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how long super glue takes to dry

All famous and valuable inventions are nothing but happy little accidents!!! Do you get my Bob Ross tone here? No? Leave it! It’s not about Ross but Coover here! Kudos to Harry who discovered Super Glue and saved our clumsy selves from committing blunders! Super glue can fix everything except, of course, your broken heart! Do you know how long super glue takes to dry? Guess what, SECONDS! 

The invention of super glue has changed the history of glues altogether! This magic glue was the first one to dry super quickly and not forgetting, Strong! 

A super glue lives up to its name by drying superbly and instantly! It takes about 5-10 seconds for super glue to dry depending on the brand of glue you are using! The Cyanoacrylates which is the main component of super glues or instant glues are used for medical, industrial, and household purposes! It is used to fix ceramics, wooden objects, metal plastic, and even paper! It is also water-resistant and as such is used for aqua spacing! No wonder it’s a “wonder glue!”

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Due to the many uses of superglue, we all wonder how quick it is to dry when applied to different objects! Let’s see how long it will take to dry on plastic and on some other objects! 

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How Long Super Glue Takes To Dry? All You Need To Know!! 

how long super glue takes to dry

1958 was the time when our Super Glue came to the markets of the US and awed the world with its super-fast drying ways! The bond was strong and unbreakable! Since then, many more additions have been done to the product to make it simply unrivaled! 

For your quick repair work, super glue is a lifesaver! You can bind almost anything with it and the job will be done in a matter of seconds! 

Super glue gets activated by water and that’s the reason why it is so quick to dry! The glue forms a bond with the water vapors in our environment and thus, dries quickly! So now you know why the glue was super quick to stick on your fingers! 

For your super glue to dry quickly, you need to keep a couple of things in mind! Here’s a list of factors that decide whether your super glue will dry fast or will shear in the middle of the process! 

  1. Type of Brand You Use

How fast your super glue dries depends on the brand of super glue you are using! Although, every super glue uses the same technique but as we all know, brand matters! Some of the super glues in the market are super quick to dry, instantly even! 

  1. How Are You Applying

How you are applying the super glue also matters, a thin and effective layer of glue that is carefully applied to the required area will form a bond quickly and set well in a short period of time! It all comes down to your technique of applying the same! Some people prefer applying with a syringe for better results! 

  1. What Kind of Object Are You Trying to Fix

Although super glue works on any kind of object, it gives better results when the surface is not smooth! It takes time to form a bond when the object is smooth and thus it matters what kind of object you are trying to fix! 

  1. Does the Object Have Large Spaces? 

The object that has large spaces to be covered and bound, takes a longer time to dry than those with small ones! The reason for that is obviously because you’ll be filling large spaces while applying more glue to the surface! And hence, it will take time to dry off completely! 

  1. Room Temperature

Super glue can work in high-temperature and humid environments. It’s also good if the temperature is a bit high because it will quicken the drying-off process! 

  1. Are You Clamping Enough? 

Clamping tightly in both the ends that need to be bound is a good technique to quickly dry and bind the object that needs to be fixed! You might have seen people exerting pressure while sticking things together, that same process is called clamping! In industries, large machines are used to complete this process! 

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How Long Does It Take For Super Glue To Dry On Plastic? 

super glue on plastic
Source: The Upstyle Wood Guide

Super glue has a quick and easy application and hence it’s a good choice for fixing plastic objects too! The super glue that is designed for plastic objects will dry in a matter of seconds with only a drop of it! Plexiglass, PVC, polystyrene, and polycarbonate can be best fixed with super glue that is made specifically for plastic objects! 

How Long Does It Take To Dry Super Glue Completely? 

how long super glue takes to dry completely
Source: WikiHow

Your Super glue will dry in 5-10 or maybe 30 seconds depending on the type of brand you are using. As we all know, the glue needs to make a bond with an object to give off better results. Hence, after the glue dries, you should set aside the object for 24 hours, UNDISTURBED! The glue will fully cure within those 24 hours and Voila! You’re good to go! 

It is also important to know that there are two types of super glue available in the market, gel-based, and liquid-based! Liquid ones are quicker to dry in comparison to the gel ones. However, if the work needs precision and care, then you should go for a gel-type super glue! Why? Well, obviously it doesn’t drip like liquid glue and offers you great control over the application process. That’s the reason why gel super glues are used for building models as they’re great for vertical application! 

4 Ways To Make Your Super Glue Dry Faster!! 

ways to make super glue dry fatser
Source: Loctite

Although super glue dries in a matter of seconds, if you are one of those crazy impatient peeps, then this is for you! These underhanded tricks will dry your super glue instantly! 

  1. Increasing the temperature

This is the best and easiest way to dry off your super glue. All you have to do is blow-dry on the part where you have applied the glue and bam! It will dry off instantly! 

  1. Air is the key! 

If you want to avoid looking for your blow dryer, you can simply use your fan to quicken the drying-off process! Fans also are a great way to speed up the time taken for super glue to dry! 

  1. Clamping with force

This is an age-old method! All you have to do is apply a little pressure on the ends that need to be fixed and Voila! You’re all good! Clamping will surely quicken the drying-off process. 

  1. With Baking Soda

This is another trick developed by the impatient peeps! You can mix your super glue with a pinch of baking soda and apply it to the surface that needs fixation! This concoction will dry off quickly and won’t even have to wait for a second! You can also apply a thin layer of baking soda on one crack and super glue on the other one! 

Best Super Glues In Market And How Long Does It Take To Dry? 

drying super glue
Source: Let’s Wood

There are many kinds of brands available in the market for super glues and you have various choices to choose from! Here are a couple of super glues with the amount of time they take to dry off completely! 

Brand Of Super GlueTime Taken To Dry
Loctite Liquid Super Glue Sets Instantly 
Professional Grade Super Glue 50 seconds 
Super Glue 15187Sets instantly 
Gorilla Super Glue10-30 seconds 
Henkel-Loctite Gram Super Glue15-30 seconds 
Bob Smith Super Glue5-15 seconds 
Scotch Super Glue30-50 seconds 
Starbond EM-02 Super Glue40 seconds 
Krazy Home & Office Super Glue10 seconds

Note – This is the average time taken by the glues to dry or set. The time can vary depending on the material you are trying to bind and the temperature of the place you’re trying to set the glue in. 

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brands pf super glue
Source: Bioplastics News

Super glue is used to fix a number of objects ranging from wood, ceramics, glass, or plastic and is used in industries and medical too! On average, it takes about 5-10 seconds for the super glue to dry! But this timing is not set in stone as there are a number of factors that can quicken or even delay the drying off process! The type or brand of super glue you are using also determines how fast or slow your glue will dry! Happy fixing guys!

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