A Guide To Checking a Car’s VIN Before You Purchase It

A Guide To Checking a Car's VIN Before You Purchase It

 There are unique identification numbers assigned to each car by the manufacturer, which many car enthusiasts are unaware of.  You can learn a lot about the vehicle by decoding the VIN, which can help you avoid buying a problem vehicle. With the car VIN decoder, you can decrypt it.

 VINs have been assigned to almost all cars since 1980, but American and Canadian automakers used them for the first time in 1977.  ISO 3779-1983 defines the structure of this code.  A total of 17 characters make up the code, including capital letters from the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals.  It is not possible to use the letters O, I, and Q in the creation of a machine identification number. Due to their similarity to 0 and 1, they are often confused with those numbers.

Where can I find the VIN code of the car:

 The vehicle identification number may be found in any location, but most often it is located on the rack from the driver’s door and under the windshield on the left.  A passenger’s side code can also be located on the floor near the passenger seat, under the hood, and on the floor under the hood.  There are also other places where this technology can be applied, which automakers are silent about.  It is possible to find the code, for instance, in the trunk or under the wings of the vehicle.  Labels or plates with this logo are applied to special plates or labels for certification.

 It is also not standardized how the code is applied, but most common techniques include chasing and laser burning.  One or two rows are required in this case.  For characters belonging to the same code group, there should be no breaks.

 The car’s documents also contain this code.  Comparing the VIN on the car body with the one in the documents is crucial.  There should be no difference.

What is a VIN made up of?

 There are three distinct groups that can be used to decipher the code

 * WMI – vehicle manufacturer index.  A WMI code contains the first three characters.  Based on this index, you can determine the country where the car was made and the manufacturer.  It is easy to determine country codes because they are known.  Manufacturers are defined by letters and numbers, and often the same manufacturer will have different codes on different vehicles.

 * VDS – describes the model and features of the vehicle.  To calculate the checksum, the last of six characters, a complex formula is used.  As each manufacturer compiles VDS using its own methodology, self-decryption is not possible.

 * VIS – describes the year of manufacture, the plant that produced the car and its serial number.  VIN code fragments are often compiled according to general principles, but there are other options available.  The feature is also available on some models of well-known American and European manufacturers.

How to check the originality of the VIN:

 Signs of a non-original VIN code:

  • Signs that are fuzzy and difficult to see
  • Characters with different depths
  • Vertically or horizontally move letters or numbers
  • The same characters are spelled differently because of extraneous strokes
  • An indication that the surface has been treated
  • Seams formed by welding
  • There is a mismatch between the reverse side of the VIN code panel and the front side

How to check VIN code:

  1. Using a quality vehicle VIN decoder is the easiest and most convenient way to check the identification number. Visit EpicVin website to check your VIN quickly.  In just a couple of minutes, you can view the entire history of the car without leaving your home.  A unique cipher is all that is needed for this.  The only thing you need to do is fill out a special field on the site and send a request if you have it.

 Here are some of the information you can get from such a VIN history report:

  • The number of accidents and the severity of those accidents.  You will be able to determine whether or not the car has been involved in an accident and the extent of the damage.  As owners often conceal this information, it is imperative to check this aspect in order to get the full picture.  Vehicle accidents can result in a variety of problems, especially if the repairs are poor.  It is therefore imperative that you carefully check the entire technical part of a copy if it has been involved in any kind of incident.  Take it to a service center to have professionals perform a comprehensive diagnosis of the car’s current condition.  In some cases, a car that appears perfect is actually a totaled vehicle.  If this is the case, you should abandon the purchase entirely, since such a vehicle can be dangerous to your life and health.
  • Legal restrictions are present.  Insignificant or quite serious, they can take many forms.  It will be extremely difficult to remove a seizure from a car that has been seized, for instance.  You should think several times if you really need such a vehicle after checking the VIN with a decoder.
  • Mileage in real time.  The real mileage of a car can be determined with the help of a good VIN decoder.  There is a tendency for sellers to twist this and try to sell their copies at a higher price.  In this case, you can well reduce the final price if you find out that the owner mechanically underestimated his car’s mileage.
  • The current theft status of the vehicle.  It is possible for scammers to steal a vehicle and pass it off as their own.  In the future, you risk confiscation if you buy such a car, since the officials will check the VIN when you register it and reveal the whole truth.  For this reason, you should immediately check the identification number yourself in order to avoid encountering such a problem.
  • How many owners the car had and whether it was a taxi or leased.  It takes just a few minutes to figure out all this thanks to the VIN decoder.  In the case of lease vehicles or taxis, it was very likely that they were not looked after properly. This would mean that they were probably in poor technical condition, and their repair would cost a lot of money.  It is worth considering that the car may have something wrong if it has had many owners in a short time.  This explains why it has been resold so many times.
  • Here are some photos from previous sales.  You can view the car’s previous appearance using this feature.  It is at this point that you may discover inconsistencies with the owner’s words and if they are trying to deceive you.

  2. Checking the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is the second way to ensure a car is safe before buying it.  The chances of finding out whether a vehicle is stolen, salvaged, or totaled are less than with a high-quality VIN decoder, but you can still find out if it has a salvage title.  A maximum of five requests can be made per day through NICB.

  3.Vehicle history

 With this service, you will be able to find out how many cars are owned in a particular area, fuel consumption, the warranty period of the manufacturer, and prices for specific vehicles. 

 The program is as easy to use as possible.  The VIN must be entered in a special field on the site, as in previous cases.  You will be able to access your report after a few minutes.

Before buying, it is extremely important to check the identification number.  If you don’t do this, you might wind up with a car that has a variety of problems.  Use an effective EpicVin decoder to study the history of the selected instance to avoid this.  This way, you will guard yourself against many problems and be able to close the deal successfully.

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