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harry potter godlike fiction

JK Rowling had our innocent heart in her grasp when she came out with the idea of Harry Potter. This series is an undying part of every 90s kid and we all know the plot and even the lines of our favorite character by heart! We all wanted to be those little wizards to rule the whole world! Ah! Those were the days without any worry and care about the world! But enough of me reminiscing about my childhood here! Let’s talk about something different from the usual plot! Let’s get into the world of fanfictions today! Harry Potter Godlike fanfiction!

Fanfictions are more fiction than actual fiction but it suits our tastes sometimes even more than real FICTION! You don’t understand what I’m babbling about? Don’t worry! You’ll get the knack for it once you immerse yourself in this world!

Fanfictions are all created by different authors and they sometimes revolve around the same plot with subtle variations while at times it gets more stimulating! For our Harry Potter fans out there, this exciting world of fanfiction offers loads of variety and different flavorings!

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As there are many fanfictions to choose from, we have curated the best amongst the best Harry Potter fanfiction for you! These are all-encompassing, while some will have more romance for our girls out there who are shipping unusual boats, some are more action and sci-fi!

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Harry Potter Fanfiction

Harry Potter Fanfiction
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The world of Harry Potter is vast and so is its fandom! No doubt it’s called “The Harry Potter Universe!” The fandom of Harry Potter is massive in comparison to any other online. It not only created the necessary hype when the series was ongoing but still goes on when the original series has come to an end. The anxiety and speculation were real when JK Rowling was still rolling her pen on the paper to get us the most exciting plot of history but you know who also did not dissatisfy us? Our fanfic writers!

Some of the Harry Potter fanfics feel so real and are in tune with the real plot that we might even get confused – “who the hell wrote this?” JK, are you JK’ing us in disguise? Well no! No matter what I believe, it’s true that our fanfic writers did a splendid job in bringing our favorite ships to life! Especially the most unusual ones like – “Hermione and Draco” well, who other than our fanfic writer can get these utterly troublesome pairings into life! A piece of advice to self here! Not to get lost in my own biases!

The portrayal is magnificent that you actually start selling those ships when you never even imagined them in your wildest fantasy! And you know the most fascinating thing about HP fanfics? They’re at times awarded by our dear author too! Instead of what normal fanfics are guilty of, i.e., copyright issues, JKR actually likes to read those fanfics and awards those who bring her characters to life!

Now enough of my baseless babbling and get down to proofs! Let’s see what the best, Godlike Harry Potter Fanfiction looks like!

Harry Potter Fanfic Glossary: All You Need To Know!

Harry Potter Godlike Fanfiction
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You always start at one point and if you’re just getting into the world of the Harry Potter Fanfic series, then knowing these terms would do you wonders! I remember the first time I started reading fanfics, so muddled up with the words Cannon and Fanon! Let’s not get you confused here and make you acquainted with the fanfic world!

  • Canon: The fanfic writer sticks to JKR’s original plot.
  • Fanon: A fanfic writer adds his own piece in the canon, making it stray a little from its original plot just to supplement the original plot, that is, canon! And this becomes widely accepted as well!
  • Marauders: Thefanfic covering the story of Harry’s parents and possible friends and enemies.
  • Nextgen: This is basically a fiction about MP’s (Main Protagonist’s) children, for example, Harry’s kids. Thus known as the next generation!
  • Post-Hogwarts: The story that starts after the Battle of Hogwarts.
  • Ships: The pairings aka the couples you like to see together. Thus shipping the boats, boats here mean people like Hermoine and Ron!
  • Genderbent: The genders are changed, meaning Ron could be a girl! Hehehe!!!!
  • Cross over: This simply means a Batman movie with Harry Potter! A cross-over of two different dimensions!
  • AU: Alternating Universe is rather common in a Harry Potter Fanfic and it’s basically, INTRODUCTION OF NEW PLOT! The writer actually makes his new plot which are a few adjustments to the original one.

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Best Harry Potter Godlike Fanfiction: Completed Harry Potter Fanfiction

Harry Potter Godlike Fanfiction
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This is compiled list of the best Harry Potter fanfic, covering every genre and possible plot or dimension. Thanks to fanfic.com and our other fanfic sites that put the hidden world of fiction out in the open!

  • All The Young Dudes – MsKingbean89

All The Young Dudes is a Harry Potter fanfic by an author who goes by the pen name MsKingBean89. It’s a 520k word fanfic that covers the school life of Marauders in Hogwarts. And the narrator of this story is Remus. For those rooting for Sirius and Lupin, this fic would do wonders for you!! This is great fanfic that is well-rated in Goodreads and a myriad of readers have only favorable things to say about this!

  • Harry Potter And The Last Horcrux – Full Pensieve

This is another masterpiece fanfic of the Harry Potter series revolving around a powerful Harry adamant to take down Voldemort. Unlike other fanfics, it stands out most because it gives a real character development to Harry and how hard he worked in studying magic, that too not only in Hogwarts but all over the world! 

  • Leo Inter Serpentes: First Year – Aeternum

This fanfic series has a total of six books starting from the First Year to the sixth year. It ended long back in 2017 and goes astray from the actual HP plot. It shows the possibilities and all the what-ifs, It simply makes us wonder! This can be cannonish while not being so and the character portrayal of Snape and even Draco has been done splendidly by the author. Although there’s a huge change where we can say both were OOC (Out Of Character). But overall, it’s a good read with Harry as Slytherin and the major qualities associated with the house such as ambitiousness, cunningness, and resourcefulness.

  • Out Of Order – Worksofstone
Harry Potter Fanfiction
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This story is a perfect read for the readers shipping the boat of Draco and Hermione! Draco, who’s a douchebag in the original plot, is depicted as a strong character. Hermione and Draco are attracted to each other and take months confessing until a tipsy Draco is struck with Hermione in a broken lift!

  • To Shape And Change – Blueowl

This is another great masterpiece well appreciated by the fanfic readers. This is an AU with a time-traveling kind of fanfic where Snape goes back in time and has the knowledge of what all outcomes will be if he fails! Thus, he tries to let go of his grudges and helps Harry to become the greatest wizard of all time!

  • Roundabout Destiny – Maryroyale

I would put this particular one in the fanon category at how far it is from the original plot, aka our canon! Although it’s a fanon with vast changes in the storyline, all we want is a good storyline, right? This fanfic provides you all that! Here, Hermoine is cast back to the Marauders era where she finds herself to be the fraternal twin sister of James Potter and has to save her brother from his upcoming fall! It’s an enjoyable read and I’m sure you all will love this one! 

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  • The Green Girl – Colubrina
Harry Potter Fanfiction
Source: Goodreads

This fanfic revolves around the storyline where Hermoine is sorted into the Slytherins and our three favorite friends, change their #squads! Meaning they all have different friends now! But don’t worry, it’s an excellent story and the plot gets better and better! 

  • Isolation – Bex-chan

Who hasn’t read this classic Dramione fanfic? Well, the views of this particular one were record-breaking! The story revolves around Ron and Harry Horcrux hunting and Hermione trying to help the order to make Hogwarts a better place. However, the twist in the story comes when Draco is forced to stay in Hermione’s room by Snape! Want to know what happens next? Why not give this one a read?

  • Ghost of You – Blacktag189

This is a post-Hogwarts story. After the end of the second Wizarding War, Ginny and Harry try to adapt to the world where there’s no Voldermot present! This story follows the romance of Ginny and Harry.

  • A Marauder’s Plan – CatsAreCool
Source: EpicHeroes

This is an AU fanfic straying from the original plot answering our what-ifs about what would have happened if Sirius didn’t run away after leaving Hogwarts and actually gave Harry a home he desired? This story is an excellent read for those shipping the boat of Hermione and Harry!

  • Azoth – Zeitgeistic 

This widely-read fanfic among the Drarry fans is a must-read! The main pairings in this one are, of course, Draco and Harry where the “Boy Who Live” can not help but fall in love with the Malfoy kid! The story starts with Harry and Hermione returning to Hogwarts to complete their final year after defeating Voldermot in the Second Wizarding War.

  • Must Have Done Something Right by MissPronounced

This is the nextgen read featuring Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy who, against all odds, come face to face with each other in their sixth year. 

  • Pet Project – Caeria

This fanfic with Severus and Hermione as the main pairing starts with Hermione hearing a conversation she wasn’t supposed to hear! A conversation about Professor Snape! This fic has about 8k followers on fanfic and is widely appreciated in the community! Why don’t you give this one a read?

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The Universe of Harry Potter fanfics is wide, it’s a whole new galaxy! You will find a lot of variety to choose from and you still won’t be full! The genres are wide-ranging starting from romance to AU to whatever you want to read! All our fantasy pairings come to life here and there isn’t a plot that our fanfic writers haven’t touched!

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