FRIENDS Halloween Episode | Is Ross A Potato Or Sputnik?

FRIENDS Halloween Episode

Halloween with friends is always special. Well, if you haven’t attended any Halloween Party with your friends then you have no idea what you are missing. Have you seen the Friends Halloween Episode? What? No!! Let me tell you that it is the funniest episode in the whole Friends TV Series.

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Friends Halloween Episode is the 6th episode in the 8th season of the TV series. It starts with Monica and Chandler (Only Monica) deciding to give the Halloween party. All the characters in the show were invited to the party. They all came dressed as something unique. The way the show moves ahead with all the characters explaining what has become makes it funnier.

Well, several incidents took place in the Friends Halloween Episodes. Like Ross picking up Chandler for the Hand Power match, to impress Mona. After that Chandler regrets his decision to challenge Monica for the Hand Power match. Further in the article, you will be finding more funny incidents that took place in the FRIENDS Halloween Episode along with the Friends Series Download Links. 

FRIENDS Halloween Episode Plot

Before moving to the FRIENDS Halloween Episodes plot, we would like to tell you a few facts about it. This was the first episode that was shot after the terrorist attack of 9/11. The show makers dedicated this episode to the New York Fire Department. Joey Tribiani wore a sweater in the whole episode that has the batch of “NYFD” on it.

In an interview, Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) said that this was her favorite episode. Many people thanked her for making people laugh after the terror attack of 9/11.

Coming to the plot of the FRIENDS Halloween Episode, the episode starts with the Halloween party preparation. Monica asked everyone to come dressed. Every character in the FRIENDS comes dressed uniquely. The Halloween party was fun making the episode one of the most memorable episodes.

We have mentioned the funny incidents from the episodes in the FRIENDS Halloween Episode costume section.

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FRIENDS Halloween Episode Costumes

The special part about the whole FRIENDS Halloween Episode was the costumes that the star cast wore and the reasons behind it. Here is the list of the costumes that the main characters of the TV show wore at Monica’s Halloween Party. We have also mentioned the shopping links for the costumes below. So, without wasting much of our time let us start with the costumes.

SuperWoman – Phoebe Buffay

FRIENDS Halloween Episode

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Phoebe To Monica: So Cat Woman here we meet again
Monica: Yeah we did, SuperWoman
Phoebe: Hey, Monica it’s me!!!!

If innocence had to be described in a scene then no scene can beat this conversation between Monica and Phoebe. Miss Buffay came dressed as the Super Woman in the FRIENDS Halloween Episode. Well, the costume she picked correctly describes her character. Being raised on the streets after being abandoned by her father made her tough and she surely is a Super Woman even without the apron.

Cat Woman – Monica Geller

FRIENDS Halloween Episode

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I wanted to be the best Hostess ever!!!!

Shall we call her Monica or Miss Perfectionist? You can call her anything. As we know she wanted to be the best hostess that ever lived. So, she was responsible for hosting the party in the FRIENDS Halloween Episode. 

She chose to wear the Cat Woman costumes. Well, don’t judge me if I say she doesn’t need any costume for being the Cat Women. Her terror for making everything perfect is enough and if you don’t obey her. Be ready to face her Wrath. In short, she wore a costume that matches her real-life personality and we just told you how. 

Guys, she was looking damn hot in the Cat Woman’s Outfit.

Potato/Sputnik/Doodie – Ross Geller

FRIENDS Halloween Episode

What can you expect a geeky guy like Ross to come dressed as? No, No! He didn’t come dressed as the dinosaur. Although he did once. How do we know? Well, as all the characters were discussing the significance of their costumes in the “FRIENDS Halloween Episode”. Rachael said to Ross, Not Dinosaur this time? To which our paleontologist replied, not two years in a row.

Talking about Monica’s Halloween party Dr. Ross Geller was the major center of attraction. He came dressed as the satellite “Sputnik”. But, everyone at the party called him a Potato. Except for Joey, no Joey didn’t know that he is a satellite. He said Ross came dressed as a Doodie. This statement by Joey still breaks the audience into laughter.

Seriously man a Doodie!

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Chandler Bing – Joey Tribiani

FRIENDS Halloween Episode

Hey!!! How You Doin’?

This statement is enough to introduce Joey Tribiani to the audience. Well, if you think that there was only one episode when Joey wore all Chandler’s clothes, while they were fighting to sit on the chair, then you are wrong. Yeah, the one where Joey said, “Could I be wearing any more clothes” (imitating Chandler).

Joey decided to dress like the character that he likes and loves the most. He became “Chandler Bing”. When Joey said he came dressed as Chandler. It broke me into tears. OMG!!! Why don’t I have a friend like him? Who comes dressed like me in the Costume party and above all gives me his sandwich.

Joey To Others: Joey Doesn’t Share Food

Joey To Chandler: Here Have it (Gives his whole sandwich)

If you ask Friends fans, define friendship, they will just say “Joey-Chandler”.

Pink Bunny – Chandler Bing

FRIENDS Halloween Episode

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Chandler To the Door: Hey!! What do you know? You are just the Knock-Knock Jokes. 

Chandler is the person in the series that is known for his sarcasm. In an interview, he confessed that he was always under pressure while shooting. The pressure of making others laugh. He said he cannot see anybody else on the set talking away all the laughs.

So, when it comes to the Friends Halloween Episode, he wore something that made him the center of attraction and laughed until Ross came dressed as Sputnik, no Potato no he was doodie.

Chandler came wearing a Bunny’s costume and on the top of it was pink in color with the white-nose that has mustaches. Monica chose the dress for poor Chandler. Being afraid of the Cat Woman’s wrath, Poor Chandler Bing dressed up as the Pink Bunny.

In the “FRIENDS Halloween Episode”, Chandler showed that he is a real sincere Boyfriend that every girl dreams of.

Pregnant Woman – Rachael Green

FRIENDS Halloween Episode

Jennifer Aniston is well known for her wardrobe that she used in the ten FRIENDS seasons. Well, Rachael being the typical Rachael Green did not pick up any costume for the FRIENDS Halloween Episode. She just wore a short dress. 

Well, it was Miss Perfectionist’s party. So, Monica asked her why haven’t dressed up. To which Rachael Green replied, She has a pregnant woman, who has the most luxurious wardrobe. But, could not wear anything to the party because of Pregnancy.

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FRIENDS Halloween Episode Download

Well, it is shocking to know that FRIENDS aired for ten long years and there is only one episode dedicated to the Halloween Party. Maybe the reason is the lesser the better.

The FRIENDS Halloween Episode is Episode 6 in Season 8. Here are a few links that you can use to download the FRIENDS TV Series.

Friends Halloween Episode Download

FRIENDS Series Download For Free

Friends Season 1 All Episodes Download

Friends Season 2  All Episodes Download

Friends Season 3 All Episodes Download

Friends Season 4 All Episodes Download

Friends Season 5 All Episodes Download

Friends Season 6 All Episodes Download

Friends Season 7 All Episodes Download

Friends Season 8 All Episodes Download

Friends Season 9 All Episodes Download

Friends Season 10 All Episodes Download

If you want to download the FRIENDS series for free then you can click on the links given above. If you have an HBO subscription then you can stream FRIENDS online on the application.

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Wrapping Up

If you have not watched the FRIENDS Halloween Episode yet, then you must have got an idea of what you are missing. If you are looking for the perfect Halloween costumes then you can shop the costumes mentioned above from the links provided. Here is another suggestion, if you are planning to spend some time with your friends on Halloween then, download the F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv show from the links given above and start binge-watching.

Happy Halloween!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Halloween episodes are in Friends?

Well, it is shocking to know that Friends aired for ten long years and there is only one episode dedicated to the Halloween Party. Maybe the reason is the lesser the better.

The Friends Halloween Episode is Episode 6 in Season 8.

Did Friends ever have a Halloween episode?

Yes, Friends have one Halloween Episode that is Episode number 6 of Season 8.

What Joey wore for Halloween?

Joey decided to dress like the character that he likes the most. He became “Chandler Bing”. 

What Rachel wore for Halloween in Friends?

When Monica asked Rachael why haven’t you dressed up yet?. Rachael Green replied, I am a pregnant woman, who has the most luxurious wardrobe. But, I could not wear anything to the party because of my Pregnancy.

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