Amazing Green Nails Design Ideas To Make Your Nails Evergreen!!

Green nails design

“Don’t ask about my mood! Just check my nails, they say it all” Well, isn’t that true! We ladies keep our nails like our little babies who are well cared for and nourished with beauty and style! So drop your anxieties and give yourself a luxurious manicure session with these pretty green nails design! Wait! Why green? For starters, it signifies abundance, growth, harmony, and freshness! So without any second thought, go green girl! Not only the girls, but even guys also paint their nails green which is adorable in a unique way!

How about we forget the usual stereotypes and go with green which is unbiased! Let the green shine upon you today and let it bestow its heavenly abundance on your beautifully filed nails! 

Different hues of the green nail designs will definitely confuse you but in a good way of course! There are so many shades and designs to choose from leaving us plenty of options to paint green nails design on our stiletto and coffin nails, so choose whatever you want! Some of the best designs that you should definitely try are Dark Green Nails, Emerald greens nails, Olive, and even ombre shades of green marble! 

There are many more green nail ideas which you’ll be encountering on your way ahead! So, file your nails well with the best nail shapers! Bring out your nail art supplies and jump on a heavenly manicure session today with our best green nail designs! Don’t forget that gold too, because we’re about to paint the abundance of nature today!

Painting Different Shades Of Green | Green Nails Design Ideas

Who said Heaven was all white and blue? We can paint a green one too! But the canvas will be, OUR NAILS! It’s all our imagination, so let your creative streak out and draw patterns and illusions to defy what’s common. Board a ship to create illusions and beautiful patterns with these heavenly green nail ideas! Bring any color and try to make your own ombre transitions! 

Go bold and paint your heart out to flaunt those regally crafted nails! Now, Let’s begin!

1. Dark Green Nails

green nails design
Source: Ideasdonuts

Dark green nails design is one of the most preferred among ladies that are going places! The color is extremely versatile as it can go with any occasion no matter formal or casual! 

To get the opulent sheen of luxurious green nails, paint a base coat of green enamel on all of your nails. Once you’re done applying, add a surprise in one of the nails where you’ll be adding glitters and rhinestones to make them look vivid and shiny! 

Your dark green nails will look luxurious with hints of gems. Wait! But do keep in mind that you don’t overdo it as the color is already rich enough. Anything more will be too overwhelming! 

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2. Emerald Green Nails

emerald green nails
Source: YouTube

Emerald green is a bright shade of green having a vivid sheen and luxurious texture. You can either paint matte emerald green nails or glossy ones, but no matter what you do, the results are only going to be gorgeous!

Paint cute french tips with emerald green and top it with a transparent enamel in the end! For a more definite look, outline the tips with small gems to make your nails luxuriously simple! 

Was that contradicting? Well, that’s the plan! 

Flaunt your emerald green nails at a party or a casual date. No matter which occasion you choose to paint them, the audience is going to be awed with your nails!

3. Olive Green Nails

olive green nails
Source: Obeki

Olive green is classy and olive green nails are CLASSIER! No matter in our outfits or nails, the simplicity of olive hues is unraveled. So, PAINT IT OUT! 

Paint beautiful olive green nails whether matte or gloss to make your almond nails shine! You can also add geometric lines to create a 3D look on your green nails!

No matter what pattern you choose, the results will only be splendid! Why? Well, when have olives disappointed us! Wink! Wink!

4. Forest Green Nails

forest green nails
Source: The Chic Pursuit

The earthy smell of the forest is calling me but sadly, here I am lying on a boring couch in NYC!  City lights are good, but the majestic nature is heaven-defying! So, paint that beautiful forest while reminiscing the earthy smell of greens!

Paint forest green nails and don’t forget to add a bounty of leaves! Forget leaves, add anything! For a bold look, add sparkles in snakeskin design on your forest green nails!

Be as creative as you want and add shapes or patterns of your choice! And if you want to keep them simple? Even better! Paint glossy forest green nails and rock the styling game!

5. Neon Green Nails Design

neon green nails
Source: Byrdie

There’s nothing bolder than a neon color! Paint neon green nails with an ombre shade of white! Or you can paint a neon green sky too with beautiful white clouds!

Let your imagination run wild and choose whichever color, but don’t choose more than three! If I were to suggest, go with yellow, white and obviously, GREEN! 

Do an ombre transition with these three shades and top it off with a transparent lacquer! Try this neon green nail design and awe your friends with your creative nails!

6. Lime Green Nails Design

lime green nails
Source: Pinterest

The sour lime brings out our hidden vitality that had faded out after a long exhausting day! Hey! I’m not offering you a lemonade, but a calming lime green manicure session!

Soothe your conflicted heart while painting your nails in a lime green color! You can paint beautiful flowers of white and lime green that will reflect the vitality of spring. Try adding yellow to your flowers to make your nails more vivid and lively!

Just like always, don’t forget to top it all off with a transparent lacquer in the end!

7. Sage Green Nails

sage green nails
Source: Pinterest

Paint some beautiful sage green nails on your almond or stiletto nails with a hint of gold glitter lines! Sage is a beautiful shade of green that will awe you with its calming nature. 

The color will not be too overwhelming as some other darker shades and hence, will work well in any setup, whether formal or casual! 

You can paint beautiful sage green nails with other dark shades of green! Create an ombre effect of sage green and other hues of dark green to add depth to your nails. Add a streak of glitter with the help of a toothpick to complete the look! Once it’s all done, you’re ready to flaunt! 

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8. Mint Green Nails

mint green nails
Source: Pinterest

Mint is the shade of green that gives off the impression of cyan. It is best to paint some vivid lines on your nails! So do your nails a favor and paint elegant mint green nails that are simple yet classy! 

Add this pastel shade of green to your nails by drawing graphics in the form of lines or shapes. You can also outline these shapes with white to make your shapes more prominent! 

This is an extremely elegant nail art without any wishy-washiness! So, do try this out, and don’t forget to flaunt them! 

9. Light Green Nails

light green nails
Source: Sirena Reena’s Boutique

Ah, light green! I was wondering why this shade of green didn’t come out yet! It seems it was saving itself for the last! 

Light Green color is what I call the “creme de la creme” hue of green and hence, don’t stop yourself from painting some beautiful light green nails! 

Here, you can do your nails in the glossy shade of green while keeping one matte. This will make your nails elegant with a touch of class and luxury! You can also add Rhinestones to one particular nail to make the whole set of nails pop out! 

10. Marble Nail Design

marble green nails
Source: YouTube

Marble nails are the “IT” of nail art and we are going to try this out! Dye your green nails like marble while adding a touch of gold foil to make it dreamy as well as LUXURIOUS! 

The transitions of dark green with white create a beautiful marble effect.

These green marble nails will surely attract people to get a look at your lavish nails so PAINT THEM OUT!!! 

Gold foil adds a hint of opulence in the marble nails, so once again, don’t forget that gold, girl! Once you’re done, flaunt them out! 

Wrapping Up

Green is luxury and green is abundance! So add this luxury to your beautifully filed coffin or stiletto nails! 

Paint the beautiful and rich hues of green in your nails. As there are many shades of green, you’ll never get bored of trying them out! From emerald green to mint, from lime to sage, try dying your nails in different hues of green and once you’re done, don’t forget to flaunt! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What nail does varnish go with green? 

A. Lighter shades like nudes go well with all shades of green. Essentially, pink is best suited for the pastel shades of green like light green. 

Q. Is green a warm or cool color? 

A. Green is considered a cool color. By cool color, we mean the colors that are essentially calming and soothing! 

Q. What are the best nail types to paint green on? 

A. All nail types are good for green nail color. However, if you were to say best, it would be a coffin, stiletto, and almond nails! 

Featured Image Credits: The NYT

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