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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A group of volunteer firefighters have been sleeping in the Barren River Volunteer Fire Department firehall so that they are at the ready to respond to emergencies.

They don’t get paid a dime. It’s all in the name of public service to their community.

EMS, fire, and police personnel have all been placing their own safety aside to serve others during the winter weather.

The Barren River Volunteer Fire Department Captain Brad Frogge said his crew is willing to do what is needed because they truly care about the community.

“They’ve got families. They’ve got kids. Jobs have been closed so that gives us extra opportunity to staff down here. But for the guys to take the time to come down to the station and actually staff being away from their families, being away from their kids, from their loved ones, it shows a true dedication and definitely makes you feel proud to have them as part of your fire department,” said Frogge.

Emergency Medical Services have been seen parking at the bottom of a hill or driveway and walking up it to get to a patient after ice kept the rig from making it to their destination.

According to Jim Williams, the Medical Center’s EMS field operations manager, adapting to the situation and making the best of it is what medical personnel are trained to do.

Williams said it’s a heart to serve others that fuels their dedication.

“Anyone who works in this field or any of the emergency services fields, that’s why we are here,” Williams said. “We want to help people and it’s unfortunate that a person gets in that position where they need that help, but we are happy, we’re glad to be able to get called to provide that help for them. You know, they would rather be at home in the warm and not risking having a wreck, falling, or things like that. But they know that if they are not out there, then who is going to be?”

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The ambulances are also equipped, because of the weather, with kits containing shovels and de-icer in case the rig gets stuck.

Medical personnel on board also have the capability to use a sked, which is like a gurney, but for snow.

While EMS, fire, and police are all happy and willing to serve their community, they ask that the public make wise choices, avoid driving, and drive slow when you must to lessen the likelihood that they may need to come to you.

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