5 Gift Cards You Could Give to Everyone

Gift Cards You Could Give to Everyone

With the pandemic on the rise and the weather conditions getting unexpected, chumming through retail stores in search of gifts has become more challenging than ever. Online shopping, in contrast, can be just as time-consuming as there is always a chance of delivery delays due to the disorganization of supply-chain issues worldwide.  

Even if you are able to secure a bounty of presents, many will close up in charity stores or closets. But you don’t need to stress yourself on this anymore, as gift cards have now made the gifting process more accessible than ever! 

What Exactly Are Gift Cards? 

Gift cards basically constitute gift codes, most of which are delivered via email addresses in a relatively short time frame as compared to other online purchases. That being said, you should know that there are two basic types of gift cards, namely digital and physical. Each one comes with its own distinctive features and benefits.  

However, digital gift cards have been in high demand among online purchasers for quite a while now. You would find it hard to acknowledge that the global gift card marketplace was reported to be approximately 320 billion USD in 2017, while its constantly growing graph has been predicted to cross 510 billion USD by 2025.  

5 Gift Cards You Could Give to Everyone 

The pressure to find the perfect gift for your favorite yet demanding person can often leave you confused, no? Why take a rough guess and risk re-gifting when you can make it far less complicated by giving them something with a flexible approach? It would really help to consider the following five gift card options before you make any significant move! 

1. Starbucks Gift Card

A Starbucks gift card constitutes the perfect present for a coffee lover as it facilitates easy ordering, countless options, and complimentary beverages! 

Moreover, the newly launched Starbucks Rewards Program offers additional benefits to loyal customers who frequently purchase gift cards. Thus, every time you collect 100 stars by redeeming gift cards on the Starbucks application, you can relish in a free cup of tea or coffee! 

Many well-known platforms such as Coingate are currently offering virtual Starbucks gift cards as a quick alternative for gifting your loved ones if you’re not sure what they’re expecting. 

2. Blue Apron Gift Card 

How about giving someone the luxury to choose from delicious home-cooked meals while staying fit and healthy this holiday season? A $130 Blue Apron Gift Card offers a two-week delivery to their well-known meal serving plans.  

Your giftee can select from a wide variety of options, including the traditional chicken, meat, or fish dishes. Apart from that, a vegetarian option for mouth-watering meat-free dinners is also available. Doesn’t that sound like a fantasy come true for a diet-conscious yet food enthusiast sort of person? 

3. Amazon Gift Card 

Without a doubt, an Amazon digital gift card constitutes one of the most resourceful gift options. Such a card grants one access to an extensive range of utilities, whether it be related to electronics, movies, music downloads, home goods, food items, and much more.   

Most importantly, you can send this gift card to your loved ones via email, which will allow them to redeem it instantly at Amazon’s official site. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an ideal gift card for a friend, neighbor, colleague, or family member; a multi-purpose Amazon gift card is always valued.  

4. Target Gift Card 

As a mass retailer, Target indeed has something for everyone in need of a restock. You can send a Target gift card through text, email, or even snail mail.   

Whether it be related to office supplies or home essentials like furniture items, closet clamps, non-toxic cleaning tools, or celebrity-designed top-rank products, Target doesn’t leave any stone unturned to keep its users satisfied.  

5. Nike Gift Card 

A Nike gift card may constitute the soundest option for a loved one who pushes themselves to work out frequently and smartly every year or the kickster who is always ready to stock up on contemporary sneakers.  

Such a gift card covers the present-day high-performance gear, which is precisely what Nike’s known for. Moreover, you get to choose the theme of your virtual gift card ranging from the classic spew to the logo of your giftee’s favorite team.   


Unquestionably, gift cards have redefined the modern-day present-giving strategy. You can conveniently shop with the luxury of staying in your cozy bed and find something that suits your style. 

Although they may not seem too imaginative, they offer your loved ones the comfort to choose from what they really want. So, maybe it’s time to try an online gift this year! 

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