How To Accommodate Different Learning Styles In A Single Individual?

What is learning?

Learning by their very standard meaning refers to any activity or process through which one can gain knowledge and skills from practicing and getting taught by experts under complete guidance. 

The learning pattern of the individual is something that determines their growth and development at an individual level. Some misunderstood that the term learning has something to do with what teachers do for students but, it is not valid. 

The thing is, what students do for themselves, experiences on their way to maturity, growth, and success is what confines the term “Learning.” Traditional practices so far considered learning possible only there is a human whom we call teacher is there. However, The advancement in technology and the growth of artificial intelligence have come across the reality of learning. It further proves that it is doesn’t matter where you are gaining the skills and knowledge from but how you as a student is directing yourself to accept, acknowledge and profess what you have been taught.

When more technically defined, learning in education will across you as a combination of formal, informal, and nonformal teachings. Learning is not only analyzed through students’ academic reports. Still, it can be easily observed through the students’ behavioral changes towards society and, most importantly, towards their own careers and academics. 

Teaching is not the fundamental objective that education in real terms holds on to but learning, which its primary aim is. 

Experts suggest that learning can be categorized into 4 forms or types. 

What Are The Different Methods Of Learning?

Educational experts and Researchers have come across this below categorization of learning:

  • Visual Learning 
  • Auditory Learning
  • Kinaesthetic Learning 
  • Reading/Writing

Visual Learning

Visual learning is one such type of learning where learners, in general, are more comfortable while receiving and processing information when it is visually shown to them. The visual tools might not be pictures and videos all the time. Still, there could be other tools such as Graphs, Flowcharts, and many others like these to bring on the data correctly and develop and diagnose any relationship if it exists within the ideas or information provided. 

You must have witnesses whenever you’re reading a scientific process; the best way to memorize the series of events is through the use of flowcharts in your notes. The use of flow charts makes your note easy and timeless, lengthy, and easy to recall or revise. 

Auditory Learning 

We are witnessing this learning style from the very start, and it is still one of the most frequent learning styles. The Teacher audits lesson for the students is an example of such style. In this form of Learning, Learners are more comfortable accessing information or ideas when heard or spoken to them. 

It involves a more strategic and exemplary pattern where group debates, discussions, and lectures play a pivotal role in making someone memorize the very idea conveyed and can be proven of benefit repeating back the lessons, having recordings of the lectures. These group activities require classmates to explain concepts, etc.

Kinesthetic learning

“Yo does it; you learn it.” The above is one sole concept of this sort of learning. The students or learners are comfortable gaining knowledge and skills by participating in physical work, experimenting in the chemistry library, or learning how electricity works by making a circuit themselves in physics labs. 

This learning is preferable because it is unsaid to prove that you only become an expert at anything when you’ve had your own hands on it. 


This learning is good for all learners who are comfortable assessing ideas and information in words, whether written or while writing. Books, in general, are one perfect example. For self-development also this learning is considered the best. 

Why is Accommodation of All These Types of Learning into an Individual Required, and How can it be done?

E-learning is the answer to this. Nowadays, it is possible to merge all these learning patterns, styles, or types into one practicable form with artificial intelligence. With an introduction to Audio-visual merge and practical and writing assessments, all these learning styles are now possibly incorporated into online teaching sites in India, which is the only reason the youth chose these over their traditional learning. 

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