How Did Sokka Die After “Avatar: The Last Airbender Ended?”

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Nickelodeon is one of kids’ favorite channels to watch popular cartoons and anime shows. Be it “SpongeBob Square Pants” or “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, Nickelodeon truly has made our childhood much more fun. If it is so much fun, imagine how it feels to watch your favorite character from an anime series die? I know it’s heartbreaking, even now when we are all grown up, watching Sokka die, leaves us in shock. But what is more shocking is how did Sokka Die? 

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Sokka the warrior has been our favorite for his bold and rebellious nature. We have grown up watching this amazing character in The Legend of Korra, and Avatar. Throughout the series, Sokka has been comic relief for viewers. Slightly silly, mechanically brilliant, and his carefree nature has made him the most adored character throughout the series. If he was loved so much, then what went wrong for Sokka? How did Sokka die at the end?

It’s reported that the death of Sokka was pre-planned as the director wanted to throw light on other new individual characters of the Avatar series and their problem solving on their own. Sokka, the boomerang bender, wakes up in Iceberg 100 years later. But what happened to him after that? How did Sokka die?

The series held this mysterious edge about Sokka’s death. The cause of his death can be decoded from various incidents taking place in The Legend of Korra. Want to know the whole story? Read along and find out then.

When And How Did Sokka Die?

How Did Sokka Die; When And How Did Sokka Die
Source: The Cinemaholic

We saw Sokka as a kid throughout the events in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but here’s the reason and cause of Sokka’s death after the show ended. 

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We are familiar with the scene when Sokka and his sister Katara encountered the current Avatar and Last Airbender named Aang. After meeting him Sokka’s life changed forever.
Sokka left his own Southern Water Tribe behind and went with Aang to stop the Hundred Year old war by defeating Fire Nation. 

Do you remember Avatar: The Last Airbender? It showed the short lifespan of Sokka, who ultimately became the leader of the War against Fire Nation. 

Not only this but there were many other canon series that continued showing the life journey of Sokka which were released after Avatar. We saw Sokka’s major life roles in those series only. The journey continued in a manner that when the Fire Nation war was under control and everything around looked peaceful, Sokka thought of returning to the Southern Water Tribe.

Perhaps,  under his leadership, we got to see so many wonderful adventurous scenes happening with Aang, Sokka, Zuko, Katara, and Toph. Sokka, the great with his undefeatable leadership qualities, became the leader of the Southern Water Tribe as well. 

The Final Appearance Of Sokka In The Legend of Korra

How Did Sokka Die; The Final Appearance Of Sokka In The Legend of Korra
Source: The Cinemaholic

Until this time, Sokka’s life journey was transparently presented on screen, but as he grew up, his adult qualities were not so clearly presented on screen. You can get to know about this if you get to know that he died as an adult, but the cause and reason still remain untold. 

Sokka was last seen in 158 AG as a full-grown 74-year-old man. During that time Sokka and his group were out on a mission to protect Korra, the upcoming Avatar from enemies known as the Red Lotus group. 

And that’s it! This is when Sokka had his final moments in the anime series. 

Even before the main story in The Legend Of Korra began, Sokka already had an exit. So, it’s clear that Sokka’s death took place somewhat between 158 to 170 AG. 

The Real Reason Behind Sokka’s Death

Coming to the cause of his death, which was not openly shown in the show, is expected to be some natural cause as he was old enough to die of natural age factor. 

This was the reason why the role of Sokka was very limited in The Legend of Korra. Since the main focus of this series shifted to Korra, the show creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino didn’t feel the need to explore Sokka’s character much for the show. 

In an interview with the media portal, the show creators shared their views about the mysterious death of Sokka and Aang, where DiMartino said that it always seems fun to bring back old characters only until those characters will have a major part in the series’ upcoming plot. Otherwise, there’s no fun in investing time in those characters. 

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Since Konientzko said Sokka’s life history didn’t receive much appreciation and demand from the audience like other characters received. So instead of opening up a plot to present his life story and death story, they focused on building up other characters strongly like Korra.

In The Legend of Korra, we saw the death of Aang and what caused it. Katara played a prominent role in the show. Aang and Zuko pretty much changed the world around them. We also saw Toph’s life story and what happened to him in The Legend of Korra and how he died. 

As this epic anime keeps on expanding with the introduction of new characters every now and then, fans still hope to watch Sokka back in the show sometime later or sooner. Maybe some story has some binding twist that will end up bringing back Sokka and his mysterious death.

Yeah, we can expect that to happen!!

Since the series is not going to end up soon, there are a lot of other characters that can be in the limelight in near future. These includes: 

List Of Characters In Avatar

How Did Sokka Die; List Of Characters In Avatar
Source: Avatar

CharacterVoiced by
1.AangZach Tyler Eisen
2.SokkaJack DeSena
3.KataraMae Whitman
4.ZukoDante Basco
5.Uncle IrohMako Greg Baldwin
6.AppaDee Bradley Baker
7.Toph BeifongJessie Flower
8.AzulaGrey DeLisle
9.SukiJennie Kwan
10.Fire Lord OzaiMark Hamill
11.MaiCricket Leigh
12.Ty LeeOlivia Hack

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Final Verdict

So, this was the whole story of Tornaq’s and Senna’s son Korra who ultimately became the next Avatar. Sokka saw Korra during his birth but couldn’t watch him grow or take over the throne, which was a little disheartening. 

On and off, the show showed Sokka, be it the flashbacks, or during the birth of Korra. Hopefully, you have found your answer to what was the cause of Sokka’s death. We wish to see more of Sokka’s life and his rebellious fighting spirit.

For more anime updates, stay tuned. Share the post with your friends and anime fans. Until then, you can watch some other popular anime like Death Note.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Death Of Sokka:

Q. Who is Sokka married to?

Sokka married Suki. Their marriage was not a success. Although their breakup is yet to be confirmed.

Q. Why was Sokka killed off?

Sokka wasn’t killed in the series. The cause of his death is still unrevealed. He was seen during the birth of Korra but disappeared after the next moment. The show focused more on Korra’s birth and his takeover of the kingdom as the new Avatar.  

Q. Did Sokka have kids?

Soka was seen with Suki at last. They had two kids, Unaloq and Tonraq. Interestingly, as they grew, Unaloq married Maina and became the chief of the kingdom, while Tonraq married Senna. Korra was Tonraq’s son who became the next Avatar leader.

Q. How did Aang die?

Unlike Kyoshi, Aang’s death is believed to be due to natural causes watching his biological age(66 years old). After he woke up in Iceberg after 100 years, he was 166 years old which ultimately became the cause of his death. 

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  1. Avatar, the Last Air Bender, is truly one of the best franchises that we’ll ever see in our lifetime. And the character of Sokka is very popular in this series. He lived a very long life and rescued the world in Avatar: The Last Airbender. And since he lived for so long, it is believed that he died of natural causes. Sokka had Suki made a great couple in the series.

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