Will There Be A Fuller House Season 6? Get Every Latest Updates For The Series!!

Fuller House Season 6

Have you ever been in a joint family? If yes, then you will surely love the amazing family drama in Fuller House. Fuller House was such a fun series that made us all feel connected to the bond we share with our families. Last year, when we enjoyed this alluring American Sitcom, all we could think about was what next? Will there be a Fuller House Season 6? 

To your surprise, Fuller House was a Netflix Original Series. The series was packed with drama and comedy. The story is filled with colorful characters who wonderfully portrayed their roles. It all started in San Francisco at Fuller House. When D. J. Tanner lost her husband, she moved to her father’s house along with her boys. The story took a dramatic change when her friends and sister joined her to set up the apartment. If you haven’t watched Fuller House yet, then go and watch all five seasons to enjoy Fuller House Season 6 to the fullest. 

In this post we have mentioned all the details regarding Fuller House Season 6 including:

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  • When Is The New Season Of Fuller House Coming Out

Many of us were not even born when this series aired for the first time. It was in 1987 when Fuller House was released. Many years after its first season, finally, in 2016 the series got a renewed sequel on Netflix. Find out what is Netflix’s take on Fuller House Season 6 release date in this post below. 

Will There Be A Fuller House Season 6?

Fuller House Season 6; Will There Be A Fuller House Season 6
Source: YouTube

When our sources talked to the series producer Cameron-Bure, she said that the team is waiting for Netflix to come up with another season’s announcement. She also added that instead of five seasons, there can be 6 seasons for the series. 

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She also shared a hint about the new season’s plot which will be centered around Dani and Stephani’s surprise pregnancy where the fifth season of Fuller House left us wandering.

Her words were, “There’s a lot more to showcase. The series can have a better ending. We can show all the three friends living under one roof even after marriage. Also, in season 5th, Danielle’s and Stephani’s pregnancy news was not very much highlighted in a hurry to wrap the show, which is a bit disappointing. If there’s a season 6 of Fuller House, we can add up the element of their babies growing up. 

And as the Fuller House started with the journey that depicted all the stages of life from childhood to adulthood, the idea to relive that again in a fresh season will do great justice to the show.”

Fuller House Season 6 Episode List

Fuller House Season 6; Fuller House Season 6 Episode List
Source: Otakukart News
Episode NumberEpisode NameNetflix Release Date
6X01Episode 1November 26th, 2022
6X02Episode 2November 26th, 2022
6X03Episode 3November 26th, 2022
6X04Episode 4November 26th, 2022
6X05Episode 5November 26th, 2022
6X06Episode 6November 26th, 2022
6X07Episode 7November 26th, 2022
6X08Episode 8November 26th, 2022
6X09Episode 9November 26th, 2022
6X10Episode 10May 24th, 2023
6X11Episode 11May 24th, 2023
6X12Episode 12May 24th, 2023
6X13Episode 13May 24th, 2023
6X14Episode 14May 24th, 2023
6X15Episode 15May 24th, 2023
6X16Episode 16May 24th, 2023
6X17Episode 17May 24th, 2023
6X18Episode 18May 24th, 2023

Fuller House Season 6 Cast And Characters

Fuller House Season 6; Fuller House Season 6 Cast And Characters
Source: Sounds Like Nashville
Star Cast Role In The Series
Candace Cameron BureD.J. Tanner-Fuller, a widowed mother and a full-time worker as a veterinarian
Jodie SweetinStephanie Tanner will be seen playing D.J.’s younger sister, who leaves her life in London to help D.J. raise her kids
Michael CampionJackson Fuller, D.J.’s mischievous teenage son  
Adam HagenbuchJimmy Gibbler is Kimmy’s younger brother and a freelance photographer. He is engaged to Stephanie and has a daughter with her.
Andrea BarberKimmy Gibbler is D.J.’s best friend and owner of a party planning business. She moves in with Stephanie and D.J to help them raise D.J.’s kids
Elias HargerMax Fuller will play D.J.’s second son. He is a bit of a neat freak like his grandfather
Soni Nicole BringasRamona Gibbler as Kimmy’s teenage daughter
Dashiell and Fox MessittTommy Fuller, Jr., D.J.’s toddler son who is named after his late father
Juan Pablo Di PaceRamona’s father and Kimmy’s ex-husband/fiance.
Scott WeingerSteve Hale, who is D.J.’s high school sweetheart And a podiatrist. 
John BrothertonMatt Harmon, D’J’s former boyfriend, and co-worker. 
Ashley LiaoLola Wong, who is Jackson’s ex-girlfriend and Ramona’s best friend.

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Fuller House Season 5 The Finale Season

Fuller House Season 6; Fuller House Season 5 The Finale Season
Source: TVLine

Here’s a piece of disheartening news for all the Fuller House Fans, that season 5 could be the finale season for Fuller House. There were 18 episodes for the fifth season of Fuller House. Season five was released in two halves. The first half was featured in 2019 December with a total of 9 episodes. Similarly, with a list of 9 episodes, the second half of the series season 5 was released on 2 June 2020. 

This thing is also made clear by the show producer, Candace Cameron, that we all are happily signing off with the finale season during the release of Fuller House Season 5. She also said, fans are highly satisfied with how this season ended. I don’t feel there’s a need for a new season.

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Since the time, Netflix called off for a new season, telling that Fuller House Season 5 was the finale season, there has been chaos from both show producer’s and viewer’s sides. We all know that the story would have ended with a better plotline. Although the pregnancy surprise was wonderfully anticipated, that made us wonder what next?

Does that indicate that there will be a Fuller House Season 6? To reach a conclusion, we’ll have to wait for a certain official announcement by the team. Until then, stay tuned for any updates regarding the upcoming shows on Netflix!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fuller House:

Why was Fuller House Season 6 canceled?

As we know, Netflix is the hub to so many new entries in the movies and shows category, it is obvious that the platform is full of competition for survival. Netflix’s Fuller House, when it stood in competition with 1500 other shows, it didn’t perform that well. Due to which the show ended in 2020 with a total of 5 seasons.

Why is there no official news about the Fuller House Season 6?

When the viewership dropped, the show faced a huge loss and lost track from major platforms like Netflix. Due to this reason, there has been no plan for Fuller House Season 6 until now.

Who is the father of Stephanie’s baby as shown in the finale season of Fuller House?

Jimmy Gibbler is the father of the daughter, Danielle “Dani” Jo Tanner-Gibbler, and the husband of Stephanie Tanner.

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