How Long Does Gorilla Glue Take To Dry And Cure? | The Wonderful Gorilla Glue Guide!!

how long does gorilla glue take to dry

Kudos to Mark Singer who introduced Gorilla glue in the American markets! He saved our clumsy selves from committing blunders! We can fix absolutely anything with the help of Gorilla glue! There are so many types of glues in the market that we get confused over which one is better? Well! Let me tell you all a secret! The answer is our dear Gorilla glue! Why? Because the co. produces a long list of glues that can fix and secure almost everything!! Do you know how long does gorilla glue takes to dry? Guess what, just a couple of seconds!

There’s a reason why The Gorilla Co. named its glue as “Gorilla!” Do you know why? Well! owing to its incredible strength and durability, this glue is as strong and reliable as a gorilla! It can fix nearly everything! From leather, foam, stones, steel, plastic! This glue is your one-stop destination when searching for the best glue in the market! 

Gorilla glue can take about 10-30 seconds to dry and 24 hours to cure fully! This is the most sought-after glue during construction works especially woodworks. How long gorilla glue will take to dry depends on a number of factors but the most important one is what kind of gorilla glue are you using? Is it a liquid one or a gel one? Liquid-type gorilla glue will take less time to dry than a gel one!

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The history of gorilla glue dates back to 1991 when the American woodworkers were struggling with old glues! The old glues used for wood weren’t waterproof and hence Gorilla glue came as a savior!! Let’s learn more about gorilla glue today and seek answers to the widely asked questions!

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History Of Gorilla Glue And How Long Does Gorilla Glue Take To Dry!

how long does gorilla glue take to dry
Source: SouthWest journal

Gorilla Glue was first introduced in the American market by Mark Singer! Originally, this glue was aimed at woodworkers as this is an excellent glue to bond wooden articles. But with time,  the company expanded its production and now you can see a number of gorilla glues on the market! Some of them are gorilla with glue, gorilla tape, original gorilla glue, and even gorilla super glue! I’ve been going on and on about gorilla glue but do you know what it actually is? Well! Gorilla glue is nothing else but Polyurethane adhesives with an American brand name!

Polyurethane applications are wide-ranging and hence many products are made from it, for example – foams, varnishes, adhesives, compounds for electrical potting, and many more! But here today, we’ll be focusing on polyurethane adhesives as that’s what our gorilla glue is! As adhesives, Polyurethane is mostly used as glues for woodworks because of two main factors –

  1. Bonds well with wood
  2. High resistance to water

These two main factors lead to the increasing popularity of polyurethane adhesives aka, gorilla glue among the woodworkers! Not only this, the fact that polyurethane adhesives and sealants can bond with nearly any surface, regardless of porosity, is also one of the reasons for their appeal. Hence, Gorilla glues can be used in any place regardless of temperature!

Gorilla glue is no joke as it is water and temperature-resistant and is super versatile! You can use the product on a number of surfaces like-

  1. Wood
  2. Metal
  3. Plastic
  4. Glass
  5. Foam
  6. Leather
  7. Stone
  8. Ceramics, etc.

How long gorilla glue takes depends on the type of gorilla glue you are using and what are you trying to fix! Hence, depending on the type and surface of the object to be bonded, gorilla glue can take from 10-15 seconds and even 1-2 hours! 

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Types Of Gorilla Glue And Time Taken By Them To Dry And Cure

types of gorilla glue
Source: Gorilla Glue

Depending on the type of gorilla glue and the surface that you’re working on, gorilla glue can take anywhere between seconds to hours for drying! Here’s a chart that will better show you how much time the gorilla glue takes to dry! Happy fixing guys!

Type Of Gorilla GlueOriginal Gorilla GlueGorilla Super Glue (liquid and Gel)Gorilla Epoxy GlueGorilla Construction AdhesiveGorilla SealantGorilla Wood Glue
Best Used ForTough surfaces that are dissimilar
Liquid- Instantly repairs small objects

Gel- great for vertical surfaces
Tough surfaces requiring good bonding, excellent strength, gap-filling, and solvent resistanceBuilding or renovation projectsSealing gaps. Best for kitchen doors and windows. Can also be used in baths, gutters, marine, etc.Building and carpentry
Working time10-15 minutesNot Repositionable5 minutes10 minutesTool immediately5-10 minutes
Clamp time1-2 hours10-45 seconds30 minutesHold for 30  seconds20-30 minutes2-3 hours
Drying Time80% In 1-2 hoursDry to touch after seconds. It should be handled lightly after 1-5 minutes24 hours24 hours80% in 1-2 hours15 minutes
FinishingSandable, stainable & paintableSandableSandable & printable Pain table after 1 hour Not paintable Sandable & paintable 
Outdoor UseCan be used outdoors as it is 100% waterproof Not recommended Can be used as it’s water-resistant Can be used as it is 100% waterproof and has all-weather usage. 100% waterproof and all-weather sealant! It is water-resistant and hence can be used outdoors

How Long Does Gorilla Glue Take To Cure?

la Glue Take To Cure

Depending upon the type of glue, the curing time can vary. But it is best to set aside the fixed product for 24 hours to get the best results. Your original gorilla glue will dry up about 80% in 1-2 hours but that doesn’t mean you can man-handle your object after this time. Give the object at least 24 hours so that it can bond well and deliver good results! 

Gorilla glue fast will cure in about 30-60 minutes but I will repeat the same mantra again, to have the best results and increase the durability of the object and the bond, it’s better to leave it overnight! 

How To Use Gorilla Super Glue?

how to use gorilla super glue
Source: Outillage Placide Mathieu

Applying gorilla glue is not a hard job and all you have to do is follow this simple process and Voila, you’re good to go! 

Step 1: Identify the cracks and sand them well

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind before applying gorilla glue is to find where the cracks lie! Once you find out the place that needs a repair, make sure you sand it well as this gives the glue something to bond on! And as we all know, glue bonds with rough surfaces fast! 

Step 2: Clean the Surface Well and Apply the Glue

Once you have sanded and rubbed the cracks well, the next thing is to apply a thin layer of gorilla glue to the surface! Make sure you wear gloves while doing this so that the glue doesn’t get on your hands and fingers! You have to make sure that you apply carefully and do not get the glue near your eyes, nose, or mouth! 

Step 3: Clamp it Up Well and Clean Off the Excess Glue

Once you’ve applied the glue to the surface, make sure you clamp it well so the glue can form bonds with the surface. Clamping also helps to cure the glue faster! And once you’ve clamped, wipe off the wet glue with the help of paper or dry cloth. 

Step 4: Place the Object Aside and let it Set

Once you have followed the above steps, the last thing you need to do is set your object aside. Keeping the object untouched for about 24 hours can help the object to set properly and bond well! Check after 24 hours and it’s all good news! Your object is repaired and hence good to use again! 

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Gorilla glue is one of the best glues in the market today that can bond with any surface! It is water-resistant and some of the gorilla glues are even all-weather like their sealants and construction adhesives! All you need to do is patiently wait for the glue to dry and set well! And this won’t even take much of your time! 

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