7 Best Fun Hobbies At Home To Try During Quarantine

Fun Hobbies At Home

What is your hobby? A simple yet webbing concept. I remember how we used to write lengthy essays on ‘My favorite hobbies’ during our school days. Gosh!! Aren’t those memories just crazy and refreshing, like every time you think about them, you wish to go back to your childhood? But we can still have a hobby like that, right! Want to know some fun hobbies that are both cheap and productive? 

Staying home has made us love the comfort zone (A zone we secretly don’t wish to come out of). On top of that procrastination is always on our minds. But what about health, entertainment, and some physical movement for your body? Having a good hobby or two might make your day more enjoyable. Also, now that we are having time to complete all our heart desires that have been rusted for a long, is great. Quarantine made our ways much more clear. In this post, you’ll come across some of the fun hobbies that you can try at home. 

In case you’re wondering what still excites you that can be turned into a hobby, then let me tell you that reading this post will give you a refreshing idea on how to find a hobby you truly love. The first step is to give it a try! Some of the fun hobbies at home are DIY, Reading, Writing, Cooking, and baking. While these are just a few, I have more for you. 

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Whether you are looking for some unique hobbies, fun hobbies for women, or fun hobbies for teens, this list is suitable for all. 

7 Creative and Fun Hobbies At Home To Pick Up During Quarantine

Here’s the list you have been looking forward to. Pick anyone or try all. Start trying things and see what sticks!! 

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DIY- Let’s Try

Fun Hobbies At Home ; DIY- Let's Try
Source: YouTube

DIY!! As interesting it may sound, it’s as interesting to try. But how is DIY one of the fun hobbies at home? 

Start fixing around your house, make handmade presents for your friends, make your old dull clothes brand new by experimenting with some DIY craft ideas on them or simply decorate your pots. All these activities can be fun and time-killing.

You can buy a book on DIY or simply watch some videos online to get an idea. It’s good to have a hobby like this that saves you from boredom and the results that you get out of doing these are quite appreciating. 

Reading For Relaxation

Fun Hobbies At Home ; Reading For Relaxation
Source: Place For Moms

Reading is the cheapest hobby that comes with so many benefits. It can serve as an escape from the world, will help you learn many new things, can boost creativity, and will ponder you with lots of inspiration. 

You can also try audiobooks if you don’t like flipping pages. Audiobooks are like podcasts, you can listen to them anytime and anywhere. 

You can also find many sites and apps that offer audiobooks for free. Make reading your daily routine, trust me you’ll love it!! 

It will save your free time, get you into something productive and the feeling of relaxation makes it all worth it at the end of the day!! 

Writing Your Hearts Out

Fun Hobbies At Home ; Writing Your Hearts Out
Source: BBC

Writing!! That’s what we have been doing since childhood, right?  School homework, then tuition work and then college, and so on. Isn’t it the last thing I’ll choose as a hobby? 

Yeah, right… This is what you must be thinking right now. 

But what if you get a friend to share all your secrets, dreams, talks, and daily happenings with? If you hesitate to speak your things out loud or can’t find any reliable person to share your inner stuff with, then try writing! 

Keeping a journal is good for the soul and mind. Things you can’t share with anyone else can be written and shared through your writing and trust me within no time you will find this writing habit interesting. 

Apart from that, you can start blogging where you can share your poetry, short stories, or just random thoughts with people. All it takes is a pen and paper or some software like Google Docs or Microsoft Word to kick start your writings. 

Cooking and Baking

Fun Hobbies At Home ; Cooking and Baking
Source: Kidadl

During the lockdown, a thing we all tried our hands-on for sure is cooking and baking!! Correct me if I’m wrong, but making that overcooked cake or burned tortillas was not that bad of an experience. 

Not that someone is compelling you to buy expensive ingredients and make that master chef recipe or something, it’s just keeping you engaged and having fun sideways. 

Thanks to the internet and YouTube food channels for helping us with endless recipes to try at home with ease. Don’t look for perfection, every experiment you do is worth a try!! 

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Decluttering The Mess

Fun Hobbies At Home ; Decluttering The Mess
Source: Seattle’s Green Clearing Fairy

Lazy heads may find it a boring job to do but once you start with it, you’ll end up being addicted to this habit. For those who don’t know what decluttering is? It’s rearranging your stuff, making the place look tidy and well-arranged, and can be performed to give a renovative look to your place. 

The best part, this habit makes you earn brownie points from your mothers!! 

Another plus point is that it creates extra space in your house. 

Surprisingly, decluttering is not just a hobby or daily habit, it’s a business as a whole.

Learning Music

Fun Hobbies At Home ; Learning Music
Boy teaching to play guitar in music school

Always wanted to learn guitar or to play the piano? Our busy schedules never gave us enough time to spare for our hobbies. But now, when you’re staying home anyway, why not invest some time in doing what we always wanted to. 

You don’t need a private tutor to get started. All you need is the zeal to learn. There are so many tutorials for beginners online, where you can learn to play any instrument you like. 

Shop your favorite instrument, or borrow one from a friend and get started. 

Playing music is one of the most interesting and fun hobbies at home. 

Exercising And Yoga

Fun Hobbies At Home ; Exercising And Yoga
Source: YouTube

Staying fit is the ultimate goal. Spending some time daily exercising is the best practice and a great hobby to have. Stress is increasing and so are health issues. Exercising will help you relax your body for a while and will bring you back into mental and physical shape. 

Start with simple exercises or yoga. Yoga is also a great stress buster and who hasn’t wished to try the hard yoga poses at least once, do watch YouTube workout channels if you want. Free fitness apps on your mobile phones are there as well to keep you going. 

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Hope you enjoyed the list of fun hobbies at home. Happiness starts by beginning. Don’t procrastinate, it’s not gonna help you in any way. Get yourself indulged in something fun and creative. Stay safe, stay healthy!!

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