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Funny Compliments for Best Friends – Admire with Satire

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Have you heard that quote, that never let your best friends do silly things alone? Best friends are a blessing and friendship that lasts long is beyond a blessing. Our friends know the inner we and they are the ones we rely on in every situation. To keep the excitement in your friendship alive, keep complimenting your friends every now and then. This post is exactly what you need as it contains the best Funny compliments for best friends and keep the fun going. Whether you want to comment on your friend’s Instagram post or give them a compliment in person, these are perfect.

Have you noticed one thing that we never compliment our friends? We always pull their leg but when it comes to praising, we never do that. We in fact love this kind of bond and cherish it. But sometimes it’s good to tell them how you feel for them or what importance they hold in your lives. And to add a twist that we have the best funny compliments for best friends for you listed below that you can use to humorously praise them. 

“If you ever fall in front of me, I’ll click your pictures, make fun of you, laugh my ass off, and then will think of picking you up. ” Sounds funny, right? If you loved this one then you’ll definitely like the other ones too. Have a look at the list below to know some crazy and funny compliments for best friends that will put a smile on their faces. 

Funny Compliments for Best Friends

Funny Compliments for Best Friends - Admire with Satire; Funny Compliments for Best Friends

Check out this list to keep the mood light and happening. 

  • Even if you were cloned, you’d still be one of a kind. And the better-looking one.
  • With that cute look of yours, you can flatter anyone in a zoo.
  • I trust you so much, I could give you my wifi password. But I won’t. Just saying.
  • Your face makes other people look ugly.
  • I look at you the same way we all look at giraffes. Which is basically like, “I bet you were just born awesome.”
  • I don’t want to see your face first thing in the morning, but you know I’m a liar.
  • Your smile is proof that the best things in life are free.
  • Although there are so many people in the world, I hate you the least.
  • I bet you’ve never had an ice cream before. You’re damn hot.
  • I cherish you more than all the cups of coffee I have in a day.
  • The only thing better than being friends with you is being friends with a talking dolphin.
Funny Compliments for Best Friends - Admire with Satire; Funny Compliments for Best Friends
  • I follow you because my parents always told me to follow my dream.
  • I can never remember my dreams, but I think you are every time in them.
  • The chance of meeting another person like you is the only reason I talk to strangers.
  • You look so good, who will find out that you are homeless. I’ve changed so much since I met you, my dog doesn’t recognize me anymore.
  • You’re like a good bra to me. Fully supportive, never stabbing in the back, and always lifting my burden no matter how heavy.
  • I accomplished nothing today. Haven’t done much productive. Now that I am with you, it feels relaxing finally.
  • You’re so sweet, I can’t believe the ants have not eaten you off yet.
  • You are more unique and wonderful than the smell of a new book.
  • Damn!! You won’t need any room heaters in winters.
  • Trust me I will choose your company over pizza anytime.
  • I think the hardest part about being your friend is pretending as though I like my other friends as much as I like you.
  • Other than chilling and sleep and Netflix and chocolates, you’re my favorite.
  • You’re not lazy, I tell you. It’s just that the people around you are way too active!
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Funny Compliments for Best Friends - Admire with Satire; Funny Compliments for Best Friends


  • You’re much less of a jerk than I actually assumed.
  • I tell everyone how amazing you are. Especially that one time you coughed and farted simultaneously.
  • If I had a glass of water and you were on fire, I would, without a second thought, ignore my thirst and pour the water on you.
  • If there is one thing I like about you, it’s that I like more than one thing about you.
  • You make me want to hang out with you all the time except I have this thing called a life to live.
  • Everything seems brighter when you are around. Except for sunshine.
  • Thank you for not thinking I’m weird. I mean, we both know I’m weird, but you accept it, and that makes me happy.
  • You may not be really good-looking. But you’re pretty damn close.
  • I know why loving, trustworthy, kind, and sweet best friends are hard to find. It’s because you’re already mine.
  • You should be thanked more often. So, thank you, thank you, and thank you!
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Funny Compliments for Best Friends - Admire with Satire; Funny Compliments for Best Friends
  • The more I get to know you, the more I believe aliens are for real too.
  • Our time together is like a nap, we never have enough of it. You’re the “nothing” I give as an answer when people ask what I’m thinking about.
  • Wait, let me wear my sunglasses, you shine way too bright.
  • Talking to you is the best part of my day, aside from when I’m sleeping and when I’m eating.
  • I don’t know if sarcasm is a skill, but you’ve certainly mastered it.
  • You are purely a dumbass with sass.


Hope you loved these best funny compliments for best friends. Try them on your friends and know their response. Share with us your experience after using these compliments for them in the comments section below. Your feedbacks are welcomed.

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