The Guide To Men’s Festival Outfits And Clothing | Dress With Style!!

guide to men's festival outfits and clothing

Day N Vegas is just around the corner and we can’t wait for Doja and Kendrick to give us a nice beat to groove!! Yeah! That’s the reason why we’re all craving an upgrade in our festive outfits! We’ve all been turning our closet upside down in search of a perfect holiday outfit to put the best foot first (and to bring a girl home, wink wink!) Well, leaving the unsavory commenting aside, let’s jump to the Guide to Men’s Festival Outfits and Clothing!!!

What is an Oxford shirt?
What is an Oxford shirt?

The party cities like Las Vegas, NY, New Orleans, and the sort want you to look as chic as possible so they can give you a surprise! What surprise? Well, in the form of unsteady weather! LOL! Yeah! Festivals last all day long and you can’t just be in your shorts to freeze when the sun sets below the horizon!

That’s why first things first! The crucial step in “guide to men’s festival outfits and clothing” will always start with COMFORT! You need to dress according to the weather and need to prepare beforehand in case the weather betrays you midway! Then comes style and fashion tips that will make you a walking GOD (who is crammed with shouting teens, PJ!) 

So without further ado, let’s get you styled with comfort for this music festival and the ones coming after! Let’s get your closet upgraded! 

What To Wear To A Festival For Men | Men’s Festive Styling 

guide to men's festival outfits and clothing

To know the answer to what to wear to a festival for men you first need to let go of all your biases! Especially the one that says “women take too much time to dress!” Even men get confused about what color shirt they should wear at their favorite concert so what’s the difference? We’re all the same when it comes to fashion and style, especially when major music festivals are just around the corner! 

We’re all wondering about what to wear in Coachella, EDC, and the sort, and is there anything wrong with re-checking and restocking our outfits? Absolutely Not!! 

These music festivals are going to last all day long and we want to look our best no matter what! That’s why (as a fellow who frequents such concerts), I’m going to give you some of the best tips on how and what a man should wear while attending music festivals, especially, crammed ones where people are practically on top of each other to get a look at their best DJ! 

So let’s get on with the guide! But first, cram these tips before choosing a style! 

Important Note For Men’s Festival Outfits

The first thing about choosing the right outfit for a festival is to not go with something extravagant or expensive! You’re going to sweat the whole day so you better go with clothes that are least expensive in your closet! And, then the crowd is going to be naughty (dirty) spilling your drinks over, so yeah! Be casual! 

Take Lollapalooza for an example! If you’re planning to go to Lollapalooza or other huge music festivals, don’t even worry about what to wear! Why? Well for starters, you’re even going to forget yourself, to say the least! Mass events filled with adrenaline require casual outfits ONLY! Nothing expensive or extravagant! Just the simple old you!

You’re going for fun so choose fun instead of flex! 

What Kind Of Festival Is It And Where? 

concert  music festival

Another thing about choosing an outfit is to get your location right! To be precise, to dress well, you need to dress according to the place! There are so many concerts in NY, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, UK, etc and every place has its own vibe! Some places have casual beachy vibes where some have these extravagant posh vibes! So choose your festival clothing according to the VIBE!!

Tip No. 1: Dress With Comfort

After the vibe, comes the outfit! The mantra to choose an outfit for any occasion, may it be a party, concert, or any other festival, is to choose one that is comfortable! A comfortable outfit makes us look at ease which in turn gives us a major boost of confidence and hence, makes us look our BEST! 

A comfortable outfit is one that is made of high-quality stuff which doesn’t irritate our skin and the one that we’re practically comfortable wearing! Take chinos or checkered shirts for example! If you don’t like wearing them, then don’t! That’s the thing, don’t choose an outfit just because someone advised you to even though you don’t like it! 

Another thing about a comfortable outfit is the one that is according to the weather! Now if you’re wearing a summer one in winters, then you’re going to waste time shivering than shouting to the beat! So again, a comfortable outfit is your first choice! 

Tip No. 2: Choose A Style

The next thing about men’s festive styling is choosing a style after choosing comfort! Now, I know that you’d be wondering about styles that are gaudy or the ones that stand out but No! Are you going for a Nouveau riche look? Obviously not! It’s a festival and you want to look at ease with the environment and bond over a glass of beer or a nod of the head! 

That’s all about concerts right? Chit-chat and comfort! Well, that’s what comes to mind instead of NYFS clothes that we’re used to seeing on screen but not on streets! 

So, this is where your usual clothes will come into the picture! You should wear what you’re used to wearing and notch it up a bit if you want to stand out in the crowd! This way, you’ll stay comfortable and stylish! Nothing wishy-washy and you’re your best version EFFORTLESSLY! 

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Tip No. 3: Ready To Dress

Here comes the moment when actually layering yourself up! This is where your knowledge of fashion and colors will come into the picture and this is where your style and fashion sense will be judged! Now, I know that you wouldn’t go for loud colors and their uneven color wheel combinations but then again, it’s good to be on a safer side! 

It would be better if you choose calm neutral colors as these are classy (and are especially liked by ladies), so go for neutrals! Or maybe pastels! And don’t be afraid of choosing pink by teeming it as girly! There are zillion shades of pink and thus, choose one that you like! 

For bottoms, go for the ones that are trending and comfortable! The ones that you can spend the whole day in instead of tights pants that are good just for an hour or two! 

Men’s Festival Look | The Guide to Men’s Festival Outfits and Clothing

Rock your fashion game this festive season by trying these classic styles out! Even if you’re planning on dressing casually, there’s nothing wrong with restocking some of the trending fashion pieces in your closet! Here are some of the trending men’s festive clothing that you can recreate according to your needs! 

Men’s Festival Shirts

men's festival look
Source: FashionBeans

Camp collar shirts and Breton tops have been in for ages now. However, 2021 revived this fashion trend to another level where men have been recreating this iconic style to look their best! Moreover, there’s a heightened trend of vertical stripes and floral designs on men’s shirts, so this festive season, do not forget to try it out!!

Coming to style them for a concert now! The best thing you can do to style them, especially now when winters are knocking on our doors and temp has cooled down a bit, is to layer up well! You can top your vertical stripes t-shirt with a plain shirt. For a casual laid-back style, you can go for Bohemian style shirts, and let me tell you, nothing best than them, especially for music concerts! Now, if it’s too cool, get your jackets out!

You can layer your denim jackets over your shirts or T-shirts and VOILA! Dressed in style. 

That’s all for men’s festival shirts, now, let’s get to bottoms now!

Men’s Festival Pants

men's festival pants
Source: GQ

Mid wash denim, plain shorts, cargo pants, and even joggers or printed tracksuit pants are a good option for men this festive season! Cargo pants are the best among the lot due to comfort and style! 

Layering a black tee with olive color cargo pants is the best summer festival outfit for men! With the addition of a warm jacket, the look becomes good for winters too! So go for anything as long as it is according to the weather and your comfort!

Men’s Festival Footwear

men's festival footwear
Source: Pinterest

Are you wondering about the kind of footwear to go to this festival? Let me tell you! Go for your casual sneakers or other comfortable shoes because you’re going to be out all day long and you might as well have a nice pair of shoes with you!

Whichever shoes you think are best, go for it with your eyes closed because COMFORT comes first!!! Another thing, it would be better if you have slip-ons or other sneakers that are without laces as you won’t have to be worried about opened laces again and again!

Men’s Festival Accessories

men's festival accessories
Source: Amazon

Let’s be practical when it comes to wearing accessories at festivals, especially crowded ones like music festivals! Now would you like your favorite pair of glasses to be stolen or lost? No, right? So decide against it! Dress casually so you have everything on! However, that only goes for winter festivals!

In summer festivals like Coachella, sunglasses are a MUST! So do have your sunglasses on to protect your eyes against the sun rays and here, it would also be good to have a backpack with you! A nice backpack would ensure your things stay with you and it will also make dancing and moving easy!

Also, It is common for things to get lost or even stolen in crowded concerts, so go for inexpensive chains, rings, or hats! 

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Final Thoughts

Choosing what to wear to a music festival isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially for men! The mantra to choose the right outfit and clothing in the festive season is dressing according to weather, venue, comfort, and the sort!

You should never dress extravagantly when it comes to festivals and always go for a style that’s casual and comfortable!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Should A Guy Wear To A Festival?

Guys should keep their outfits simple, practical, and comfortable when it comes to festival clothing! Standing and dancing for long hours requires comfort and thus, comfort is all you need! Moreover, if you want something stylish, then notch it up with accessories or other layers if it’s chilly! 

Q. What Should A Guy Wear To Coachella?

Coachella is fun but Coachella is hot too! Your fashion staple when it comes to attending Coachella should be shorts, shirts/tees, bandana, sneakers, hats, and sunglasses! Don’t forget to put your sunscreen on too if you want to have fun to your fullest!!

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