Heartland Season 15 Releasing Next Month!! When Will It Be On Netflix?

Heartland Season 15

Heartland is one of the longest-running series in Canadian TV history. With 224 episodes (including season 15) and a long list of 14 seasons on board, Heartland is the most loved family drama-comedy on Netflix. Fans are super excited as Heartland Season 15 is around the corner, dropping next month.

You must be looking for Heartland Season 15 release date, right? Here you’ll find everything from, Heartland Season 15 Cast, Heartland Season 15 release date, Heartland Season 15 Plot to Heartland Season 15 Netflix premiere date, and much more! Excited?

Everyone is eagerly waiting for a new installment to the series. The joy multiplied when CBC itself made an official announcement regarding the renewal of the fifteenth season for the Heartland. It was on June 2, 2021, that we heard about this news from CBC. The release date for the show’s new season was also announced the same day which is for the next month.

Is There A Real Heartland Ranch?
Is There A Real Heartland Ranch?

Excited to know the Cast Of Heartland along with its release date? Without further ado, let’s move on to the details about the show. Little spoilers, Amber Marshall will return as Amy this season too. Yeah!!!

How Many Seasons Do Heartland Have At Present?

Netflix users can enjoy this heartfelt comedy-drama with its overwhelming 14 seasons and 214 episodes in total with a runtime of 44 minutes each. Out of these 14 seasons, 13 are available on Netflix. 

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Will There Be A Heartland Season 15?

Heartland Season 15; Will There Be A Heartland Season 15
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To keep it short and simple, there has been an official announcement made by Amber Marshall regarding the renewal of the series. She shared a post saying that CBC is about to work on another installment for the series, which means Season 15 for Heartfelt will arrive this fall season. Isn’t it great news!!

Fans are finally relieved by hearing this official news about the revival of the show with a new season. Super Excited!!

How Many Episodes Heartland Season 15 Will Have?

As per the reports, there will be a total of 10 episodes for Heartfelt Season 15. The number of episodes is similar to the previous 14 seasons of the show. 

When Will The Filming Start For Heartland Season 15?

Hearing all the positive news about the new season for the show, you are probably wondering, when will the filing start for Heartland Season 15? 

To add another good news to your bucket, the filming for Heartfelt upcoming season has already started. It was announced officially by Heartland’s official Twitter account on Monday, June 7, 2021, that production for the 15th season has started. 

The Tweet even gave a glimpse of behind-the-scenes photographs from the shoot featuring some heavy machinery and beautiful background.

Heartland Season 15 Release Date

Well, looking at the pace with which the shooting for the new season is going on fans can expect it soon on their screens. The official release date for Heartland Season 15 was announced as soon as the news for its renewal was announced. Season 15 of Heartland will air on October 17, 2021, Sunday. 

Excited? Well, hold up your excitement for a short while then!

Heartland Season 15 Cast

Looks like another young artist joined the cast today!! Drew Davis will be a part of heartland Season 15 Netflix. Be ready to watch all your favorite star cast for Heartland to return once again for season 15. Amber Marshall will once again play the main lead as Amy  Fleming, Ty’s wife. Michelle Morgan will play the role of Samantha Louise “Lou”. Shaun Johnston will be seen as Jackson “Jack” Bartlett.

Alisha Newton will play the character of Georgina. She is Peter and Lou’s adopted daughter in the series. Chris Potter will be seen playing Timothy “Ti” Fleming, Lou’s and Amy’s father.

Apart from these main leads, there are many supporting characters in the show like Kerry James playing the role of Caleb O’Dell, Gavriel Hogan in the role of Peter Walter Morris, Nathaniel Arcand in the role of Scott Cardinal, Jessica Steen in the role of Lisa Stillman, Ziya Matheson in the role of Katie Fleming, Lucian-River Chauhan in the character of Luke Kashani and many others.

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Heartland Season 15 Plot

Heartland Season 15; Heartland Season 15 Plot
Source: Cowgirl Magazine

Heartland Season 15 will pick up from where season 14 left us wondering. In season 14 Ty died, due to vein thrombosis. There can be so many reasons for this condition like a gunshot wound or even playing excess video games. 

His death mystery continues throughout season 14. Another, intriguing factor in season 14 was Ty and Amy’s child, Lyndy. 

Season 15 is going to be super fun and thrilling as Ty’s death mystery will continue. How will Amy raise her child without a father, that’s another triggering plot for season 15.

When Will Heartland Season 15 Be On Netflix?

Season 12 and 13 of Heartland premiered on Netflix in February 2021. Right now, there are only 13 seasons of Heartland available to stream on Netflix. We are still waiting for the arrival of season 14 of Heartland on Netflix which is expected to be up next year on the platform.

Looking at these things, fans can expect Season 15 to air on Netflix in 2023. Have patience!

40+ Similar Shows Like Heartland

Heartland Season 15; 40+ Similar Shows Like Heartland
Source: Horsey Hooves

If you loved Heartland, then you’ll love the following set of shows too. While you wait for Heartland Season 15, enjoy these heartfelt TV Shows like Heartland on various streaming platforms.

  1. Wildfire
  2. Chesapeake Shores
  3. The Man From Snowy River
  4. McLeod’s Daughters
  5. Cedar Cove
  6. Northern Rescue
  7. Murdoch Mysteries
  8. Good Trouble
  9. Burden Of Truth
  10. Virgin River
  11. Longmire
  12. When Hope Calls
  13. The Arrangement
  14. Private Eyes
  15. When Calls The Heart
  16. Republic Of Doyle
  17. The Cowboy Way: Alabama
  18. Army Wives
  19. Switched At Birth
  20. Everwood
  21. The Last Cowboy
  22. Brothers And Sisters
  23. Saving Hope
  24. The Ranch
  25. Parenthood
  26. Station 19
  27. A Million Little Things
  28. Sweet Magnolias
  29. The Fosters
  30. Wynonna Earp
  31. Good Witch
  32. Blue Bloods
  33. Mary Kills People
  34. Chicago Fire
  35. Dawson’s Creek
  36. Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
  37. Vindication
  38. Almost Family
  39. The Wedding Planners
  40. Country Comfort
  41. Tessa & Scott
  42. Wild Roses
  43. How To Be A Cowboy
  44. Little Men
  45. Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

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Hope your search for Heartland Season 15 release date joyfully ends here. In this post we talked about Heartland Season 15 previous seasons, Heartland Season 15 Cast, Heartland Season 15 Filming, Heartland Season 15 Plot, Heartland Season 15 Arrival On Netflix, and much more. While you wait for Heartland Season 15, you can enjoy a bunch of shows similar to Heartland mentioned above. Spread the news among your loved ones that Heartland Season 15 is right around the corner. Until then Happy Binging!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Heartland Season 15:

Will season 15 of Heartland be based on faith and family values?

Yes, following a similar storyline like the previous seasons of the series, season 15 will continue the chain of faith and family values.

How did Ty die in Season 14?

Ty died due to a blot clot in his brain which was suspected due to a gunshot wound.

Where to watch Heartland all seasons?

You can watch 13 seasons of Heartland on Netflix. Season 14 of Heartland is available on Prime Video.

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