How Long You Should Leave Bleach In Your Hair To Get A Beautiful Blonde?

How Long You Should Leave Bleach In Your Hair

Are blonde hairs in trend? I guess they weren’t out in the first place! We all want lighter locks resembling the queen “Marilyn Monroe” and you know what? It’s a pretty hassle-free process! Bleaching your hair at home doesn’t require much knowledge but a little! All you have to do is know how long you should leave bleach in your hair? Why is it important? Well! Leaving bleach in for too long will leave your hair dry and brittle! And who wants that! We all want shiny blonde locks, don’t we?

Your salon specialist would always recommend that you don’t experiment with your hair, especially at home when you do not have enough knowledge of what you’re doing! Thus, knowing beforehand what’s going into your head and hair and what kind of results it will give, is a safe and smart choice! If you think bleaching is all about mixing and applying, then you are widely mistaken! Let’s see what all you need to know!

Bleaching dyes our hair blonde and the commonly held misconception is – “the longer you leave it on, the lighter your hair will become”. Are you one of them? Welcome to the real world girl! Bleach does not work like that! This kind of thinking will only damage your hair! Hence, you need to know a couple of things before you bleach your hair!! Like, knowing how long will you let the product sit on your hair! And that time should not exceed 30 minutes! Leaving the product in your hair depends on a number of factors like your original hair color, the texture of your hair, the color you’re going for, etc!

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Thus it can be rightfully said, the bleaching process and timing of Jessica will vary from that of Katie! Let’s see how much time it will take to turn your hair BLONDE!

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Bleaching Your Hair: How Long You Should Leave Bleach In Your Hair

How Long You Should Leave Bleach In Your Hair

Bleach for your hair is a chemical hair dye that lightens your hair color. This hair dye is considered very strong and harmful for your naturally healthy hair. This is because of the fact that it breaks the building block of your hair, the most important protein- Keratin!

The most widely used bleaches for dying your hair are ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. 

Are you wondering how bleaching works? Well! It’s a two-way process by agents like the alkaline agents and the oxidative agents. The alkaline one is responsible for the opening up of your hair cuticles and the oxidative agent dissolves your natural hair color.

Bleaching works very aggressively on your hair which opens up your hair cuticles and dissolves melanin (the natural pigment that gives color to your hair). So, now you know why your hair specialist was baffled at your idea of bleaching your hair! And if you still want to carry on with the process, then the next answer is what you were longing to hear! How long should you leave bleach in your hair?

How long the bleach should stay on your hair to give off the desired results depends on a number of factors. For example, your natural hair color, hair texture, the results/color you are aiming for, and if you have any history of coloring your hair!

Hair color and textureHow long should you leave the bleach on?
Light hair15-20 minutes
Dark hair30 minutes
Coarse hair30 minutes
Fine hair10-15 minutes

Fine hair needs very little time to bleach as the hair cuticles are very thin whereas the coarse hairs are very tricky. You need to repeat the application process to get desirable results! For Dark hair, you can make the application process easier by splitting your hairs into small sections. 

How Long Should You Leave 20 Volume Bleach In Your Hair 

How Long Should You Leave 20 Volume Bleach In Your Hair

How long a bleach should remain in your hair depends on a number of factors that I have already mentioned above! Are you wondering what a 20 Volume bleach is? Well, it’s simply the volume of developers in your bleach! A developer is nothing but hydrogen peroxide that will open up your hair cuticles to dissolve your original hair color. 

A 20 volume hair color should not remain in your hair for too long. The maximum time should be 30 minutes after which you should rinse off the bleach. If you have virgin hair, then it will not take much time to turn your hair blonde. 

If you have really dark hair, then going with a full blonde is not a viable option! You should slowly go on with lightening your hair while having bleaching sessions with a month’s gap. Doing re-applications again and again with no breaks will only leave your hair damaged. 

It’s always recommended that you do strand testing before you bleach your whole head! For this, you can simply apply the product to a few strands of your hair from your underhead. You can monitor these few strands to see how much time it takes to get your desirable blonde! Note that time and use the same for your whole head! If your hair turns brittle and dry just after 10 minutes, it’s a sign that you should not bleach your hair at all! It will only further damage your hair!

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12 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Bleaching

mistakes to avoid while bleaching

People commit lots of mistakes while bleaching at home and that’s why we have salon specialists! Our hairstylists know us, our hair and what kind of blonde do we want! They know what all methods and application time that will suit us! That’s why it becomes very important that we have as much knowledge as we can gather before playing with our hairs at home! Obviously, no one wants their blonde expectations to go orange!

  1. Not Doing Extensive Research

Not doing enough research before bleaching your hair is the most common mistake committed by all! If you think one or two hair DIYs are enough, then you are widely mistaken! From the type of product to what the product does to your hair, you have to know it all! 

  1. Not Knowing Your Hair Enough

You should know what type of hair you have and its texture before going head-on to bleach them! The texture and color of your hair will decide how long you will have to leave the bleach on! Also, if you have weak or chemically treated hair, then bleaching is a no-no for you! So all you have to do is get intel on your hair, if you can’t decide for yourself, then it’s better to consult your hair specialist!

  1. Not Doing A Patch Testing

Doing a patch test on your skin to determine if you have any allergies to bleach is very important! All you have to do is apply the product to your inner forearm and leave it on for 24 hours. If you feel irritation and redness before the time is up, then you should give up the idea of bleaching your hair as your skin might react to the product!

  1. Leaving Bleach On For Too Long

The most common mistake that people make is leaving the bleach on your hair for too long, that is more than 30 minutes! You have to make sure your application does not exceed 30 minutes as it will only damage your hair once the bleach is dried off! If you still have not got the desired color after 30 minutes, then you should reapply the mixture again. The reapplication should not be done simultaneously as the process will be too harsh on your hair! 

  1. Too Many Applications 

Coating your hair with bleach, again and again, will only damage your hair. People commit the mistake of reapplying bleach mixture too many times in a day to get their desired blonde! But know what? This only leaves your hair brittle and dry! All your natural moisture will go down in dumps with too many applications of bleach and thus, you should avoid it! Make sure that you wait at least 14 days to reapply bleach in your hair if you want to get a lighter color than you’ve got!

  1. Not Using A Developer Or A Toner

Not adding a developer or toner to your bleach will not give you the beautiful blonde that you’re aiming for, especially if you have dark hair! People who do not use a developer or a toner have repeated issues of getting yellow or orange hair instead of blonde! This be wise enough to add toner or developer to your bleach before application! 

  1. Not Getting Help For Longer Hair

Doing everything by yourself is good as it’s a trait of being independent but don’t be a fool who doesn’t get help when they obviously need it! If you have long hair then bleaching should be done with a helping hand who helps to split and handle your hair and application! 

  1. Not Prepping Your Hair Enough

Deep conditioning is a must before you bleach your hair. There are many products available in the market that will help you prepare your hair before your application process! 

  1. Not Doing Post Bleaching Hair Care

Once you have bleached your hair, do not forget to nourish them for the moisture and protein they have lost! Keratin of your hair gets damaged while bleaching and thus, post bleach hair care is a must! You can apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair and lots of it even to nourish your hair. 

  1. Applying Bleach With Bare Hands

That’s the most absurd thing that I’ve seen people doing. Also, drying your bleach with the help of a blow dryer. Not following the application safety procedures will only prove harmful to you! You should always wear gloves, eye masks, and the sort while applying bleach to your hair. 

  1. Not Following The Instructions

You must read the instructions written on the box you’re applying bleach from! If it’s specifically written not to go beyond such and such limits, then follow it ardently and do not dilly-delay. Set a timer for 10-10 minutes to check if your hair is getting colored or not. This is the most efficient and effective way of monitoring your bleaching process! 

  1. Over Styling Your Hair After Bleaching 

Yeah, I know Jessica that you’ve recently bleached your hair but don’t go overboard with your curling or ironing rod! Using heating appliances on your hair after you’ve bleached your hair will only damage your already damaged hair. Let your hair breathe and refrain from over-styling your hair after bleaching! 


bleaching your hair

We all want Marilyn Monroe blonde but do you know how to get them? Well! The most important thing you have to do is know when the timer is up! When to take off the bleach from your hair! You should make sure that you don’t leave the bleach on for more than 30 minutes! You can wait and reapply again if you have not got your desired blonde!

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