First Trailer For Godzilla Vs. Kong Might Finally Be Coming Soon

In theory, we’re only four months away from the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, but it still shouldn’t be taken for granted that we’ll be seeing the latest chapter in the MonsterVerse debut simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max at the end of May. After all, with Morbius being delayed another eight months and No Time to Die widely expected to follow suit, we could be seeing another industry-wide reshuffle.

Godzilla vs. Kong might have the cushion of HBO Max to fall back on, but Warner Bros. and Legendary could still push the movie to protect their chances of international success, especially when the streaming service isn’t available outside of the United States. Then there’s the disagreement between the two parties, which looked like it might be heading for the courtroom at one stage, but last we heard the studio and production company were in the process of coming to some sort of arrangement, which presumably ends up with Legendary being paid a fair chunk of change.

Even after extensive reshoots, filming on Godzilla vs. Kong wrapped in April 2019, and fans have been waiting for a trailer ever since. It was almost expert level trolling on WB’s part that they held a six-hour panel at the virtual CCXP convention, and all we got to see from the epic clash of the Titans was a GIF, something that certainly rubbed people the wrong way.

However, Entertainment Weekly’s rundown of the year’s most anticipated movies boasts Godzilla vs. Kong on the cover, and even hints that we could finally be seeing that long awaited trailer in the not too distant future. We’re only four months out from release and still haven’t seen a shred of footage yet, which is almost unheard of, even in these very strange times we’re living in.

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