Headhunter Services in Singapore

Headhunter Services in Singapore

The headhunter industry is a thriving job sector that assists with finding employment opportunities for professionals worldwide. Still, when it comes to Singapore, there are some industries and companies you should be warier of when being approached by a headhunter. To clarify, though, this article focuses on individual headhunting services where the company knows nothing about the candidate.

There are many reasons why your resume may be attractive to a headhunter in Singapore, like if you’re job hunting yourself or if you’re currently employed but seeking other options. There are certain industries that need specialist skill sets and high caliber employees, so when highly skilled people come up they’ll immediately be approached by headhunters to see if they’d be interested in new opportunities.

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Some of the industries you’ll find yourself getting approached by headhunters in Singapore are banking, finance, information technology, engineering and sales. Corporations specializing in these fields are constantly looking for top talent because it’s harder to find highly sought-after skill sets than more mainstream job roles.

These are some of the varied reasons why your resume might be viewed by a headhunter in Singapore. Still, there are specific industries that are known to have higher levels of poaching or where companies may actively not want you to pursue employment with one of their competitors. These include banking, finance, information technology, and engineering.

Some of the larger companies that won’t mind too much if their employees jump ship and join a competitor include names like Google, Apple, and Facebook. These are typically global giants that aren’t worried about losing even some of their top talent to another company. With these bigger companies, you’ll also see less evidence of a headhunter strategy because a lot of their recruitment happens internally.

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In contrast, there are quite a few companies in Singapore that won’t want you to pursue employment with one of their competitors because they’re fiercely protective over the best talent in their industry. They don’t mind poaching from other companies, but when it comes to an individual headhunter strategy, this is when you should be wary of them. Banking, finance, and information technology companies in Singapore typically aren’t fans of this approach, and there are plenty of examples where an individual will be approached by a headhunter and then made redundant within the same month.

There’s also quite a bit of evidence where you’ll get contacted by a headhunter offering exciting opportunities in the information technology and engineering sectors, only to find out later that your current employer has been given an ultimatum – they either need to keep you onboard or the competitor will take you.

Headhunter Services in Singapore

Final thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about why an individual headhunter in Singapore might want to approach you and how some of the largest corporations in the world deal with recruitment. There are many industries that will actively try and poach employees from their competitors, and they typically don’t mind spending a lot of money on headhunter services for this purpose.

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