How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim? Will Swimming Ruin Your Tattoo?

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim

Congrats on getting a new tattoo!! Hope you did all the research on the after-effects of getting a tattoo before getting one. Most of the time it’s seen that people don’t bother to follow the safety measures after getting a tattoo and end up catching a skin infection. I am sure you don’t want to repeat that mistake. This post is all about “How long after a tattoo can you swim? ” and “Can you swim with a new tattoo? “

For regular swimmers and athletes, it’s very important to know how long after a tattoo can you swim. Also, prevention measures differ if you are getting a temporary tattoo and a permanent tattoo. Can you go swimming after getting a tattoo if it’s temporary? Well, it’s good to wait to swim after getting inked. 

Both dermatologists and tattoo artists recommend waiting for your tattoo to heal completely before swimming or diving. How long after a tattoo can you swim? The normal healing time noticed in most people is around 2 to 4 weeks on average. But that depends totally on how well you take care of the tattooed part. If you immediately go swimming or take a shower after getting inked then it’s going to damage your skin. 

Can Sweating Ruin a Tattoo?
Can Sweating Ruin a Tattoo?

Why is it necessary to wait? When can you swim with a tattoo? What are the risks of catching an infection if I already went swimming after getting inked? And most importantly how can you tell that your tattoo is fully healed? All these queries including a lot more post-tattoo care tips are lined up below. 

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim? 

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim; How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim

As noted in most cases, tattoos take around 3 to 4 weeks straight for healing properly. It can even take a longer time to heal if you got a big tattoo. 

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I know we all are so eager to showcase our newly inked bodies that we can hardly wait. But you surely don’t want to damage your skin just for the sake of showoff. 

Why is it recommended to stay away from water after getting inked? Keeping your tattooed body area away from water and moisture helps it heal properly and gives a longer life to your tattoo. 

Also, when the tattoo is healed properly, the quality of the tattoo will be visible with much refinement. 

A minimum of one month’s gap should be taken after getting a tattoo and swimming, according to AADA (The American Academy of Dermatology Association). This is because the research says that our body replaces the old skin cells or dead skin cells every month. So, it’s better to wait for at least one month before swimming with your new tattoo. 

Can You Go Swimming After Getting a Tattoo?

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim; Can you go swimming after getting a tattoo
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The size of the tattoo also plays a major role in deciding if you can go swimming after getting a tattoo. How? 

Okay, understand this way. When you are getting a big tattoo like a full arm tattoo or a complete chest or back tattoo, it covers a larger area of your body. This means the healing time will also be longer. 

Hence, if you have a big tattoo on your body, then you should wait slightly more than a month to go out and swim with the tattoo. 

Whereas, if your tattoo is relatively small like a small finger tattoo, name tattoo, or any other design that covers a little part of your skin, then it will heal early. 

You may only have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks and it’s healed. After that, you can joyfully swim with your tattoo. 

Note: If you face any irritation, redness, rashes, peeling, or blisters around your tattoo area then your skin is still in healing mode. 

Side Effects of Swimming With A New Tattoo

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim; Side Effects of Swimming With A New Tattoo
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Many times people use shortcuts like covering their tattooed area with plastic wrap or wearing some waterproof gear over that area. But we clearly said no shortcuts while answering the question of when you can swim after a tattoo. Give your tattoos a natural time to heal. Don’t act dumb. 

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Here are the commonly faced side effects by many people who went swimming with a new tattoo. 

  1. Your tattoo is still fresh. It still had open pores created while tattooing. Swimming with a new tattoo gives an open invitation to fungal infections and bacteria to enter your skin. 
  2. If you feel rashes are common then stop there. Not all rashes are normal rashes. If you go swimming immediately after getting a tattoo, then you may catch contact dermatitis which is an unfortunate rash that won’t heal easily. So, better do this at your own risk. 
  3. Last but not the least, your eagerness to show off your new tattoo might result in fading your tattoo. Yes, it does. If you go swimming after getting inked, your tattoo is likely to fade as it hasn’t healed properly yet. 

How Long After Getting A Tattoo Can You Shower?

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim; How Long After Getting A Tattoo Can You Shower?
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Yeah, I know you can’t go long without bathing. But soaking your newly inked area does a lot more harm than any type of good. According to dermatologists, our skin needs a minimal time of 4-5 weeks to heal completely. Until then you shouldn’t bathe in a bathtub or under the shower. 

By taking shower after getting a tattoo, the area is exposed to bacteria and dirt which may harm your skin and make the condition worse. 

So, how to clean up while having a new tattoo? 

The best way is to use a soaked towel to rub all other areas of your body except the tattooed part. 

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Final Thoughts

We all hate to wait, especially when you have a sexy tattoo inked on your body and just can’t wait to show it off to the world. The beaches and pool parties are super enticing, I know. But Ah-Ha!! Don’t forget the after-effects you’ll be facing after exposing your new tattoo to water. 

To give you a recap, in this post we discussed How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim? We also talked about dermatological facts about swimming with a new tattoo. Not to forget the side effects of swimming with a new tattoo. Hope you found all your answers regarding can you swim with a new tattoo. Share this post with your loved ones and save them the damage. For more health updates, stay tuned. 

Happy Tattooing!! 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Swimming With A New Tattoo:

What happens if you swim with a new tattoo?

Swimming with a fresh tattoo can cause itching, scabbing, and leaching of the tattoo. The water usually contains salt and chlorine which are hard on new tattoos. If you want to assure the longevity of your tattoo, it’s better to avoid swimming with a new tattoo for at least 3-4 weeks. 

Is it okay to swim after two with a New Tattoo?

The dermatologists recommend a minimum gap of 2-3 weeks for swimming with a new tattoo. If you feel your tattoo is healed completely, you can swim. But it’s still recommended to wear waterproof wraps to cover the tattooed area.

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