How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin – 4 Home Remedies

How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin

Fiber is the perfect glass replacement. It is strong, recyclable, and in every aspect better than glass. But, have you got a prick from the fiber dust? The pain and irritation are deadly. Well, here is an article that tells you the easiest methods on “How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin?”.

Fiberglass is a synthetic material, made up of the tiny fibers of glass. You have seen things made up of fiberglass in many places. The most common example that I can think of is the Basketball board. Well, these tiny fibers of glass have the ability to pierce through the skin and cause irritation. If you have ever come across such a situation then do read this article on “How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin”, this will surely be of great help to you.

How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin?
There are various methods to get fiberglass out of skin, the most common is using tape. All you have to do is put the tape around the area of the fiberglass and then pull up the tape. But, be careful, a sudden jerk may take off your skin.

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This is not all we have got, you will find more methods like this in the article below. We have also mentioned the step-by-step guide for every method, to make it easier for you to understand. 

Methods to Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin

Before going to the article on “How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin”, here are two points that you need to know. If you have fiberglass in your skin, these are the things that you should avoid doing:

  • Avoid using compressed air to get fiberglass out of skin.
  • Avoid rubbing and scratching as it may push the fiberglass more deep inside the skin. 

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Method 1: Use A Tape

How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin
Source: Notchtex

The most common and effective method to get fiberglass out of the skin is using sticky tape. The basic idea behind the process is that we cannot pluck the glass piece with our hands. So, we will be using sticky tape. The piece will get attached to the tape and we will be able to pull the fiberglass piece out of your skin. However, you have to be careful in the whole process. Worry not and follow the step-by-step guide given below.

Requirements: Torch, magnifying glass, and Tape.

  • Torch: We will be using a torch to increase the lightning in the area, searching the fiberglass under good light increases the chance of finding it.
  • Magnifying glass: Fiberglass pieces are too small. Sometimes it gets harder to find them under the skin using the naked eyes. So, you will be requiring a magnifying glass to find the fiberglass piece.
  • Tape: Tape is the most important component to be used in this method. Use a strong tape that does not get torn while we get fiberglass out of the skin. 

Step 1: Locate the fiberglass under your skin, most chances of getting the fiberglass are on your hands. So, using the torchlight and magnifying glass locate the fiberglass piece.

Step 2: Make sure that you did not wash your hands because the wet surface won’t hold the tape.

Step 3: Now, put the tape on the part of the skin which has fiberglass. 

Step 4: Press the tape with your fingers and start peeling it off. Don’t pull the tape giving the jerk as it may take off some of your skin.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4, several times until you get fiberglass out of the skin.

Step 6: At last wash your hands properly with soap and water to prevent infections.

Method 2: Use a Pair of Tweezers

How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin
Source: DiscoverLab DiscoverLab

If the method given above does not work for you then here is the best way to get fiberglass out of your skin. This method is totally different from the one mentioned above. You will be using a pair of tweezers and a needle to get the fiberglass piece out. 

The basic idea behind the method is that you will cut the top layer of your skin using the needle and then you will pull out the fiberglass piece using the tweezers.

Sounds like you are operating on yourself as a doctor!!! (Just Kidding)

I know it sounds terrifying but, trust me, the procedure is simple and painless.

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Requirements: Torch, Magnifying glass, needle, tweezers, alcohol, soap, and Running water.

  • Torch: Torch as we said will be used for the extra light to see the fiberglass clearly.
  • Magnifying Glass: We will be using a magnifying glass to locate the small pieces of fiberglass under the skin.
  • Tweezers: Tweezers will be used to pull the fiberglass out of the skin.
  • Needle: It will be used to assist tweezers in the operation.
  • Alcohol, Soap, and Water: They will be used as the cleaning agent.

Step 1: Start by washing your hands with soap and water properly. This is necessary to avoid any type of infection as we will be cutting the skin and if your hands are dirty. Dirt may get under your skin and cause infections.

Step 2: After you have washed your hands, now it’s time to sanitize the tweezers and needle using the alcohol rub. 

Step 3: Now, place your hand under the torch and using the magnifying glass find out the piece of glass fiber.

Step 4: Using the needle make way for tweezers to get into the skin. This might hurt a little. But you can handle the pain.

Step 5: Now, use the pair of tweezers to get fiberglass out of the skin.

Step 6: Press the wound with your finger and apply some pressure.

Step 7: After you get fiberglass out of your skin, wash your hands again. Dry them and put some lotion on them.

Method 3: Go To Professional

If you are still not able to get fiberglass out of your skin then it’s time to give up and leave it for the professionals. We suggest you go to the doctor as soon as possible as he will guide you the best on how to remove the piece from your body.

Even if you have removed the fiberglass from your body, keep noticing the after-effects. Many people have complained about the redness after they have removed the glass. If the case is similar then, don’t take it lightly. It’s better to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Method 4: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin
Source: Getwell Urgent Care

You all have heard this quote many times in your lifetime. Well, this is the time that you start implementing it. Fibre dust isn’t something that can be taken lightly and if you are in the construction business then you have to be even more careful. Here are a few tips that you need to follow at work.

  • Avoid touching material that has fiberglass.
  • Always wear a particulate mask, this will protect your nose, throat, and lungs from fiber dust.
  • Wear goggles that come with side shields.
  • Cover your hands with gloves.
  • Prefer wearing long clothes with full sleeves.
  • If you wash the clothes worn at work at your home then do wash them separately.

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Wrapping Up

Here are a few tips that you must remember

  • Fiberglass will cause irritation and itchiness to your skin.
  • If somehow you get the fiberglass in your skin, avoid scratching or rubbing it.
  • Wash the area with mild soap and running water immediately.
  • If the fiberglass is visible then try to pull it out using the tape.
  • If irritation and itching persist then do consult a specialist doctor.

This was all about ”How To Get fiberglass Out Of Skin”, we hope that now you are clear with what to do whenever a fiberglass pricks you next time. If you find this article helping enough then do share it with your friends.

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