How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend After Hurting His Feelings?

How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend

Fighting is natural and is a desirable trait of a healthy relationship. It is good to verbalize your dissatisfaction regarding something. However, too many arguments, sometimes, only lead a relationship to its destruction! So if you know you’ve gone and really pissed off your boyfriend this time and truly hurt his feelings, then you need to APOLOGIZE! You should know how to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting his feelings and know that a simple text might not be enough!

Why You Need to Forgive Yourself
Why You Need to Forgive Yourself

“Sorry”, this five-letter word is magical as it lets you compensate for the wrongs you have done. But sometimes, a simple verbal apology isn’t enough! Some actions or words can severely hurt a person’s feelings and a simple apology can’t make the other one forget and forgive so easily! 

So if you know you have really hurt the feelings of your boyfriend, then you need to plan for a perfect apology to make him forgive you. Knowing how to apologize to your boyfriend is extremely important if you want to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Many arguments or actions lead to wounds in a relationship that stay as scars for a long time. You need to make sure you don’t let your words or actions scar your beautiful relationship.

Sometimes you can simply apologize to your boyfriend over a text but sometimes, you can’t! Sometimes you have to plan some grand gesture to make the other person know how much you still care for them and that whatever you did, was out of momentary anger or your recklessness! Let’s see ways in which you can apologize to save your relationship from falling apart!

8 Ways To Apologize To Your Boyfriend After A Fight

how to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting his feelings

The key to a healthy relationship isn’t fighting but acknowledging when you’re wrong! Fights and arguments are common when you’re dating someone but you don’t have to stay in that Cold War phase all along. Once you know you’ve said and done something you shouldn’t have, you first have to accept the wrong!

Women are often guilty of never accepting the wrong they’ve done and this is the first thing you should avoid! Never let your boyfriend or husband feel that you no longer care for them by your heartless actions. Accepting your mistake is a feature of wise people and thus, you should be wise enough to stop when you know you’ve already said and done more than you should have!

If you think you’re in the wrong this time, then instead of prolonging the fight, stop it! Be wise enough to say “I’m sorry” or “I’m in the wrong here” and many problems would be gone like the wind. If you’ve done a simple mistake that has hurt your boyfriend, then here are the ways that will help you reconcile!

1. Keep Your Ego Aside

Sometimes, even if we’re still in the argument, we realize midway that it is “US” who are in the wrong this time. But still, we don’t want to back out once we’ve started it and keep on prolonging the argument. Now if the same happens to you too, then you should keep your ego aside and stop for a while! You should stop and rethink the whole purpose of your disagreement and try to calm your mind out of anger!

Once you have successfully appeased your anger, try to recall whatever you did wrong! Accepting your mistake is the first step in your journey to apologize to your boyfriend!

2. Acknowledge Your Mistake

Acknowledging your mistake after a disagreement is important because if we don’t realize what we did wrong in the first place, then we’re practically not even sorry! And if we’re not sorry, then there’s no point in even giving out an apology. Mind I also notify you, that in such cases, your partner would definitely know that you’re not sorry and you’re just acting!

Thus, you should acknowledge your mistake if you want your partner’s forgiveness. Now, even after thinking much, you still feel that you didn’t do anything wrong. Then just try to understand the whole situation from your partner’s end and why did it hurt him!

3. Reflect on What You Did Wrong 

Once you’ve acknowledged your mistake, reflect on your words and actions. Try to improve yourself if you think there’s something wrong with you and the way you speak. Sometimes while showing our dissatisfaction regarding something, we tend to raise our voice. 

Raising your voice at your partner (and practically anyone) is rude and disrespectful, thus you should refrain from doing that. If you feel like you can’t control your actions in the fit of anger, then put off the matter until you can deal with it calmly (and that goes for your apology too!)

4. Try To Understand Why Your Partner’s Hurt

As previously mentioned, sometimes after long reflection, we still feel that we weren’t in the wrong. In such cases, instead of blaming your significant other, try to understand their side of the story too! Keep all the farce of two bodies one soul aside and get into the bottom of things as everybody has a different way of perceiving things and actions.

There might be a case of a simple misunderstanding between you guys that need to be resolved together and here, the blame doesn’t fall upon you alone! So try to communicate well with your partner and first try to understand his take on the situation before you brief them about yours!

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5. Try To Communicate And Give Out An Explanation

Once you’ve understood your partner’s feelings and what hurt him, it’s now time to show him your side of things! Most times in a relationship, disagreements are caused by misunderstanding and thus you should never leave a space for one!

So try and communicate well with your partner, solve all your misunderstandings and give out explanations for what you did and why you did it in the first place.  

6. Humbly Apologize To Your Partner

If after hearing your partner’s side of things, you realize that it was really your fault, then apologize! Even if it wasn’t your fault, then also, APOLOGIZE! Apologizing isn’t bad and it only shows how much you care about your boyfriend. While you’re apologizing, you shouldn’t forget to convey your own mistakes to your partner to make them realize that you’ve figured out your mistakes and are sincerely apologizing!

You can apologize with sweet gestures like gifts to humbly seek their forgiveness which will successfully convey your deep regret to your partner. Make sure you do not forget “HUMBLY” when apologizing and your apology isn’t something like “are you happy now that I’ve apologized?” This is pretty rude and thus, avoid saying anything that will hurt your boyfriend even more!

7. Make Them Believe It Won’t Happen Again

After you’ve apologized and recognized your wrongs, make sure you follow up well! Don’t forget everything after apologizing alone and reflect on your actions and improve your ways. Make your partner realize that you’ve improved and won’t commit the same thing again! 

8. Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them

Show your partner how much you love them after your apologies have been accepted. Do not forget to relay your feelings to your partner and show them that despite the differences and arguments, you still are very much into them!

To make sure your relationship stays beautiful and long-lasting, communicate your love with your partner through small gestures like cute or romantic texts or some hand-made gifts! Small things matter, so don’t forget to make your partner loved with these small yet thoughtful gestures!

How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend For Lying?

We’re all humans and thus, it’s natural to manipulate our words in a way that makes others believe us. However, if the act of such manipulation and lying is natural and normal, in no way is it good Thus, do not lie to your partner and if you do, don’t forget to apologize for the same!

We think we’re very smart when it comes to lying and naively believe that the other person won’t know. However, instinct is a tricky thing! People who we are lying to, especially your boyfriend, instantly know that we’re hiding something and this leads to differences! Thus to be in a long-lasting relationship, you shouldn’t hide anything from your partner! 

Try to communicate whatever thoughts you have or if there’s anything to share! Truth comes out in one way or another and thus, make sure that your partner hears truth from you alone and nobody else!

So to make you help reconcile with your boyfriend for lying, here are ways in which you can apologize!

  1. Do not deny when the cat’s out of the box. This means you should not try to hide your lies and build up more once your boyfriend confronts you regarding the same.
  2. Acknowledge that you’re wrong and that you feel guilty about it.
  3. Express your regret regarding your actions and seek forgiveness.
  4. Communicate your feelings and express your remorse to your boyfriend.
  5. Tell your reasons and wait patiently.
  6. Be consistent in your apology and keep trying until you are forgiven
  7. Do not be hasty and do not push your partner for forgiveness.
  8. Accept the fact that it takes time to regain trust once it is broken.
  9. Try to build back the trust of your boyfriend in you and make him believe that you won’t lie again.
  10. If it’s something forgivable then your relationship still might have a chance of saving and if not, then be ready for the bad news.

How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend Without Saying Sorry?

how to apologize to your boyfriend without saying sorry

Are you wondering about how you should apologize to your boyfriend without actually saying sorry? Well! Too badass for a sorry, are we? No! This isn’t always the case! Sometimes verbally saying sorry isn’t enough and there are many cases when a “sorry” might even prolong a conflict making your partner think that you’re taking the situation too lightly!

If that’s the case with you, don’t worry! There are many ways in which you can relay your apology to your partner without saying the word “sorry!” 

Here are 5 of the ways that can help you in such a situation where you don’t want to say sorry while apologizing!

  1. If you can say thank you instead of sorry, then why not! A great example of that would be – “thank you for what you said last night as it made me realize a lot of things I haven’t been paying attention to lately.” Simple, isn’t it?
  1. Use your actions to relay your apology instead of simply saying sorry.
  1. Enhance your vocabulary and simply use other words that are a roundabout way of saying sorry! Example- “I repent my actions and no word can describe how deeply I’ve hurt you. You should know that I understand you and you should also know that this outburst has left me melancholic too. I just wanted you to understand my situation as well but I went overboard. I accept my mistake and hope this disagreement wouldn’t lead to something major.”
  1. Write a heartfelt text to show them how much you love them instead.
  1. Remember their stand and try to improve yourself by rectifying your mistakes. Follow the example of- “actions speak louder than words” So try to relay your apology through actions!

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How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend For Cheating?

Where some actions can be made up for by simple apologies, some can’t be. If you’ve committed a sin of cheating or some other unforgivable act, then there might not be any hope for you. However, even in such cases, you still make sure your true feelings are communicated well. You let your boyfriend know how you feel, why you did what you did, and that it hurts you as much as it did for him!

Cheating is unforgivable and it leads to psychological trauma in the person who has gone through such a situation! In such cases, if you’re a cheater, then you should first accept that there’s no word or action that will ever grant you forgiveness!

However, if you want to get rid of that heavy feeling of guilt in your heart then you need to confront and have a conversation with your partner! It would be good for both of you to talk and for you to tell your part! It will help you get rid of your guilt and it will also help your partner to move on in his life!

Moreover, if you’re still in love with your boyfriend and a moment of confusion led you to the path of infidelity, then be sincere enough in your apology! If your partner is really in love with you and has a big heart that can forgive the act of cheating and is ready to give you another chance. Then make sure you never make him regret his decision! 

Here are 8 ways in which you can seek forgiveness of your boyfriend who you cheated on!

  1. Take responsibility for your actions.
  2. Tell them everything that you’ve been doing behind their back and the reason why.
  3. Promise to never cheat again and show them that you still love them.
  4. If they’re willing to reconsider or even if they aren’t, tell them that you’ll wait until they’re sure that you still love them.
  5. Keep on waiting patiently without bothering them in their decision-making process.
  6. Cut all ties with the person you cheated on him with and show them the proof.
  7. It’s a long process to win back the lost trust and thus, everything will take time. Be patient and keep on loving your partner and show them that you do.
  8. If they’re unwilling to forgive you, do not bother them any longer as that will only make your boyfriend hate you more!

How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend Over Text?

how to apologize to your boyfriend

Is your boyfriend ignoring you after your last quarrel? Do you want to get through them and make them understand how you truly feel about this situation? Do you want to relay how much your regret saying what you said and doing what you did? Then do not wait for them to come around and instead, reach out to them!

Reach out to your boyfriend through a text and relay your message and apology! Apologize to your boyfriend over text and make them understand how sorry you are! 

Here are 8 texts that will make your boyfriend realize your true feelings and help you two to reconcile again after a major fight.

Text 1: I realize that I have hurt you deeply and that no word I say can appease your conflicted heart. I want to own up to my actions and would like to sincerely apologize for the hurt that I’ve caused you. I hope you can forgive me and whatever I have done. I will make sure none of this happens again.

Text 2: People have often called me rude but I never believed it. However, after what I’ve said and done, there’s no denying that I really am a hurtful person. I don’t deserve your apology but I am still hopeful because I don’t want to lose you. If you give me another chance, I will try everything to change myself for us. Please, I love you!

Text 3: Babe, you always tell me I’m reckless. Can you regard my misbehavior yesterday as recklessness too and give me another chance? I will never do this again. I feel terrible after what I’ve said and done to you. Do you have it in your heart to forgive me?

Text 4: I wish I had thought a bit before blabbering whatever I did. After cooling down a bit, I’ve realized how wrong I was and thus, ask for your forgiveness.

Text 5: I misunderstood whatever you said and lashed out. I’m sorry, will you forgive me?

Text 6: You have been so good to me and yet I did that. I feel horrible even facing you again and that’s why I’m texting you. Please, forgive my reckless actions.

Text 7: I really love you and thinking about what I did to you makes me feel ashamed of myself. I don’t want to lose you. REALLY! Will you give me another chance?

Text 8: My heart knows that I never wanted to spit hurtful venom as I did. The moment of anger took my rationality away and I forgot who was standing before me. You are my love and you’re the last person that I want to hurt. I love you so much and yet… Will you meet me again so I can apologize in person? I would be waiting at our usual spot.

How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend With Gifts?

You never know which action of yours might hurt your partner, thus, you have to be on your toes to appease them! Sometimes, not getting on time at your usual date venue might also hurt your boyfriend. So what to do in such cases? Shower them with your love, girl!

Deliver your apology texts with these cute gifts to your boyfriend and increase the chance of reconciliation sooner than later! Pour your love and regret in your apology gifts and let your boyfriend know how much you still love him.

Here are apology gift ideas to seek forgiveness from your boyfriend!

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Best Quotes To Apologize To Your Boyfriend!!

apology quotes

Bland sorry and gifts are too common! Apologize to your boyfriend with these quotes and leave your disagreement behind! There’s nothing that heartfelt poetry, phrase, or a quote can not solve! Melt your boyfriend’s steel heart with these apology quotes and reconcile happily! 

Quote 1: My lies were a storm that ruined our happy home. Please give me one more chance and believe me, I will build another one. Stronger, durable, and lovable. I will build a sweet and warm home again, with you! Trust me and forgive me. I still love you.

Quote 2: My love wasn’t fake, neither was yours. I know it is I who has ruined everything. So trust me again. I will bring the warm sunshine back, the one you adored. I will be what you always told me to be.- from the one you loved 

Quote 3: I love your smile and hate to see you cry. Yet, how dare I! How dare I storm into your heart and leave with all this destruction. How dare I let those tears flow out of your beautiful eyes. How dare I! How dare I!

Quote 4: I am repenting for my sins, I am guilty of my actions and I am asking for your forgiveness. Please grant my wish and release me of my regret. Let me hear that you forgive me and will never leave. 

Quote 5: The sky without you is hazy, my vision is blurred and my heart has stopped. My world has fallen apart since the last time I saw you. I Know that I painted these dark clouds, but would you be my sunshine? Will you forgive me?

Quote 6: I am a novice in the game of love. Would you be kind enough to bestow me with your generosity and forgiveness?

Quote 7: Now that I have no one by my side, I realize how your snoring was also pleasing to my lonely ears. If only I could hear it as closely as I did, again, one more time, I won’t utter a single word of displeasure. Just one more time, let it be me, you, and our forgotten discord.

Quote 8: If you think I have been living a peaceful life after moving out of your life like a storm. How good that would’ve been but yet, a fantasy. I want to come again, enter through the door I left, but this time, peacefully! Open the door once again and let me in. Is it too much?

Quote 9: After shouting, crying, and breaking you apart. I realized that I hurt you. I hurt myself more while hurting you. I’m still selfishly apologizing because your hurt gives me pain too. Let me be happy and soothe my aching heart that lies with you. Forgive me, so that you and I can be happy again.

Quote 10: The sound of the door that I walked out of, the voice that I shouted at with, the words that I tore you apart with, Kills me inside. I regret what I did and hate myself more with each passing day. Grant me your apology and accept me again in your life. I’m lonely without you!

Final Thoughts

Arguments and disagreements are natural in a relationship but too much of it can lead a relationship to its destruction.

So if you feel that you have said too much to your boyfriend then you should have, drop everything and apologized. There’s nothing that a sincere apology can not solve. Although the other party may take their time to actually forgive you, don’t lose hope. If you’re genuinely sorry, then your apologies will certainly be accepted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you say sorry when you really messed up? 

If you know you have really messed up, then stop with your roundabout apologies or excuses. Get down to business by reflecting on your behavior and genuinely telling him how sorry you are. Be polite while conveying your apology and try to keep your ego aside. Own up to your mistakes if you want to have a long-lasting relationship. 

Q. How do I apologize to my boyfriend deeply? 

To relay your sincere apologies to your boyfriend, you need to send him genuine messages or quotes that will show him how sorry you’re for him. These texts will make him realize how much you love and care for him. 

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