How Long To Leave Dye In Hair For Best Results?

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair

Getting your hair dyed for the first time? Feeling nervous? Relax!! There’s nothing to worry about. Just a little care and you are good to flaunt the sassy new hair look. Trying it for the first time, you must be wondering about a few things like how long to leave dye in hair for best results? What hair dye mistakes to avoid?

Whether you want to experiment with funky new hair color, or simply want to hide your greys, dying your hair is the best way to provide full coverage. It’s your choice whichever shade you wish to try, dark or light, fade or bright, just do it with the right care. It’s important not to exceed the usual set limit to leave dye in hair. This can harm your hair.

How long does it take to Dye your hair? Depending upon the products and brands that you are using, the timing usually differs from product to product. Some dyes are instant colorants and need to be kept just for 15 minutes in your hair. While some other dyes may take longer than usual hair colors like 40-45 minutes. How Long To Leave Dye In Hair For Best Results? If you want to have the perfect shade that you need for your hair, then do read the hair-dying instructions below.

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I remember the first time I tried coloring my hair, I totally screwed the process. Guess What? Got 2 shades darker than I needed. I am sure you don’t want to repeat this mistake. That’s why follow these instructions on How Long To Leave Dye In Hair For Best Results and hair dye mistakes to avoid as a beginner.

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair For Best Results

As we know, we all have different hair types. Some have thicker hair, some have curly hair, some have thin blond shade, some are frizzy, some are rough, some are naturally smooth. So, how to decide the right hair dye for your hair?

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Closely studying your hair type is very important. Then there are certain factors to take care of like:

1. Your Hair’s Natural Color

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair ; Your Hair’s Natural Color
Source: Glam

Whichever hair dye you choose for your hair, it’s clearly mentioned on the package that what will be the after results of using that product. It’s better to analyze your hair accordingly and then choose the right one for your hair.

2. Volume of Your Grey Hair

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair ; Volume of Your Grey Hair

If most of your hair is grey, then you should leave the dye on your hair for around 40-45 minutes or as per the product instructions.

In case a few of your hair strands are grey and you want to hide them, do not leave the dye on your hair for more than 25-30 minutes.

3. Your Hair Thickness

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair ; Your Hair Thickness
Source: Byrdie

If you have relatively thin hair then your hair will absorb the color instantly. It may take just 20-25 minutes to cover all your greys. If you have medium hair, like not too thick or too thin, then you need to leave the hair dye for around 30-35 minutes. And if you have really thick and dense hair then you need more work on your hair. Your hair might take longer than the usual time to absorb the color. 

4. Hair Absorbency

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair ; Hair Absorbency
Hair Absorbency Source: SkinKraft

Ok here’s a small test you need to do to check your hair absorbency before dying them. Take a bowl of water and place a few strands of your hair in it. Wait for a few seconds. 

If your hair sinks in the water after a few minutes, then your hair is highly absorbent. If your hair is still floating, that means your hair has low absorbency.

For highly absorbent hair, you need to keep the dye for a lesser time in your hair, say 15-20 minutes. For low absorbent hair, it usually takes around 40-45 minutes to absorb the dye.

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Preparing Your Hair For Coloring – Hair Dye Mistakes To Avoid

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair ; Preparing Your Hair For Coloring - Hair Dye Mistakes To Avoid
Source: Insider

I know you are feeling nervous. Just relax!! 

Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow in order to make your hair dye-ready. Following these steps gives you the best coverage and glossy hair.

  1. Make sure your hair is clean before dying. Wash your hair properly and do the required conditioning.
  2. It is noted that a hot oil treatment before dying your hair works wonders for your hair color. It prepares your hair for the hair dye treatment. But there should be a three days gap between oil treatment and hair dye.
  3. Do not wash your hair just before dying them. This removes the necessary moisture from your hair and makes your hair rough. 
  4. It’s good to use a conditioner after washing your hair a day or two before getting your hair dyed to restore moisture.

Post Hair Dye Care Tips

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair ; Post Hair Dye Care Tips
Source: Monat Globe

Look at that glossy hair!! You look fabulous with this new shade. I know you are pretty much happy with your experimentation. Now it’s time to take care of your dyed hair.

  1. Do not wash your hair too frequently after dying them. It decreases the longevity of your hair dye.
  2. Choose your hair wash products carefully after you have dyed your hair. This will lock the hair color for longer in your hair.
  3. Use products that protect your hair from sun damage as it can affect your dyed hair.
  4. Deep condition your dyed hair for silky smooth hair.
  5. You can use a color gloss if needed. This will boost your hair color and make your hair look glossier and better.
  6. It’s always preferred to do a patch test before dying all of your hair at once.

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Types Of Hair Dyes

How Long To Leave Dye In Hair; Types Of Hair Dyes
Source: Pinterest

It’s very important to know your hair type and then choose a dye that suits your hair type. Also, there are different types of dyes you can choose from depending on the texture, color, and brand you want to pick. 

Basically, there are two main types of dyes to provide your full coverage from the greys.

1. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

This is the regular dye that most people use on their hair. Semi-permanent dye stays for about 3-4 weeks in your hair and lightens after every wash.

Just in case you wish to experiment with different funky shades for your hair, go for this semi-permanent hair dye.

This type of hair dye is totally free from any type of chemicals like ammonia. So you can freely try those pink, purple, dark, or light shades and enjoy the colorful blush of your hair.

2. Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent Hair Dye is just the opposite of semi-permanent dye. It lasts longer, and it has chemicals in it like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia that can damage your hair.

The average stay time of this type of dye ranges from 6-7 weeks, after that you may need a little touch-up around the roots.

Permanent hair dye needs more care than usual hair dyes as it contains certain chemicals that can cause rough hair.

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To Conclude:

Hope you have gathered enough information on How long To leave dye in your hair for better results and what mistakes to avoid while dying your hair. We also discussed many post-coloring care tips to keep your hair color healthy and supernaturally glossy.

Hope you are satisfied with these tips and are ready to dye your hair without worrying. Pick the right color, the right product, do the patch test and you are good to go. Happy coloring!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hair Dye:

Is it true that the longer you leave the hair dye on your hair, the darker it gets?

Yes, in most of the semi-permanent hair dyes, it’s noted that the longer you leave your hair color, the darker it gets.

How long should you wait to shampoo your hair after dying?

It’s recommended not to wash your hair for one or two days after dying them. As it allows the color to set properly in your hair. Washing too frequently may fade your hair color quickly.

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