Make Him Love You: The Best Grooming Tips For Curly Hair Dogs

grooming tips for curly hair dogs

Dogs are really cute creatures but they require a lot of attention and care! Your poodle might throw more tantrums than your girlfriend! Do you know why he has been acting up lately? His hair! They’ve been troubling him just because you don’t know how to groom them well. But don’t worry, you’ve jumped to the right place! Get to know how those curly locks can be tamed well in “The grooming tips for curly hair dogs!”

Dogs are truly heaven-sent creatures and thus they deserve the same treatment! We have to make sure no flies and the sort roam around that soft fur coat! You have to regularly bathe and brush him but that is not everything! You need to have proper knowledge of how things are done like the proper method of brushing his hair. I bet you never knew that there was such a method! Therefore, as you read more, you’ll be knowing much more surprising and valuable information on ways to perfectly groom your dog.

You can make your dog look cute and fierce at the same time. Do you know HOW? Just by changing its usual grooming sessions! Nowadays, the grooming of your pet isn’t just about hygiene but also, “A MATTER OF FASHION!” If you want to see your dog walking down the “New York Pet Fashion Show”, then keep reading!

Do you find it troublesome to groom your Airedale Terrier’s mustaches? Don’t worry! From his head to his tail, know how to tame your pet’s curly hair! Stay connected to know more.

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Grooming Tips For Curly Hair Dogs

grooming tips for curly hair dogs
source: Unsplash

Curly hairs on dogs look very cool until and unless it’s not your job to look after them! That angry bounce of hair needs to be pacified more often and in ways, we don’t know. We go look for our Veterinarian for suggestions that he might laugh at! For example- “ My dog’s hair is too curly, what should I do?” Now, what normal response do you get? Well, let me share my experience! My Vet’s reply was- “why did you get a curly hair dog in the first place?” What a spoilsport he was! I was pretty offended at first but now I know why he laughed! Want to know why? 

It is because not all curls are the same and not all dogs require similar grooming! It all depends on the breed of the dog. Where some hairs need more grooming, some need, LESS! Also, during spring when your dog sheds lots of hair, it becomes necessary for you to know – what you should or should not be doing! Thus to make sure you know what is the right way to groom your dog, read the dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind!

Dos And Don’ts

There are certain dos and don’ts you need to follow while grooming your dog’s curly hair! Especially while you’re brushing or bathing as that’s the time when they shed most hairs. The reason for this is that the hairs are especially weak once they get wet! Don’t you remember your hairdresser mentioning not to comb your dry hair? The same goes for dogs!

Brushing And Bathing A Dog’s Curly Hair!

grooming tips for curly hair dogs
source: Unsplash
  1. It is advisable that you don’t bathe your dog too frequently. This is because too much shampooing would lead to a loss of the natural luster of his hair. Thus, to keep your dog’s hair healthy and shiny, you need to bathe him less frequently.
  1. Make sure you avoid the sensitive areas on the dog’s body like the nose, eyes, and mouth while bathing and brushing him.
  1. You should always avoid brushing while your dog’s hair is wet.
  1. You should not brush your dog’s hair too frequently. Frequent brushing can make your dog’s hair lose its strength and will lead to excessive shedding of his hair.
  1. You should always make sure not to brush your dog’s hair too roughly. You have to brush his hair gently to avoid breakage. If you know how much pressure you need to apply while brushing your dog’s hair, there are chances he might actually enjoy the process!
  1. Make sure you use a brush and maybe just your fingers to detangle your dog’s hair. This helps you to make sure that the harsh bristles of a brush are not hurting your dog.
  1. As your dog’s hair is curly, you have to brush his hair evenly and thoroughly! Make sure your brush reaches his skin so that nothing unwanted grows under the top layer of his hair.
  1. Check for flies and ticks in your dog’s hair while brushing its hair. 
  1. The way our dog’s hairs appear also tells us about his health condition. Check whether his hairs are oily or dry or too patchy. If it’s the case, then make sure you go and consult your Vet if the condition gets worse and worse. 
  1. You should always brush your dog’s hair with the technique where you brush his hair down and then out. It helps his hair to be brushed more evenly.
  1. Using a conditioner really helps to get those stubborn tangles out of his hair!

(Note that too frequently here means more than once a day)

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Grooming tips for curly hair dogs
Source: The Happy Puppy Site

A dog’s nails can grow back again within a week or more depending on the breed of your dog. So it is always advisable that you clip your dog’s nails wisely, carefully, and regularly so he doesn’t hurt himself while playing. Also, make sure to brush his hair properly before clipping his nails so that it doesn’t come in the way.


grooming tips for curly hair dogs
Source: Pewaukee Veterinary Services

Trimming your dog’s curly hair is completely up to you! Why? Because it will only make your task of grooming him much easier. It is a matter of your own choice but that’s not everything about trimming! You can style your dog’s hair in any manner but it’s just up to you! This just shows how much you are interested in your dog’s styling sessions. But, if you want your dog to be a part of the “New York Pet Fashion Show”, then you will surely trim, cut, and style his hair!

Grooming Sessions Can Be Bonding Sessions!

grooming tips for curly hair dogs
source: Unsplash

Do you know you can turn your dog’s grooming sessions into bonding sessions? No? Then you should know that this is the time when your dog leaves itself vulnerable in front of you. This is the time when he leaves himself completely off-guard. Thus, you need to know the importance of these sessions! Therefore, it is necessary that you start grooming your dog as soon as possible, which means from the time he’s a small puppy. This will make him trust you more and you will become your pet’s best friend!

Breeds Of Dogs With Curly Hair:

  • Poodle
  • Bichon Frise
  • Havanese
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Pumi
  • Puli
  • Komondor

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groomings tips for curly hair dogs
Source: Unsplash


Dogs are a man’s best friend and so we need to pay constant attention to them. We need to keep our dogs regularly groomed so they can constantly support us in life! We have to make sure that we bathe, brush, and trim them regularly so they can be as cute as the day they were born.

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