The Fire Of Love! Reasons Why Gemini And Sagittarius Are Attracted To Each Other?

gemini and sagittarius are attracted to each other

Where there is fire, there is air? Right? These two elements belong together! The same is the case with zodiac signs associated with these elements. You will always find a Gemini chasing funny Sagittarius’s ass or maybe vice-versa. This makes us wonder “Why Gemini and Sagittarius are attracted to each other?”

Let’s be honest here! Who doesn’t check zodiac facts to know more about their crush, right? We all do that! We look for reasons to date and not date someone, look for some stereotypes, and at times also ignore them! We jump to lots of facts like “our perfect pairs” as we like to know who is the one for us and those around us.

Gemini and a Sagittarius are always together making us wonder – “what brings a Gemini and a Sagittarius together?” or “Why are Gemini and Sagittarius attracted to each other?”. Let’s know the personality of these both zodiacs and even if they’re good for each other?

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Do you want to know who’s the chaser among the two? Or how an independent Sagittarius puts up with Gemini’s multiple personalities? Then, let’s jump on to some zodiac facts related to these two signs!

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Fire And Air: Reasons Why Gemini And Sagittarius Are Attracted To Each Other?

gemini and sagittarius are attracted to each other
Source: The Horoscope

Without air, there’s no fire! Thus, if you find yourself constantly being attracted to a Gemini or a Sagittarius, blame the elements! A Gemini will find itself being attracted to a Sagittarius’s outgoing and fun-loving personality. And meanwhile, a Sagittarius is drawn towards a Gemini’s curious and intellectually gifted mind.

But nothing is without spice, sometimes their traits clash making room for conflicts. A brutally honest Sagittarius can and will definitely hurt an overly sensitive Gemini. Thus, it becomes important to know that even if these signs are attracted to each other, are they even good for each other? To find that, let’s look for the personality traits of a Sagittarius and a Gemini to find whether they’re compatible or not?

Personality Traits Of A Gemini

Gemini is a mutable air sign and people who are born between May 21 to June 21 have it. This sign is guided by the twins, Castor and Pollux (In Greek mythology) and has some common personality traits associated with it.

gemini and sagittarius are attracted to each other
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  • Fun-loving And Outgoing: Geminis are naturally fun-loving and like to enjoy every moment of their life. Sometimes it’s this nature that makes them seem too loose. Oftentimes people stereotype a Gemini as flirtatious and an attention seeker but that’s only their fun-loving nature. They like to party and just be out there.
  • Impulsive And Indecisive: That’s the most common you’ll find in any Gemini. They like to have fun so much that they delay their usual tasks up until the last minute. Also, their overthinking and over-sensitive nature makes them take some impulsive decisions which they’ll surely regret in the future. Their frequent mood swings also make them indecisive. 
  • Flexible: As they’re a mutable sign, they seem to be very flexible in nature. They make multiple plans which can end up to “PLAN Z” just because they don’t want to be stuck anywhere. They want things to go smoothly which makes them spend too much time planning stuff rather than actually doing it!
  • Intellectual: Geminis love racking their brains VERY MUCH! They love valuable discussions which are interesting. They like to indulge in intellectual discussions that can widen their knowledge base. Thus, want their friends and partners to enjoy the same. They look for topics as a fun exercise keeping their mind in the best shape!
  • Sensitive: They’re very sensitive and tend to close themselves off to the world when confronted. They especially hate confrontations that will lead them vulnerable to anyone else.
  • Skeptical: Due to their emotional and sensitive nature, Geminis don’t let too many people in. You’d be wondering that this isn’t what a usual stereotype says! Obviously Geminis like making many friends, but do they open themselves bare to all? NO! They don’t let people on too much and are the perfect example of – “I talk much but say less!”
  • Intelligent: Geminis are incredibly smart due to their intellectual curiosity and hunger for knowledge. The most interesting part is, they don’t show it. They hide their intelligence as dumbness at times just to get out of sticky situations.
  • Trying New Things: They like to try new things in life and are never satisfied with only one thing. They want everything in life and thus their too many desires lead them to have many expectations making it difficult for them to settle down in life.

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Personality Traits Of A Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign and as a Gemini, it is also mutable. A Sagittarius joins its other fire mates like that of a Leo and an Aries and is guided by the fire. People born between November 23 and December 21 has this sign and some common personality traits associated with them are:

gemini and sagittarius are attracted to each other
Source: Hellogiggles
  • Powerful: Being a fire sign and mutable at that, Sagittarius is considered one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac family. They have a strong personality which is masked in their funny and cheeky comments.
  • Egoistic: Like its other fire siblings, Sagittarius too, is regarded as an egotistical sign. They don’t like people getting ahead of themselves.
  • Outgoing: they’re outgoing and enjoy being independent. If you try to be controlling and dominate their life, the first thing they’ll do is to KICK YOU OUT OF THEIR LIFE! 
  • Brutally Honest: A sagittarius will always speak his mind. For them, honesty is everything and thus, they are not afraid of hurting others with their honest answers. They’re the epitome of #unapologetic.
  • A Go-Getter: Due to their confident personalities, Sagittarians are a perfect example of a go-getter. Their intelligence coupled with their outgoing and confident personality makes them achieve great things in life.
  • Indecisive: They’re very indecisive and impulsive as they don’t want their peace to be broken. Just to get things done quickly, they do things haphazardly at times. Making rash decisions puts them in troublesome situations rather than avoiding one.
  • Smart: They’re born smart and they’re used to getting a lot of attention. People try to rely on their advice just because of how easy-going and smart they are. They try to handle all situations calmly and smoothly resolve disputes.
  • Compassionate: They’re very compassionate about the thing they love and value. Foremost of them are the values of honesty and trust. They also like to be independent and hate being controlled.

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Compatibility Of Gemini And Sagittarius: A Power Couple

As you’ve come to know how Geminis and Sagittarius usually are, so what are your final thoughts? Do you think they’re compatible? Let’s analyze!

gemini and sagittarius are attracted to each other
Source: YourTango
  • Personality Assessment: Personality-wise, they both love and value independence and are outgoing. However, Sagittaroius’s egotistical and Gemini’s constant need for assurance and mood swings may tick each other off. But as they both are excellent at communication, these might not be as big of a deal.
  • Trust: Geminis have trouble establishing trust in their Sagittarian partner because of his too cool personality. Their skepticism about everything leads them to have immense trust issues for their partner. But not only this, a Sagittarius will also find their Gemini partners’ friendly personality as too flirtatious leading them both to have issues in their relationship. but that won’t lead to anything major as long they communicate!
  • Communication: Both the signs are very good at communication and let everything out in the open once they get in a relationship. A Sagittarius will always tell things as it is while a Gemini will understand Sagittarius’s natural personality. However, sometimes Sagittarius can say things that might make a sensitive Gemini upset.
  • Confrontations: With Sagittarius as a partner, confrontations will become a norm with harsh truths involved. These harsh truths will definitely at times lead to awkward situations and maybe arguments. But these confrontations will lead both of the signs to establish a more special bond in which they can say anything.
The Fire Of Love! Reasons Why Gemini And Sagittarius Are Attracted To Each Other?
Source: Sheknows
  • Romance: Both the signs are very passionate when it comes to showing their love for each other. Geminis appreciate Sagittarius’s unique ideas and gifts which makes them feel loved. In the same manner, Geminis love giving and showering their affection in the form of gifts, brainstorming discussions, and many more. This makes a curious Sagittarius always hungry for surprises!
  • Adventure: Both the signs are extremely independent and like to try new things in life. They keep each other engaged and entertained and thus are never bored in each other’s company. They get to experience new things in life together and as they  Both aspire to uncertainty, mystery, and adventure, they make- “a perfect adventure couple!”

A strong Sagittarius will make a Gemini test his/her boundaries and a Gemini will bring patience and mystery in the life of a Sagittarius. This makes them grow older and wiser together, thus, making a perfect “power couple!”

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Famous Gemini and Sagittarius couples:

  • Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger
  • Alison Pill and Joshua Leonard
  • Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany
  • Matt Bellamy and Elle Evans 
  • Judi Dench and Michael Williams


gemini and sagittarius are attracted to each other
Source: The Horoscope

There’s a strong magnetic pull between a Sagittarius and a Gemini making them fall harder and faster for each other. They both add to each others’ shortcomings and are perfect soulmates of each other.

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