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People love experimenting with their bodies, then whether it’s getting inked watching your favorite celeb, or getting pierced. For those who love following celebrity fashion trends, the Marilyn Monroe Look is trending these days. Can you believe a piercing style got famous because of a beauty mark on one of the most popular sex symbols of an American Actor and Model? Well, now that you know, here is a complete guide about Monroe Piercing to know everything about this lip piercing style before getting it done!

Can Actors Have Piercings?
Can Actors Have Piercings?

Monroe piercing is done at the upper left lip. No doubt it looks super sexy, but you can’t ignore the after-effects of lip piercing. Just like your tattoo takes time to heal, piercing too requires a good amount of time to set in right. You may face difficulty in chewing food, your lips may get swollen for days, you may experience an excessive amount of pain, and you can’t even kiss your partner. Now that’s painful!!

Didn’t mean to scare you at all. Here’s the silver lining of getting pierced, you look complete dope!! Now that you have made up your mind about Monroe piercing, here are a few things you need to take care of. First things first, you know that the process is painful right? But the result is wonderful. In addition, swelling may last for up to 2-3 weeks. With the right aftercare for lip piercing, you can speed up the healing process. 

Here’s a complete guide about Monroe Piercing to acknowledge you about the upper lip piercing, pain, and the healing time, cost of Marilyn Monroe Piercing, Monroe Piercing Tips, Pro and Cons, and the necessary aftercare.
Feeling Convinced? Let’s jump in then!

What Is Monroe Piercing?

Guide About Monroe Piercing: What Is Monroe Piercing
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For centuries, celebrities have been an influence on various clothing and fashion trends. Like Rachel Haircut, Jimmy Choo Shoes, and Monroe or Madonna Piercing.

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While many people may confuse Madonna Piercing With Monroe Piercing, both of them are not the same. The basic difference between the two is the positions of these lip piercings.

Monroe is basically a style of single stud piercing that is done on the left side of the upper lip. This lip piercing is as famous and popular as the lady who it’s named after, “Marylyn Monroe”.

Whereas, the Madonna Piercing is done in the same way but on the right side of the upper lip. So, don’t get confused between the two.

Although, there is no hard and fast rule that Monroe Piercing can only be performed on the upper lip. You can get studded anywhere you want. 

Cost Of Monroe Piercing

Guide About Monroe Piercing; Cost Of Monroe Piercing
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The cost for piercing totally depends on the kind of studs or jewels you are using for piercing. Although the piercing charges do count in, mainly the high charges are due to the material you use.

Starting from basic $20 to going as high as $120, the Monroe can cost you a good amount. Many times, the piercer may charge extra for jewelry, but that’s only when you select a fancier metal rather than the regular stud. Do read a studio’s guide about Monroe piercing before getting it done.

Long story short, you can assume the lip piercing prices to cost you around $20-$120.

How Long Does It Take To Heal

Guide About Monroe Piercing; How Long Does It Take To Heal
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If you’re wondering how painful the upper lip piercing process is, then it varies from person to person. Since lips are more sensitive than other body parts, getting a lip tattoo can be more painful than other parts.

The healing time may last from 2-3 weeks or even more. Depending on how much care you are taking. It’s recommended to stay hydrated before and after getting pierced. Have a good night’s sleep and relax your body.

First few days, you might experience a lot of swelling around your lips, it may also get sore, but do not touch it. With the right aftercare, you’ll experience much less pain and the healing process will also speed up. 

Pros And Cons Of Monroe Piercing

Nothing comes easy. Everything has pros and cons, and so does your Monroe lip piercing. Here is a complete guide about Monroe Piercing Pro and Cons. Read it before getting pierced.

1. Palpitation and Pain

Let’s be honest, it’s painful. If you are feeling throbbing sensations for days after getting the piercing done, you need to consult a dermatologist. Usually, the piercing pain is normal and not too harsh. It may be a side effect of piercing.

2. Swelling

Normal swelling is okay when it comes to tattoos or piercing. But if the swelling is not reduced even after a few days of getting pierced, then that may be a problem. It may happen because your piercing is not done properly or has not healed properly yet. Don’t take risks, consult a doctor.

3. Pus or Discharge

Well, now this is something unusual in piercing. If you experience any kind of pus discharge from your lip area, then there’s something wrong with the site. You should be seeking a medical professional in that case as it might be one of the side effects of piercing.

4. Infections/ Bacteria

Since open wounds are likely to catch infections and bacteria, it’s sort of normal. That’s why it’s recommended not to touch your new tattoo or pierced area with bare hands. Here’s a case, if you experience a prolonged swelling for days, that can be a sign of infection. Seek medical help asap!

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Monroe Piercing Tips – The Aftercare Guide For Monroe Piercing

Guide About Monroe Piercing; Monroe Piercing Tips
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Whether it’s taking care of a new tattoo, or newly studded lips, the aftercare should be taken seriously if you don’t wish to cause damage to your skin. You’ll have to take care of both the inner and outer parts of your lips.

For inner lip care, you can continue your regular oral hygiene like brushing. Make sure you are using alcohol-free products as your toothpaste or mouthwash. Rinse your mouth is clean after eating. Quit smoking for a while.

For the outer lip care, it’s allowed to rinse the pierced area with fresh clean water once or twice a day, and pat dry after that. To clean the area, you should only be using sterile saline solution. Also, avoid touching the site with dirty hands. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and kissing too.

Let it heal properly. Don’t do anything that causes irritation to that area. It’s like an open wound that needs proper time to heal.

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Types Of Jewelry Used For Monroe Piercing

Guide About Monroe Piercing; Types of jewelry used for Monroe piercing
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For those who have tried piercing before, they might be aware of the fact that Monroe Piercing requires the jewelry to be changed in a few days after piercing. This is because some metals may react to the open wound of your skin, that is why the piercing is done with simple metals and is studded with fancy jewelry of your choice sometime later. 

While there are many different types of jewelry materials used in a Marylin Monroe piercing such as threaded accessories, flat, ball, circular top, and many others. The most popular variety of gemstones and metals used for Monroe piercing are:

1. Gold: All that shines is not gold. Make sure you are using the right type of gold, like yellow gold, white gold, etc. Since metals can be allergic to skin, make sure you are using our 14-karats of gold studs for your lips, to ensure bacterial protection. Also, white gold contains nickel which may cause skin allergies in some people.

2. Titanium: Titanium is the most popular and widely used metal for piercing. As it’s nickel-free, there’s no chance of getting skin infections or irritation. Titanium is for sure the safest option of all.

3. Surgical Grade Stainless Steel: Are we talking about utensils here? Well, jokes apart, but Surgical grade stainless steel also makes a good option for piercing studs. It’s available in different colors and styles. You’ll surely fall in love with the designs, but do not overlook the fact that it does contain nickel. 

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To Wrap Up

Following the trends is never a bad choice. Make sure you know both sides of the story before blindly following it. Hope this complete guide about Monroe Piercing helped you in understanding the pros and cons of Monroe lip piercing. 

It’s good to replicate and mimic the styles and beauty regime of your favorite celeb or artist, but do not overlook the harm you choose. Piercing is a hot trend among both genders. From rappers, actors, singers, to artists, everyone seems to be under the influence of this fashion statement. Make sure you choose the right one for you and are not just drawn off by the look alone.

Share this post, if you found it helpful. For more skincare tips, stay tuned. Happy Piercing!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Marylin Monroe Piercings:

How is a Marilyn Monroe Piercing done?

The Marylin Monroe piercing is done at the thinnest part of the upper lip on the left side. This type of piercing is mostly done to achieve the Marilyn Monroe Look, inspired by her beauty spot.

What do we call the piercing that passes through your lip?

It’s called a Vertical Labret Piercing or simply vertical lip piercing. It’s usually done on your bottom lip, the metal is inserted in the middle of the lower lip. 

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