick Animals. 

Millie gained instant attention as she weighed almost double the set criteria of weight for her breed. With the help of the organization and her caretaker, she was able to overcome her obesity. 

Buddy – The 180-Pound Australian Shepherd

Fattest Dog In The World; Buddy - The 180-Pound Australian Shepherd
Source: Life With Dogs

Buddy, an Australian Shepherd, was once a celebrated dog breed for his excessive weight. He was adopted by a pair named Angela Hand and Samantha Gagnon who took care of him quite efficiently. 

After following a strict diet, a couple of exercises, and fun playing sessions with some puppy pals, Buddy was able to lose a good 100 pounds making him live a long healthy life. The love and care showered by the pair made his life a happy one. 

Cila – The 112- Pound American Bulldog

Fattest Dog In The World; Cila - The 112- Pound American Bulldog
Source: PC Websites

Cila came into notice for her excess weight when her owner put her into a weight loss “Boot Camp”. Having lived on a diet consisting of biscuits and pasta, she gained extra weight. This kind of diet consumption is not recommended for any dog breed. 

Back then Cila weighed 112 pounds. Thankfully her caretaker took her to the boot camp. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have survived this long.

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Samson – The 187 – Pound Labrador

Fattest Dog In The World; Samson -The 187- Pound Labrador
Source: www.sampsons. com

Many animals have to struggle hard for their survival like Samson. Samson belongs to the Labrador breed. His overweight made his life miserable as he developed some serious issues with his body.

He had high blood pressure and developed fatty tissues around his head. He struggled so much as he was too big to be put on exercise. 

Top 5 Fattest Dog Breeds

As fat as a douche bag, as heavy as log, and as lazy as sloth, dogs come in so many varieties. Being a pet parent can be tricky sometimes. You feed them extra out of love and that results in obesity. Here are the top 5 fattest dog breeds in the world. Look if yours is in these categories?

1. English Mastiff

Fattest Dog In The World;  English Mastiff
Source: American Kennel Club

What’s the biggest factor of obesity? It’s laziness of course!!

And English Mastiffs have an excess of this factor that’s what makes them the fattest dog breed in the world.

This breed may look giant but are extremely lazy and slow-moving creatures. Due to this lower energy approach, this breed is usually overweight.

2. Beagle

Fattest Dog In The World; Beagle
Source: Vetstreet

Unlike English Mastiffs, Beagle is a highly energetic breed. Despite them being active and full of energy, this breed needs plenty of exercises to be fit as they eat a lot.

Yes, Beagle has a bon appetit that makes them eat too much. And in response to that, when they do not indulge in exercise, they gain weight.

3. Cocker Spaniel

Fattest Dog In The World; Cocker Spaniel
Source: American Kennel Club

Aww!! This cute furry dog breed is sure to win your heart. But just like beagles, this breed too has a penchant for eating a lot. 

More eating means they need to exercise more. And when they don’t, they end up being fat and heavy. Their heavyweight is responsible for hypothyroidism in them.

4. Boxer

Fattest Dog In The World; Boxer
Source: Pinterest

Boxer!! The name sounds so fit and muscular, right? But like Cocker Spaniel, the Boxer dog breed has hypothyroidism common in them. This condition lowers the metabolism and makes them gain excess weight.

Boxer pups are quite energetic and playful. If in any case, you find any slowing down in their energy levels, it’s time for you to get your dogs checked.

5. Bulldog

Fattest Dog In The World; Bulldog
Source: American Kennel Club

Bulldogs are extremely heavy creatures because of their mellow nature. This breed is short and does a lot of labored breathing. If you’ll look at them you find them quite lazy, but it’s wrong.

This breed is highly energetic and active. With careful diets and moderate exercise, this breed can manage body weight.

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To Wrap Up:

Obesity is not good for health, whether it’s animals or human beings. Being obese comes at the cost of risking your life, which no one wants in their life.

In this article, we read about the fattest dog in the world and the fattest dog breeds that are easy to put on weight. We all understand that our pets need love and comfort. But do not spoil their health in the name of love. 

Just like best buddies you can spend quality time with your pets watching movies and exercising along. There are multiple benefits of doing so. To start with, you are developing a great bond with your pet. Furthermore, you are finally moving your lazy ass into something healthy and productive! Have fun!!

Featured Image Credit: Chiens

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