9 Foods That Look Gross But Taste Good (Worth A Bite!!)

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

Appearances are often misleading. I mean look at “Kiwi” and “Passion Fruit”. These might look quirky and strangely textured, but when it comes to taste, you can only come up with one word, “YUMMY!!”. There are many foods that look gross but taste good. Want to know which other foods can fool you with their looks but are the most delicious ones?

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As a food blogger, you need to explore different places to try a variety of dishes to decorate your blog feed. While some foods may turn out colorful and chirpy, there are a variety of foods that look dull and nasty but taste great. A better way to present these disgusting-looking foods is by making some delicious recipes out of them. Here is a list of foods that look gross but taste good.

Is it truffles, Coconut, or Oysters? No doubt some foods can freak you out with their bland and gross appearance but the taste never stops you from eating them over and over again. Curious to find out Foods that Look Gross But Taste Good? Some of the foods on the list are Passion fruit, Chia Seeds, and find out the rest below.

I never loved the texture of lentil or pea soups. But then one day I saw a delicious recipe for a pea soup on one of the famous U.S. Food Youtube channels and tried it at home. Guess what? It turned out to be yummy. You can also try different recipes by watching these channels.

9 Foods That Look Gross But Taste Good

Have you already tried these dishes I am talking about or are you new to these? Let’s find out by exploring the list.

1. Casseroles

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good; Casseroles
Source: Cooking Light

Just like the thoughts in your head, Casseroles are mishmashed too!! Just kidding!! 

You aren’t a pure Southern native if you don’t love casseroles. I mean, no doubt they look truly mashy with so many ingredients resting inside but hey!! You can’t ignore the taste.

Perfect comfort food for extremely cold winter nights. And the extra cheese melted on them, YUMMY!!! No matter how hard you try to make your casseroles look neat and sober, it’s still gonna look chapped. So better ignore the looks and go for the appetizing taste.

2. Passion Fruit

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good; Passion Fruit
Source: PopSugar

Cheers!! We got some passion fruit-flavored vodkas for you. Tastes exotic, right? Hey!! But have you ever tried passion fruit all alone? Don’t the seeds look like frogs’ eyeballs or something similar? Ewww!!!

Thank God it doesn’t taste gross like its looks. Pulp and seeds are abundant in this fruit. The rich sour taste is amazing. I like passion fruit-flavored Yogurts. Too Yum!!

3. Oatmeal

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good; Oatmeal
Source: Veggie Inspired

Healthy food doesn’t always look great. Like this one. Not just children but adults too hate oatmeal breakfast. My mom used to add extra honey and dry fruits to the oatmeal dishes to make them more delicious. But Mom!! It still looks bland that’s what I used to say every time she makes it.

Irrespective of its boring appeal, Oatmeal is a highly nutritious and energy booster. If you’re a gym freak you get what I am trying to say. Add chopped veggies and fruits and dry fruits for a colorful presentation of oatmeal. And enjoy the rich taste!!

4. Quinoa

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good; Quinoa
Source: Dassana’s Veg Recipes

“Eww!! I can’t eat these tiny ugly worms.” HaHa, I remember saying this when I was in preschool.

The uncooked Quinoa seeds look like tiny grains but when you cook them, they look no less than what I used to call, “tiny ugly worms” on the plate.

Quinoa looks gross but tastes great. You can put extra effort to make this dish look a little prettier by adding some chopped veggies or sprinkle it with different spices. This will surely add a lot more taste to your Quinoa dish.

5. Oysters

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good; Oysters
Source: The Today Show

If you are new to this dish, you’ll probably say, what the hell is this dish? I mean eating an Oyster alive!!! Scary? No!! It’s freaky.

However disgusting the yellow slime-like texture of Oysters looks like, they taste pretty well. Especially when eaten raw. In the case of Oysters, raw means a more yummy and fresh taste. 

6. Chia Seeds

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good; Chia Seeds
Source: PureWow

Sometimes it’s okay to ignore the appearance and look for the nutritional content of a dish. Yes, I am talking about chia seeds. Good for blood, good for strength, and for many other reasons, Chia seeds are not so good looking you can say.

But have you tried the Chia seeds smoothies blended with fruits?? I bet you’re gonna love it. As boring and gross as the chia pudding may look, the smoothie covers it up all. 

7. Ugli Fruit

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good; Ugli Fruit
Source: Imgur

How can you trust the taste of a fruit that itself says it’s an “Ugli Fruit”? Ok, jokes apart. Ugli fruit is a Jamaican citrus fruit that tastes somewhat similar to orange, grapefruit, and tangerine. It is named so because of its appearance.

This fruit looks like an aged orange, all wrinkled outer surface, bumpy and discolored. When you peel it off, there’s nothing ugly about this fruit. In fact, it’s delicious and tangy.

8. Hummus

Foods That Looks Gross But Tastes Good; Hummus
Source: Simply Recipes

Need a perfect dip for all your baked and savory food? Here’s the perfect dip, Hummus. I know, I know, it looks nothing less than a messy bowl paste, but don’t you compare the taste of it by its appearance.

It tastes really amazing. Try it with fries, garlic bread, or some other food and enjoy the creamy rich taste. 

9. Cottage Cheese

foods that look gross but tastes good; cottage cheese
Source: Seven Sons

Eww! Looks like the mushy white stuff. Who said healthy food looks beautiful? I mean have a look at cottage cheese! But if counting the number of dishes that can be made from cottage cheese then you’ll probably be licking your fingers right now.

You can even make cottage cheese at home using a simple process. Make a cheese dip, use it as a spread or enjoy cottage cheese with apples and strawberries, it tastes amazing!

Wrapping Up!

Here’s a wrap for the list of foods that looks gross but tastes good. Hope you had fun exploring some of the disgusting-looking foods on the planet and still want to try them for their mouth-watering tastes. Surely give these dishes a try!! You’ll love them.

Featured Image Credits: Insight Gude

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