Hannibal Season 4 Petition and Tweets For Renewal Of Series!

Hannibal Season 4 Petition

Missed Hannibal? Go, watch it now on Netflix! It was in 2015 when the ferocious TV series, Hannibal last aired on screens. Since then fans have been waiting for a new addition to the series. High time now! Looks like fans are in action to bring back Hannibal, as Hannibal Season 4 petition for renewal of the series crosses some 100,000 signatures.

Those who missed the first three seasons of Hannibal can easily stream the show on Netflix in the UK, USA, and other countries. Hannibal was already a super hit when launched, and now it seems like gaining a new and stronger fanbase. This gives new hope to the series revival. Along with the Hannibal Season 4 Petition for the renewal of the series, we can see other social media platforms flooded with “Bring Back Hannibal”  tweets and posts.

When NBC canceled Hannibal from broadcasting on its streaming services, fans were moved in disguise. Fannibals came up with a petition asking NBC to reconsider its decision. There were tweets all over the social media with hashtags #Fannibals, #SaveHannibal, and #BringBackHannibal. To normalize the situation, the show’s creator came forward and addressed to the audience that NBC was a mere distributor for the series and not the producer. 

It can be streamed on other platforms. Thankfully Netflix had its back. Bryan Fuller, the show’s executive producer spoke well about working with NBC .‘Hannibal’ is finishing his last course at NBC’s table this summer, but a hungry cannibal can always dine again. And I look forward to my next meal with NBC,” he said. 

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Bring Back Hannibal Season 4 Petition and Tweets!

Hannibal Season 4 Petition; Bring Back Hannibal Season 4 Petition and Tweets
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The best part is that Bryan Fuller hasn’t given up on Hannibal yet and that’s what keeps the fan still hoping for its revival. 

Bryan made it clear on Twitter when he said, “No one has given up. I want to do it, Martha wants to do it, the cast wants it too. We are just searching for a streaming service which is equally interesting to do it too. There’s no expiration date or any set time limits to accomplish this idea.”

This tweet coming from Byran was very important especially at a time when people had started to doubt whether they’ll be able to see Will Graham and Dr. Lecter at odds with each other again? 

Mads Mikkelsen too came forward and put forth his belief on the show’s coming back. This reiterates Fuller’s claims that everyone is ready to be back on board if given a chance.

Meanwhile, the petition for the renewal of Hannibal played an important role. People signed online forms and passed the petition to higher authorities to be considered. 

There’s strength in unity after all. This number will soon cross the set limit. Hopefully, the petition and hashtags do their part. 

It was interesting to watch how fans were coming up openly and were sharing their sentiments regarding Hannibal on Twitter. Some of the viral tweets were:

One Anonymous user said: “Please bring back Hannibal and we can all get more of the soulmates’ content. “

Another tweet came as: “Why can’t they just bring back Hannibal? We all want it back, right? “

One funny caption came like: Bring back Hannibal before you need to use Disney’s de-aging tech *wails*.”

Will “Hannibal” Find a New Home?

What the show producers want is to make a deal with Amazon Prime to feature the series on their streaming platform. And as per reports, Amazon is probably the most reliable and logical choice for the series.

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Apart from that networks like HBO, Netflix and AMC are also on the choice list. With Netflix taking the honors to stream the series on its platform, fans can get a hint that something good is cooking! Does that mean there are chances for the series to come up with Hannibal Season 4? 

Hannibal Season 4 Release Date!

Hannibal Season 4 Petition; Hannibal Season 4 Release Date
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Ahh!! Hannibal Season 4 has been the talk of the town for years. When is it finally coming? Has the filming for season 4 started? Is there any official announcement about the series part 4?

Well, Well, Well! A lot of hints and talks about season 4 by its makers and cast have given the fans a ray of hope. After NBC canceled Hannibal, it was difficult to expect a new season but Fuller, the show creator has come up with clear answers about the show’s release date.

Back in 2015, in 2017, and 2019, we have heard the words from show creators that season 4 is under discussion. But as we know that since last year there has been no official update about season 4. 

As soon as Hannibal streamed on Netflix, there was a huge fanbase emerging for the series within no time, showing how desperately fans have been waiting for season 4. 

Watching this immense rise in popularity, Mads Mikkelsen finally spoke about his and Fuller’s interest in the revival of Hannibal Season 4. And also, that it can be expected by 2022.

Wuhu!! That’s good news!

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Leaving on a positive note:

People want Hannibal back. People want the most amazing horror series back. People want the man-eater back! Am I being sentimental here? Okay, but that’s the truth, right? It’s years now since everyone out there is waiting for Hannibal season 4. The petitions are sure to work as we can see the creators in action already.

People want more of Hannibal. Period!

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