36+ Funny Popsicle Stick Jokes On The Way

funny popsicle stick jokes

It’s the moment of great revelation now! What’s our one go-to summertime delicacy? POPSICLE! Who doesn’t like those sweet bundles of ice? I sure do! But we don’t always eat a popsicle with the only objective of eating! But rather many times we eat them just with one purpose in mind! Guess what that is? Right! To look for more hilarious jokes! Our popsicle sticks have those funny jokes etched on them that make us buy them more and more! What an interesting marketing technique! Thus, to make sure you’re entertained and stay healthy too, we’ve compiled a list of funny popsicle stick jokes for you!

Our popsicle stick jokes sometimes cross the level of any insaneness making us drop to the floor clutching our stomachs! Not because of queasiness but rather with laughter! It can really be too much at times.

Do you want to know an interesting fact about popsicles? It was discovered by an accident! Now in Bob Ross’s classic dialogue here – “what a happy little accident!”. Let’s thank an 11-year-old boy for that! Let’s see how he did that!

How to make exploding popsicle stic...
How to make exploding popsicle sticks #shorts

Our popsicle stick manufacturers have a rich taste of puns! How do we know that? Obviously, because our Popsicle puns are wide-ranging!! They can be on anything like schools, animals, trees, computers, etc. 

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The Accidental Discovery Of Popsicle:

funny popsicle stick jokes
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The story of the accidental discovery of Popsicle dates back to 1905. An 11-year-old boy from San Francisco forgot his fruit concoction with a stirring stick. Due to the cold weather, the concoction turned frigid overnight and the little fellow pulled it out of his glass and licked it off! Thus, started the journey of an 11-year-old entrepreneur! He started selling the same in his neighborhood and years later decided to brand it. Since the popsicle’s birth, it has changed several names starting from – Epsicle to Ice pop then finally “Pop’s ‘Sicle, or Popsicle”. 

Hence started the journey of our favorite Ice cream! It has many flavors but the most important one is offered by the almighty STICK! I call that “A funny flavor!” Popsicle sticks have those funny and many times silly jokes etched on them! Let’s look at the list of the funniest and silliest popsicle stick jokes that will remind you of your childhood. 

Laugh Hard With These Funny Popsicle Stick Jokes: 

funny popsicle stick jokes
Source: Kristine Leahy husband
  1. What’s the best way for a thread to get to school? -A spool bus
  2. What kind of animals does a band have as pets? -Trumpets.
  3. Where do dogs despise going shopping? -A flea market.
  4. What is the most difficult aspect of learning to ride a bike? -The pavement
  5. What method did the computer use to catch a fish? -With its internet.
  6. In soccer, what position do ghosts play? -Ghoulie.
  7. Where did pencils come from? -PENCIL-vania.
  8. What was the name of Mr. and Mrs. Hamburger’s daughter? -Patty.
  9. Why don’t frogs get angry? -They eat whatever that bugs them.
  10. How do billboards communicate? -Sign language. 
  11. When icicles leave, what do they say to each other? -Bye-cycle.
  12. Where does an elephant keep his suitcase? -In its trunk.
  13. Why does a quarter have a higher flip rate than the other coins? -It has an eagle on it.
  14. What is the best place to put barking dogs? -In a barking lot
  15. What do you call a square that has an accident? -A WRECKtangle 
  16. What was the potty’s response to the sink? -You look flushed.
  17. What is the most popular event for spiders to attend? -Webbings.
  18. Why didn’t Emily’s joke make the cashier laugh? -It made no cents.
  19. What did the wolf in the butcher shop get himself into? -Chop-lifting.
  20. What was the name of the fish’s child? -Gill.
  21. Which building has the most stories? -The library.
  22. What is the favorite pastry of a musician? -A drumroll.
  23. Why did the teacher jump in the pool? -To test the water.
  24. What crew mans a haunted ship? -A skeleton crew.
  25. What’s the most expensive kind of fish? -A Goldfish.
  26. Why did the baseball player get arrested? -He stole second base.
  27. How do pigs communicate? -Through swine language.
  28. What kind of bird is always sad? -A bluebird.
  29. Why do fish live in saltwater? -They wouldn’t want to live in pepper water!
  30. What do you get from a pampered cow? -Spoiled milk.
  31. What do frogs do with paper? -Rip it, rip it.
  32. What type of frog has horns? -A Bullfrog.
  33. What kind of bug is in the FBI? -A SPY-der.
  34. Which side of a duck has more feathers? -The outside.
  35. What does a ship do when it’s sick? – It goes to the Dock.
  36. Why do owls get invited to bird parties? – They’re such a HOOT! 

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Silly Popsicle Stick Jokes: That May Or May Not Make You Laugh! 

36+ Funny Popsicle Stick Jokes On The Way
Source: Thought Catalog
  1. Why did Kayla go to the river when she was sad? – To fish for compliments.
  2. Why did the fish have a bad report card?- Because all his grades were under C
  3. What’s the best side of the house to put the porch on? – The outside. 
  4. What do you say to a tent with a split personality? – You’re two tents.
  5. Why do bees have sticky hair? – Because they use a honeycomb.
  6. What do you call a grizzly with no shoes? – Bear foot.
  7. What’s a tree’s favorite drink? – Root beer.
  8. Why did the foot smile? – He was toe happy.
  9. What did the volcano say to his girlfriend? – I lava you.
  10. How did the barber win the race? – He knew a shortcut. 
  11. How do animals blend into the desert? – With camel-flage.
  12. Why was the little strawberry crying? – Because his parents were in a jam.
  13. What kind of medicine did the bed take? – Pill-o’s (Pillows)
  14. What has three horns and gives milk? – A cow driving a car.
  15. How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend? – He gave her a ring.
  16. What kind of bird is always sad? – A bluebird.
  17. What animal should you never play cards with? – A cheetah.
  18. Where do spaghetti and sauce go dancing? – The meatball.
  19. What key won’t open any door? – A donkey. 
  20. What did the hot dog say after the race? – I’m the Weiner.

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funny popsicle stick jokes
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This list of popsicle stick jokes can go on forever and we definitely might have missed a lot of them! Make sure to remind us of the most common ones associated with your childhood in our comments section. We’ll keep editing the list! 

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