5 Free Online Writing Courses To Boost Your Writing Career

Free Online Writing Courses

It’s a famous saying by William Wordsworth that “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”. What’s writing to you? Is it penning down the facts or expressing who you are? If you see a shining career in writing then this post is truly for you. Here we got you covered with the best free online writing courses to boost your writing career.

Do you know when a piece of writing achieves its worth? It’s when description begins in the writer’s imagination but finishes in the reader’s mind. That’s when you call writing a masterpiece. And to help you be the best we have shortlisted the five best Free Online Writing Courses To Boost Your Writing Career.

These five Free Online Writing Courses are The Crafty Writer’s Creative Writing Course, DIY MFA Writing Class, Start Writing Fiction, Content Writing Certification by Hubspot, and SEO Training by Udemy. All these courses are available free of cost.

The Best Free Online Courses
The Best Free Online Courses

You can enroll and sign up for any of these courses today and start your learning process. But before starting any course you must be sure and ready to take it. And secondly, you should be aware of why are you choosing any particular course. All your doubts will be cleared after going through this post.

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Free Online Writing Courses To Boost Your Writing Career

Let’s understand how is an online course beneficial for us and then we’ll move on to the 5 best Free Online Writing Courses listed below.

Why go for an Online Course? 

Free Online Writing Courses; Why go for an Online Course?
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We never realize this fact, but many of us(in the majority) spend a bit of time each day writing. Then whether it be writing work emails, maintaining a personal journal, or simply texting our friends.

While many of us write just for the sake of writing, many others may want to perform well in this field. Here, I am talking about passionate writers who see their careers in writing and want to improve their writing skills. 

A writing course can be of great help for you if you really wish to take the writing career seriously. It can make you a better storyteller, can get you a better choice of words, can improve your comprehension, and much more. And an online course for writing can be the best option that comes with so many benefits. 

An online writing course will give you the freedom to learn anytime and anywhere. It will boost your writing skills and provide you a wider vision of this subject matter. Whether you wish to be a freelancer or a full-time writer, online writing courses are of great help.

Free Online Writing Courses To Boost Your Writing Career

Commitment to the course is very important. Whether it’s a paid course or a free one, you need to commit both time and dedication to the course. Although many writing courses require some set fee for their activation, there are many other courses that are available for free. It’s always better to try the free course first just like doing a patch test before trying any beauty products(just quoting an example). If you are looking to improve your writing, the first step is to write an essay.

The Crafty Writer’s Creative Writing Course

Free Online Writing Courses; The Crafty Writer’s Creative Writing Course
Source: Henry Harvin

This online free writing course service was started by Fiona Veitch Smith, who is a fiction author. He created this course to help aspiring writers refine and master their writing skills in order to get better results and a career push in the market.

The Crafty Writer’s Creative Writing Course comes with a selected pace introductory part in creative writing. Following this course will help you learn the basics of writing a short story, help in discovering your writing style, helps in choosing the right topic to begin your writing, helps in finding writers’ groups that can help you, will teach the basics of marketing and publishing your content work.

You can take assignments and tasks that are set on the course. It’s not mandatory though, but you can still try them to test your learning. You can ask questions, share suggestions and do revisions for your own work. This course comes for free!

DIY MFA Writing Class

Free Online Writing Courses; DIY MFA Writing Class
Source: Food Blogger Pro

This is another best free online writing course with an MFA(multi-factor authentication) skill training method. This course mainly focuses on three basic teachings, which are reading, writing, and creating a group of fellow devoted readers, authors, and meteors.

This course focuses on building the basic roots of being a writer. Here you will learn how to pick the right book that can help you improve your writing, will provide you source for writing, provide you a basic understanding of different genres, and will help you to grasp the writing techniques used by great writers. This course is for free and here is the access to its official page: https://diymfa.com/join%20.

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Start Writing Fiction – Free Fiction Writing Classes

Free Online Writing Courses; Start Writing Fiction - Free Fiction Writing Classes
Source: Class Central

Want to be a renowned fiction author? Or even if you love creating your own fictional characters to tell a story to the world, this course is the best fit for you. Here you get to learn from developed writers like Alex Garland, Tim Pears, Patricia Duncker any many more.

You will get to learn how to develop events into story plots, get to know your writing style, learn to build plotlines, create your own characters, and many more. This course is available for free. To get started with the course here’s a direct link: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses.

Content Writing Certification by Hubspot

Free Online Writing Courses; Content Writing Certification by Hubspot
Source: Webdew

This is an online free-content writing course by Hubspot. If you really wish to touch heights in your content writing career then this course is apt. for you. Along with teaching you the basic content writing strategy this course also helps you to plan and promote your content.

This is an absolutely free course that helps you master your writing skills. This course will teach you professionalism. You can also keep a check on your progress through the online exams created within the course. Here is a direct link for Hubspot Academy: https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/content-marketing.

SEO Training by Udemy

Free Online Writing Courses; SEO Training by Udemy
Source: Course Downloader

SEO plays a very important role in writing. The next step after learning creative writing is making it search engine friendly so that you can have viewers for your content. SEO helps your content in attaining a better ranking and better reach of viewers.

This free program was created by Eric Schwartzman on Udemy. To take your content on a next level reach, this SEO Training course is perfect. Get your content the appraisal it deserves by learning from the best courses. Here is a direct link to the Udemy SEO Training Course: https://www.udemy.com/course/search-engine-optimization-for-business/.

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It’s a known fact that learning is a journey, not a destination. Step-by-Step we keep growing. It’s not like that you took any of the above-mentioned Free Online Writing Courses today and wish to be a skilled writer tomorrow. It takes time and patience. And most importantly be true to what you are doing. Wishing you luck for a dwelling career in writing.

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