How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes | The Unique Halloween Costumes!

How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes | The Unique Halloween Costumes!

From Halloween to Thanksgiving and then to Christmas, How I Met Your Mother, featured many of our favorite holiday specials! Where the count of the latter is obviously more, the former, surprisingly, had only three episodes! And this is what makes it so special! HIMYM Halloween installments were full of humor and love, so let’s recapitulate those good old days! Have a look at these “How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes” and be ready for a surprise!

Now! How far can you go looking for one crush that mesmerized you at a party? Can you keep repeating your same outfit over and over in the hope that she will someday come around? Was that weird? Well, it certainly wasn’t weird for Ted

There were many absurd yet cute moments in these How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes which every HIMYM fan might already know! With Halloween just around the corner, this is the perfect time to reminisce about our favorite shows featuring our favorite time of the year! Halloween! So let’s not fuss over details and jump to “How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes” featuring Slutty Pumpkin to Pumpkin Returns!

From the Pumpkin that mesmerized Ted to Barney and Robin’s Canadian spat, let’s recapitulate it all! Let’s go back in time and bring out the best Halloween moments in HIMYM! To make this Halloween special, we’ve also covered Halloween episodes of The Office and Friends! Don’t forget to check those out too!

List Of All “How I Met Your Mother” Halloween Episodes

Out of 208 episodes, there are three How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes.  

The show which was known for its Holiday specials, surprisingly, had only three Halloween installments. This limited number, however, made them special! Especially their Halloween costumes!

How I Met Your Mother will definitely give you some of the major Halloween Costume ideas so keep scrolling to awe your friends and family this time around!

Without any further ado, let’s recapitulate our HIMYM knowledge with these Halloween installments of our favorite sitcom! 

1. The Slutty Pumpkin

how i met your mother halloween episodes
Source: IMDb

The Slutty Pumpkin was the 6th episode in season 1 and served as the first Halloween special in How I Met Your Mother. Halloween ones are actually special in this series as it had only three of them despite having multiple other holiday episodes like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the sort. 

This episode is special for another reason though! If you’re forgetting, let’s recapitulate! 

We know Ted’s fascination with finding “The One” and “love” Right? Well, unsurprisingly, that’s what he does in this Halloween episode!

Ted waits on a rooftop ignoring Braney’s pleading requests to join the “Victoria Secret Halloween Party ” in order to wait for the girl called “The Slutty Pumpkin” he met four years ago. 

Essentially, this Halloween episode is special for another reason too. As this was the first time that this theme was adopted in the series, we got to know about many things. For instance, Robin hated Halloween parties and the reason being she was “too cool” for them but later on, as we now know, grew to LOVE them!

Now Barney being Barney, absolutely adored Halloween parties and if you remember, the reason is comical enough! 

He loved frequenting Halloween get-togethers because girls wear “sexy costumes” and bring out their “slutty” selves during this time of the year. 

We got plenty of information regarding our favorite HIMYM characters in this Halloween episode. Well, not only this, the first episode set the premises for the third Halloween special in the series that also served as last.

The Slutty Pumpkin Halloween Costumes

Here’s a list of “The Slutty Pumpkin” Halloween costumes!

S. No. CharactersHalloween Costumes
1TedA Hanging Chad
2BarneyFighter Pilot, Red Devil, Penguin
3MarshallJack Sparrow

The Halloween Party in “The Slutty Pumpkin” was held in the bar where we saw Barney’s quick costume transformations from one Halloween costume to another in order to get a girl! 

Not only that, Ted (as always) dressed as a “Hanging Chad” to meet his crush, “The Slutty Pumpkin”, from a Halloween Party years ago!

Want to be reminded of something hilarious? Well, do you remember the time when Penguin dressed Barney was mistaken as “The Slutty Pumpkin” by a desperate Ted! 

Lol! That was humorous! 

But man! Was Ted disappointed to see who was behind that costume! Disappointed would be an understatement if you remember his face at the time of revelation!

Coming onto the next Halloween costumes, The ever-loving sweet couple, Lily and Marshall, dressed as “Parrot” and “Jack Sparrow”. Surprisingly, they also won the contest of best dressed at a Halloween party in the bar where Marshall was actually called “ A Gay Pirate”. 

Furthermore, Robin being Robin, didn’t dress at all because it wasn’t cool to do so but her alleged boyfriend, “Mike”, did! 

Robin joked about dressing as “Hansel” and “Gretel” where Mike actually took her joke seriously and showed up dressed as “Hansel”. That was pretty awkward for a couple, right? No wonder they broke up lol! 

Oops! Was that a spoiler? Hehe!

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2. Canning Randy

Source: Screen Rant

Canning Randy is the second episode in the list of How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes

This series special aired on November 1, 2010, and served as the 7th episode in season 6. 

Now, what makes this Halloween episode so special? Let’s recapitulate!

First things first, as the title itself suggests, the story of this Halloween surrounds “Randy”. Randy, Marshall’s co-worker, frustrates Marshall with his incompetence. Hence, the rather frustrated Marshall ends up breaking his vow of never firing anyone like heartless GNB employees usually do.

However, once Marshall fires Randy, he is guilt-ridden and then pleads to his boss, Arthur, to rehire him and that’s how things unfold! 

Now! If some of you have forgotten, let me remind you! Randy loved brewing and when he was fired, he was actually happy to start his brewing company with severance pay! But now, that he was re-hired, he wasn’t glad to hear that news, and hence, we found many comical exchanges between Marshall and Randy!

Now besides Randy, the other themes that this Halloween episode covered were, mainly of Ted (his students and protests) and of Robin (the mystery of finding who she slept with).

Although the episode fell on a comedic end more, there were serious themes covered like a boss’s dilemma regarding firing his employee. This is because most of the time we see such happenings according to the employee’s point rather than the employers and which is why it is important to see things from a different perspective.

Another important event in this Halloween episode is the mention of “Farhampton”. Ted mentions this place which is a major breakthrough in solving the mystery of Ted’s “How I Met Your Mother” tell-tale.

Canning Randy Halloween Costumes

Here’s a list of Canning Randy Halloween Costumes.

S. No.CharactersHalloween Costume
1TedHot Dog
2BarneyJohnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid
4MarshallA Bull
5RobinA Nurse

This HIMYM Halloween party was held in the office of Goliath National Bank where Ted dressed as a “Hot-Dog”. 

Now if you remember, in the “Slutty Pumpkin”, we got to know that Ted usually dressed as “Hanging Chad” at almost every Halloween party to meet the girl who had stolen his heart. However, this time it was different leaving us a bit skeptical but let’s not delve too much into this question and just forget the intricacies of plot loop-holes.

Now, coming to our favorite Barney, oftentimes reminds me of Joey (from Friends), dressed as Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid. He shared his admiration for the same in season 4 episode 15 called “The Stinsons”. 

Other notable Halloween costumes of this episode were, of course, of Lilly and Marshall, the evergreen couple! They both didn’t forget to surprise us with their matching Halloween outfits of “Matador” and “Bull”.

3. The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

the slutty pumpkin returns
Source: Screen Rant

The Slutty Pumpkin Returns is the last Halloween special episode on the show, “How I met Your Mother”

This series special served as episode 8 of season 7 and aired on October 31, 2011! Perfect date to air a Halloween special, don’t you think?

Coming back to the episode itself, doesn’t the title ring bells to you guys? Well! The long-awaited appearance of Ted’s “The Slutty Pumpkin” actually happens in this episode which makes it so special!

We got to the iconic “Tootsie Roll Drink” and “The Slutty Pumpkin Costume” for real this time around! Now, what was so special about this all? Let’s see!

Has it ever happened to you guys that the cherished cake you’ve been long waiting to eat turns out to be not that tasty! 

The cake you’ve been dreaming about doesn’t suit your palette! And as surprising as it may sound, it is a common occurrence! 

Now let’s change my infamous analogy to Ted’s crush “The Slutty Pumpkin!” After so much trouble, the gentleman actually got to meet his long-time crush and it turned out that the lady has been doing the same!

Ted and Naomi (The Slutty Pumpkin), confess and start dating. However, they soon realize that they aren’t meant for each other and eventually break up! Well, it was an amicable breakup but then too, the guy actually waited long enough for the girl to show up only to realize she wasn’t who he was waiting for! 

Well, that’s all that happened to our dear Ted in this Halloween episode. 

Coming to other characters, Barney gets to know about his Canadian heritage and Robin finally gets a chance to get back at him for all the times she has been laughed at for the same.

Meanwhile, Lily’s “Pregnancy Brain” makes her realize that she has gotten an impaired judgment and hence the couple decides to delay their plans of moving to the suburbs!

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The Slutty Pumpkin Returns Halloween Costumes

Here’s a list of “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns” Halloween Costumes.

S. No.CharactersHalloween Costumes
1TedA Hanging Chad
2NaomiThe Slutty Pumpkin
3BarneyApollo Creed, Canadian Mountie
4RobinHockey Player

The Halloween party this year around was held in their classic apartment where Ted, as usual, was dressed as “A Hanging Chad”. The only difference this time around was the presence of his long-awaited crush, “The Slutty Pumpkin”.

Other notable Halloween costumes were of Barney and Robin where Barney dressed as “A Canadian Mountie” and “ An Apollo Creed”. Robin, however, showed up dressed as “A Vancouver Canucks Hockey Player with broken teeth”.

As most of the episode was filled with a Canadian spat between Barney and Robin, we couldn’t see much of Marshall and Lily apart from the latter’s unusual behavior due to her popping pregnancy hormones!

What’s So Special About How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes?

Source: Screen Rant

The most prominent thing that I’ve noticed in almost all of the Halloween episodes of HIMYM is the bond! The bond of friendship and love!

These elements with the characters’ different personalities combined with the unusual storytelling add beauty to every episode! Where normal holiday vibes are almost described as “good”, there were many times that we saw bittersweet endings come up during these happy days! For example, Robin getting fired on Halloween, Naomi and Ted’s break-up on Halloween, and the sort!

Depictions like these prompt us to think that no matter festive or normal, trouble can come looking for you any day!

Most importantly, what I liked about these episodes were their costumes! Ted, Marshall, and Lily, many times, have coordinated their outfits to show us, “yeah, that bond runs deep”.

To commemorate such happy events, let’s look at the best Halloween costumes from “How I Met Your Mother” which we can take inspiration from this Halloween!

5 Memorable HIMYM Halloween Costumes

HIMYM Halloween costumes
Source: Fan Forum

1. Salt, Pepper, And Cumin

Back in 1997, Marshall, Lily, and Ted dressed up like cans of “salt, pepper, and cumin” in their freshman year! They give us major friends’ goals! 

If you have a gang of friends, do try this hilarious yet cute Halloween outfit this time around!

2. The Lady, The Tramp, And A Bowl Of Spaghetti

Ted, Lily, and Marshall have a knack for coordinating their outfits and this one will definitely become your goal this year around if you have a circle of three friends! Season 7 repealed a history of outfits worn by our favorite HIMYM characters over the years and we can’t help falling in love with these!

The trio dressed up as “Lady, Tramp and bowl of Spaghetti” where the love birds dressed as “Lady and Tramp” and Ted dressed up as their exclusive “bowl of Spaghetti!”

3. Lewis & Clark, And Their Canoe

The trio of Ted, Lily, and Marshall recreated history in 2000’s Halloween where they dressed up as “Lewis & Clark, and their Canoe”. If you know, Lewis and Clark were famous seafarers looking for trading routes and that’s what the trio thought to recreate!

The hilarious part, however, was that Ted actually showed up dressed as Lewis and Clark’s (Lily & Marshall’s)  boat with a canoe!

4. Dr. Frakenstein, Monster, And A Scared Villager

Ted has never ceased to surprise us with how much he can be the third wheel in the lovebird’s costumes! When Lily and Marshall thought of dressing up as “Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster”, Ted showed up as a “scared villager”. Talk about friendship goals, y’all! 

5. C3PO, R2D2, And Robot Luke’s Uncle Almost Brought From Jawas

Ted and Marshall were huge Star Wars fans and therefore, it wasn’t surprising that they decided to try Star Wars inspired costumes for Halloween! When Lily and Marshall dressed up as C3PO and R2D2 in 2007, Ted showed up as the robot which Uncle Owen almost brought back from the Jawas!

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Wrapping Up

How I Met Your Mother was a whole different mood where every 90s kid grew up watching it! The series actually became the go-to sitcom show that we could never have enough of and there are plenty of reasons why! The holiday specials featured in the long run of the show gave us many things to relate to! For example, their Halloween specials!

We can draw inspiration from “How I Met Your Mother Halloween episodes” and recreate those iconic “HIMYM Halloween outfits”! Try to coordinate your outfits like Ted, Lily, and Marshall and set the bars high this Halloween!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many Halloween episodes were there in How I Met Your Mother?

There are a total of three Halloween episodes in How I Met Your Mother. These are-

  1. The Slutty Pumpkin, Season 1 Episode 6
  2. Canning Randy, Season 6 Episode 7
  3. The Slutty Pumpkin Returns, Season 7 Episode 8

Q. What are the funny quotes from How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes?

One of the hilarious dialogues from HIMYM was of Barney from Canning Randy! The dialogue went like- “I love the office Halloween party, it is so much sluttier than the office Christmas Party though not as freaky as the office President’s Day rave.”

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