Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash Sesaon 2 Release Date, Plot, Characters

This anime series is a light-novel series based which is having the same name. Ao Jyumonji is the writer, and Eiri Shirai is the illustrator. This light-novel series made its debut in 2013. However, the manga series published in 2015 in April. However, after a year there was an adaptation in which it became the anime television series. On January 11, 2016, the first season of this anime series premiered. This television series proved to be a great hit among the viewers.

Release Date: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

The first season of the exciting Japanese television series premiered on January 2016, and the last episode of the first season aired on March 2016. During this season, the fans also saw one special episode which earned a great fan base. Four years have passed, but the makers of the series have not announced any statement regarding the second season. Although, this seems to be very disheartening for all the fans out there. But we cannot panic about this situation. However, unlike the other television series, anime television series often have a gap of at least four to five years between the two seasons. Therefore, we still have the hope that we will have the chance to enjoy the second season of this popular anime.

Although there is no official announcement or statement regarding the release date of the second season, we can expect it to fall anytime in 2021 or 2022.

Plot: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

The plot of this fantasy anime revolves around the fantasy world of Grimgar. There are several adventures to enjoy in this series. The anime starts with a group of people who are great adventurers who lost in the fantasy land Grimgar. Moreover, this gang has no idea how they got there. They do not even have any idea about their names. Moreover, there is one strict rule in this land. The law is that whether a person has to kill or otherwise has to die.

This Japanese anime follows a number of the set of adventurers who form their group to fight against all the evil forces. Moreover, the group wants to survive the deadly and risky conditions on the land of Grimgar. The head of the group is the charismatic priest Manato. The other members of the group are knight Ranata, a warrior who is very kind Moguzo, a mage who is very shy Shihoru, a happy and cheerful hunter Yume, and a thief who always seems nervous Haruhiro. Although every member of this group is fearless and daring, they all have different personalities. It is fun and exciting to watch how, despite having so different characters, everyone lives together. Moreover, they take care of each other in every step to survive the brutality.

This world exists in reality, and therefore, the consequences are also real. Nobody can go back if once he meets his or her end.

Characters: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

This anime has many characters who are very different from each other. However, we have brought the list of some main characters with their brief introduction.

  • Manato: This character is the main character of the show. He is the priest, and he is also a leader of the group. Therefore, we can say that he is the protagonist of the anime. The character is the strongest, and he is the reason that everybody is together despite having different temperaments.
  • Yume: He is the hunter of the group. This character is thrilled and cheerful and therefore, everybody loves her. Her tool is the dagger which she uses to face and fight against the danger that comes their way.
  • Haruhiro: This character is fascinating. Because despite being a thief, he remains nervous all the time. But he is also powerful, and because of this reason after Manato’s death, he becomes the leader of the group.
  • Shihoru: She is a fascinating and essential character of this series. She is of short stature and very shy. Because of her shy and sweet nature, she does not like to have many social interactions. She has brilliant defensive techniques and powers.
  • Moguzo: This character is the strongest of all the characters. When it comes to physical strength, no one can leave him behind. Therefore, he is the warrior of the group. Although he is powerful and has a commendable physical power, he is a very kind character.
  • Merry: After the death of Monato, she joined the group. She is also a priest. She is the healer.
  • Ranta: He is the knight of the group. He holds a special place in the group. However, he is purposefully quite cold and rude towards the other group members.

Trailer: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

As there is no official statement regarding the second season, hence there is no trailer for it as well. Below is the link for trailer of the first season which gives you a glimpse in the world of Grimgar.

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