How Long Do Guppies Live? Everything You Need To Know About Guppy Fish!!

How Long Do Guppies Live

Fishkeeping for the first time? Give this spring break a kicking start with something fun and creative like fish keeping. Which is the easiest fish species to keep? No doubt it’s Guppies!! Guppies are the most adored fishes that are kept by fish keepers. These fishes can easily adapt to any environment. Wandering What is the lifespan of a guppy fish? How long do guppies live?

When keeping a pet, there automatically develops a connection between the pet and the keeper. If you have decided to keep guppy fish, then you should look into some factors like How long do guppies live? Which type of guppies should I keep? Do male guppies live longer than females? How can I increase the longevity of my guppy fish? And much more…

Guppies are the most loved tropical aquatic species when it comes to fish keeping. Guppies love fresh surroundings. So, if you are keeping one, make sure you keep them in a healthy and hygienic environment. Feed them the right diet. Take care so they live longer. How long do guppies live on average? The lifespan of guppy fish usually ranges between 1-3 years. This totally depends on the care and genetics they are born with.

How Long Do Fancy Guppies Live In A...
How Long Do Fancy Guppies Live In Aquaponics?

There are many more factors that you need to know before keeping guppies such as, what to feed them, how to keep guppies, what not to feed guppies, how to increase the lifespan of guppies, and different types of guppies. All these including some other helpful tips are shared below.

How Long Do Guppies Live?

Before we jump to the fact that how long do guppies live, let us know what are guppies. I have disclosed many fun facts about guppies that you should know before getting them home. Also, go through the factors that lead to shortened and longer lifespan of guppies. 

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What are Guppies

How Long Do Guppies Live; What are guppies
Source: Aquarium Guppy Fish

Guppies are little multi-colored fish also referred to by the names Rainbowfish and Millionfish. Guppy fish or Guppies are the most widely spread aquatic species kept by fish keepers. Guppies are kept in freshwater aquariums. 

Another fun fact about guppies is that they are live-bearers like other aquatic members like swordtails, mollies, etc. The best part about these guppies is that they are adaptable and can adapt to different environmental conditions easily.

There are more than 50 types of guppy fish in the world including male guppies, wild guppies, female guppies, etc.

Male and female guppies vary in size. Female guppies are slightly larger in size than male guppies. Guppies are best known for curing malaria. 

Factors Responsible For Shorter Lifespan Of Guppies

Just like other pets, guppies too need special care and maintenance. If you really wish to increase the lifespan of guppies then here are a few mistakes that you probably should avoid while keeping guppies. The factors that decrease the lifespan of guppies are:


How Long Do Guppies Live; Genetics
Source: Neeness

The lifespan of guppies usually depends upon the genetics of the family. It’s as clear as that if the parent guppies had a longer lifespan, the children will live longer and vice versa. Rather than buying guppy fish from a pet store, it’s better to buy them from breeders as pet shops usually are not always honest about fish quality. Better the genetics, longer the lifespan. 

Frequent Pregnancy

How Long Do Guppies Live; Frequent Pregnancy
Source: Wikipedia

Keeping male and female guppies together is not a wise choice. Guppies get pregnant very frequently which affects their health and lifespan. That’s why it’s seen that male guppies live longer than female guppies. 

Unhygienic Tank Conditions

How Long Do Guppies Live; Unhygienic Tank Con
Source: The Conversation

One thing to be double assured before keeping guppy fish is that they can only survive in freshwater and their biggest threat is pollution. 

Many times it’s seen that if you are keeping your guppies in smaller tanks with overstocked dirt, then they survive for a few months only. This is because the tank environment was not safe for them to live longer. Do a regular cleanup and switch to a bigger aquarium. 

Too Much Stress

How Long Do Guppies Live; Too much stress
Source: Quinn’s Fins

Guppies are the most adapted aquatic species in America. But you should be careful about other aquatic mates you are keeping with your guppies in the tank. Too much stress in the tank environment can reduce the lifespan of guppies. It’s better to keep guppies in a separate tank. 

Factors That Increase The Guppies Lifespan

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can take care of to increase your guppy’s lifespan. Give your guppies the good and long life that they deserve. Have a look at these factors:

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Make sure Your Guppies are In Good Company

How Long Do Guppies Live; Make sure Your Guppies are In Good Company
Source: Aquarium Nexas

Do not leave your guppies all alone in the tank. Keep some friendly aquatic creatures with them. Like mollies, and other guppies. When you keep aggressive aquatic species along with your guppies, it will cause them stress and they’ll die soon. When the guppies are left all alone, this also leads to boredom and stress and will reduce the lifespan. 

Hence, it’s good to keep a pack of guppies together. Keep more female guppies than males. 

Switch To a Bigger Fish Tank

How Long Do Guppies Live; Switch To a Bigger Fish Tank
Source: It’s a fish Thing

Okay, understand this way, the smaller the space, the less the lifespan. Keep your guppies in a more spacious place and shift to a bigger fish tank. Keep changing the water in the tank or use a filter. Remember that guppies survive longer in freshwater. 

Choose the Right Water Parameters

How Long Do Guppies Live; Choose the Right Water Parameters
Source: Lucky Aquatics

The water parameters needed to keep your guppies are water temperature should range from 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit. The ph level of water should be around 6.8-7.8. Water hardness should not exceed 8-12. 

If you are using tap water to keep your guppies, then do check these parameters before placing guppies in the water. 

Choose The Right Feed For Your Guppies

How Long Do Guppies Live; Choose The Right Feed For Your Guppies
Source: Guppy and Livebearer Fishresource

Guppies are friendly species. You can feed them anything, including commercial food and homemade food. Make sure your guppies are getting the right variety of food. 

There are many different kinds of guppy foods available at the pet stores like frozen bloodworms, veggie pallets, dried brine shrimp, and mosquito larvae. Make sure you are choosing good quality food for your guppies. 

Or the best choice is to feed them fresh homemade food like spinach, carrots, cucumber, fresh beans, etc. 

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Male Guppies Or Female Guppies – Which has a longer Lifespan? 

How Long Do Guppies Live; Male Guppies Or Female Guppies - Which has a longer Lifespan
Source: Guppy Fish

Both female and male guppies have equal lifespan until and unless you are taking proper care of them. Many people say that male guppies live longer than female guppies. But it’s not true. Both have the same lifespan that is around 1-3 years. 

It depends on how you are keeping them. If male and female guppies are kept in separate tanks then chances are they’ll survive much longer than being placed together. This is because the mating between male and female guppies affects their lifespan.

One of the major reasons for the shorter lifespan of guppies is mating. If guppies mate too frequently, it will affect their health. That’s why it’s recommended to keep a check on the male-female ratio of guppies while keeping them together. 

Also, if not fed properly, it can reduce the lifespan of guppies. Make sure you are not starving them to death. Even though guppies can survive for around 2 weeks without eating but don’t keep them longer without feeding. Feed them a balanced diet including a variety of components. 

Fun Facts About Guppy Fish

S.No.Facts About GuppiesAnswers
1.PreyAlgae, mosquito larvae, plant particles.
2.Group BehaviourSchool
3.Biggest ThreatWater Pollution
4.Other NameMillionfish, Rainbow Fish
5.Distinctive FeatureBrightly Colored fins and Body, Give birth to their young ones.
6.Gestation Period3-4 Weeks
7.Water TypeFresh
8.HabitatStreams and pools.
9.PredatorsLarger Fish, Birds
10.Optimal pH level5.0 – 7.0
12.Favorite FoodAlgae
13.Common NameGuppy
15.Number of Species276
16.Average Clutch size80

Physical Characteristics of Guppies

1.ColourMulti-colored, red, black, yellow, blue, green, orange, white.
2.Skin TypeScales
3.Lifespan 2-3 years
4.WeightLess than 1 gram
5.Length0.6 – 2.4 inches

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To Sum Up:

Hope you now have a clear idea of How long do guppies live. To give a recap of this post, we talked about what are guppies and discussed that there are a variety of guppies in different shapes, sizes, and colorful varieties to choose from.

In addition, we discussed the factors that are responsible for the shorter lifespan of guppies like genetics, frequent mating, wrong tank size, and unhygienic environment.

Furthermore, we talked about various factors that can be implemented to increase the lifespan of the guppies like shifting guppies to a bigger tank, keeping male and female guppies separate, checking the water parameters, and feeding them right.

Last but not least we talked and saw a comparison between the lifespan of male and female guppies. Hope you got the answer to the query, do male guppies live longer than females? 

Forget not to read the fun facts about guppies before buying and keeping them. Hope you have a great time keeping guppies. Share this post with newbie pet keepers. Happy pet keeping!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Guppies:

How often do I have to feed my guppies?

Once or twice a day is enough to feed your guppies. 

How long do guppies from the pet stores live?

Buying guppies from pet stores, you never know the exact age of the guppies. As the shopkeeper is more concerned about selling the fish. Hence it may survive around 1-3 years. 

How many guppies can you keep at one time in a single tank?

It’s often recommended to keep 2 female guppies in the ratio of one male guppy fish. This maintains the balance and increases the longevity of guppies. You can keep up to 5-6 guppies in a single tank, keeping the male-female ratio in mind. 

How many babies do guppies produce at one time?

If you are getting guppies, one thing you should clearly know is that guppies reproduce a lot. They can give birth to 50-60 young ones at one single time.

Featured Image Credits: Fish Tank Master

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