How Can You Freeze Cream Cheese? | Increasing The Limited life Span Of Cheese!

can you freeze cream cheese

Cream cheese leisurely hides inside our refrigerator and we just forget to put it to good use and when the time comes, it back-stabs us too!! Like any other dairy product, the shelf life of cream cheese is less and thus the timer keeps on ticking on to use it faster! But here’s a takeaway! Can you freeze cream cheese to increase its shelf life? The answer is YES!!

You can make an end number of delicacies out of cream cheese, it can be sweet, sour, or anything! This cheese can be put to a number of uses and the result will obviously be AWESOME! Or if you’re too lazy to make something, you can simply spread it on your bagel and eat it directly! But the only thing is, how to store it so it doesn’t get bad too soon!

You can increase the shelf life of the cream cheese by two months! Do you know how? Well! All you have to do is freeze your cream cheese that has still not expired to make it last longer! If it’s a new pack that you haven’t opened yet, then all you have to do is to place the box as it is in the freezer. But, if you have an opened pack of cheese, make sure you store it in an air-tight container in your freezer.

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To make sure your cream cheese does not grow mold or become sour, you can simply freeze it in your freezer! Once frozen, you can enjoy it for 2 months even after its expiry date!

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Can You Freeze Cream Cheese To Increase Its Shelf Life?

can you freeze cream cheese

Cream cheese is a fresh cheese made from milk and cream and is usually mild in flavor. Due to its mild and soft flavor, it goes perfectly with a bagel! Hence, the classic bagel with cream cheese has become a breakfast and brunch staple across the United States. However, as cream cheese is not organically aged, it needs to be consumed fresh and thus, has a lesser shelf life than any other cheese.

We usually store cream cheese in our refrigerator for an easy morning breakfast. But as we all know, like any other dairy product, cream cheese goes bad too soon. Hence, requiring another trip to the supermarket and who wants that! We all are lazy peeps, aren’t we! Hence to make our lives easier, we can simply freeze cream cheese! Yeah, you heard that right!

A new and unopened box of cream cheese can be frozen and stored for up to two months. But you have to make sure that while doing so, you shouldn’t start with an expired one as it means you’re preserving bad cheese from the start! If you have already opened your cream cheese box, you can still freeze it in an air-tight container to use it for a longer time!

You can thaw the frozen cheese when you want to use it but here’s a thing, the flavors will change! That too, DRAMATICALLY!

Once you have frozen your cream cheese, the same will become more grainy and not so ideal to go with your bagel! But no worries! As you can use this cheese in a number of other dishes like a potato casserole where the flavor of cheese won’t be too prominent!

How Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

how to freeze cream cheese
Source: The Kitchen Magpie

You can store an opened box of cheese in your freezer to freeze! If you have an opened box of cheese, you can simply store it in an air-tight container so as no additional moisture gets into your cream cheese!

Here are a few steps to keep in mind if you have an opened box of cream cheese and want to freeze it!

  1. Scoop your cream cheese out of its original packaging.
  2. Fold the scooped up cream cheese in foil paper (aluminum foil) as it will ensure that all the contents of your cream cheese stay together.
  3. You can add another layer of plastic cling film to the aluminum foil to ensure there’s no freezer burn. (it’s not necessary and hence you can skip it if you want).
  4. Place the aluminum foil-wrapped cream cheese in an air-tight container. It can be a simple zip-lock bag.
  5. Once all the packaging is done, place it in your freezer near the freezer walls to ensure your cream cheese freezes quickly.
  6. Once frozen, you can change the positions of the cream cheese in your freezer any way that you like.

Cream cheese is usually made from water and cheese curds and once frozen, this water freezes too. Hence giving it a grainy texture once you try to thaw it for use! But here’s the thing, due to its grainy texture and changed flavors, you can’t use frozen cream cheese for baking a smooth cheesecake! But don’t be too disheartened as you can still bake a number of delicacies with your frozen cream cheese!

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How To Thaw Frozen Cream Cheese?

how to thaw cream cheese
Source: The Kitchen Community

Frozen cream cheese can be used in potato casseroles and other baked dishes but for that, you have to thaw your frozen cream cheese first! Here are a few steps to follow if you want to thaw your frozen cream cheese!

  1. Take the cream cheese out of the freezer.
  2. Place the frozen cream cheese in the refrigerator overnight. This will help to loosen up its hardened texture. 
  3. To get the creamy and soft texture of the cream cheese back, you can use the microwave or a simple whisker!
  4. Microwave the cream cheese for 10-20 seconds to mix the liquid and solid together that have been separated during the freezing up process.
  5. Once it is done, you can use this cream cheese for a number of dishes, but it won’t be ideal as a bagel spread!

How To Use Frozen Cream Cheese?

can you freeze cream cheese
Source: Kitchenous

Although frozen cream cheese is not so good for dishes where the flavor of the cheese is profound, you can still use the same for making a number of other dishes. Cheese dips, potato casseroles, cream cheese pound cake are some of the dishes that you can make out of frozen cream cheese. You can smartly incorporate frozen cream cheese in your daily cooking by replacing it with butter and other cheese while baking! Here’s a list of some other dishes that you can try making by using your frozen cream cheese or simply, “how to put your frozen cream cheese to a good use!!”

  1. Using frozen cream to thicken sauces
  2. Baked dips
  3. Thai green curry 
  4. Pasta
  5. Choco chip cookies
  6. Pancakes 

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cream cheese

You can freely freeze cream cheese to increase its shelf life. An opened box of refrigerated cream cheese can last up to two weeks while an unopened one can last up to a month! However, if you want to increase the time frame to more than a month, then you can simply freeze it. Frozen cream cheese can last up to two months but here’s a takeaway! The texture and taste will change DRAMATICALLY!! Your frozen cream cheese will become more dry and grainy and unsuitable to be eaten as a bread spread! 


Can you freeze Philadelphia cream cheese?

Philadelphia cream cheese is the most popular brand of cream cheese available in the US. You can definitely freeze Philadelphia cream cheese to increase its shelf life to two months maximum. 

Can you freeze whipped cream cheese?

Yes! You can freeze whipped cream cheese in an airtight container like a zip lock bag and this will prevent your cheese from going bad too soon! 

How do you make frozen cream cheese creamy again?

You can microwave, whisk, and stove heat your cream cheese to make it smooth again. But here’s a thing, it will not be as good as a refrigerated one! 

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