Flying Kansas City Unfriendly Skies

As the pandemic persists, Kansas City travelers remain mostly grounded but we can’t help but notice a few airplane issues in the local news cycle.

Check-it . . .

KSHB: Passenger traffic at KCI continued struggles in January

Fox4: Kansas City’s National Airline History Museum facing turbulence over lease at downtown airport

KCTV5: Kansas City MO plane skids off runway – The “Piper Malibu” was coming in for a landing when it had a problem with its brakes.

Of course, all of this happens in the shadow of even scarier air travel news . . .

Boeing 777 grounding explained visually: Pratt and Whitney engine failure involved in two incidents on same day

Right now “metal fatigue” is the official explanation.

However . . . 

TKC readers familiar with classic TV and movies know the real story.

Of course TKC wouldn’t dare speculate on any conspiracy during these unprecedented times.

Then again, gremlins tinkering with the fate of mere mortals wouldn’t be the strangest thing that has happened in the past couple of years.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!

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