How To Become A Victoria’s Secret Model? 11 Pro Tips To Apply!

How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model

Do red carpets fascinate you? Want to be the face of top brands? Aha!! Do you aspire to be the next Victoria’s Secret Model????
Rejoice!! You’re on the right page as we got you covered with the 10 most effective tips on How to become a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Thousands of professional models dream of the title but very few make it to the televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Do you know there are just 14 Victoria’s Secret Angels right now? You can probably say that those 14 angels are living your dream in reality!! If you wish to be as popular as the Victoria’s Secret Models then you need to start your journey now! Every angel starts somewhere and this is the time for you to implement your dream practically.

The first thing to keep in mind is to know your type! What type of model you are? Are you runway? Editorial? Commercial? Or a Fashion model? How to become a Victoria’s Secret Model can actually be considered as 30 % luck and 8768499% looks. But that’s not it, it’s the catalogs, runway for just one or a couple of years, and the right qualities such as height, weight, shape, age, etc. That will get you the Angel Wings.

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Victoria’s Secret Model is not just a journey but it’s an emotion. You will meet failures, you will face rejections, you will get trolled, the journey will feel impossible but if it’s in your heart and you badly want it, start preparing and never quit.

How To Become A Victoria’s Secret Model?

Here are the 10 simplest yet the most effective tips on How to become a Victoria’s Secret Model and spread the angel wings.

1. Get Ready With A Portfolio Shoot

How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model; Get Ready With a Portfolio Shoot
Image Credits: Virago Boudoir Photography

Looks matter a lot!! Especially in this case. Not just the regular pouted selfies but a complete and perfect photoshoot is required. Tell your siblings or friends to click your pictures if you don’t have any professional photographers right now. 

The Victoria’s Secret Model agency wants to see the real you. So make sure not to put too many filters. You’ll be requiring 3 kinda shoots. A close-up shoot, a mid-profile, and a full profile picture. So, get the best pictures clicked.

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2. Get In Touch With Modelling Agencies

How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model; Get in Touch with Modelling Agencies
Image Credits: The Balance Everyday

You need to look for the right modeling agency that opens the door for Victoria’s Secret models. The best-known agencies for this purpose are Elite and Ford in New York. These two agencies are the prime negotiators for Victoria’s Secret contracts. Go for an open call to these agencies.

Open calls are the side agencies that select new models from time to time. When you finally go for open auditions make sure you look presentable and have your snapshots with you.

3. Work For A Professional Photographer!

How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model; Start Small To Reach on Top
Image Credits: New York Post

One of the challenges you’re going to face in the journey of being a top model is rejection. But don’t get disheartened with rejections, get yourself busy. Start approaching the local agencies in the meantime.

If you get signed, be on good terms with professional photographers. Those images can be helpful in the long run to attract the attention of Victoria’s secret.

4. Get Yourself Registered On Modelling Websites

Get Yourself Registered On Modelling Websites
Image Credits:

Small or big, just get yourself registered on modeling websites. Find out the best ones on google and approach them. Let the world know who you are. If you get lucky enough on the first go, you may get noticed by the top modeling agency.

5. Get The Measurements Right!

How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model; Body Measurements and Height Criteria
Image Credits: Freepik

Okay, so this ones a deciding factor whether you can qualify for Victoria’s Secret model or not. Make sure you work hard to match the required criteria set for Victoria’s Secret models!
1. The ideal height needed is 5’9” standing barefoot.
2. The ideal body measurements are 34-24-34. If you meet these criteria you are on the right track.

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6. Get The Perfect Shape

How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model; Get the Perfect Shape
Image Credits:

Do you know what’s the favorite thing about Victoria models? It’s the workout!! They work out a lot. Even when on set, they are seen stretching their bodies from time to time.

Getting yourself into perfect lean shape increases your chances to be on the runway. Get on a nutritional diet. Avoid sweets and fried food. Live healthy and disciplined life. You can hire a personal trainer or you can also watch different YouTube workout channels to get started.

7. Get On Vogue Cover Page!

Get On Vogue Cover Page
Image Credits:

If you dream of being Victoria’s Secret model, start preparing at a young age. As early you start, the early you will reach great heights.

The top fashion stylists recommend getting covered on Vogue. The cover photo of Vogue before you hit 18 years can increase the chances of you getting selected for Victoria’s Secret model.

8. Ace The Model Walk

Damn! The model walk!! That’s what you need to ace!
Victoria’s Secret is all about looking presentable and walking like a queen! If you have that charm and know-how to spread it around, no one can stop you from becoming the next top model!

You can learn the model walk from popular YouTube channels! One thing that you need to be pro at is the model attitude! Walk like you own the stage!

9. Get Ticket To Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Competition

8. Get Ticket To Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Competition
Image Credits: Pinterest

There a competition called Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Competition. Try to enter that. You will be required to fulfill 4 criteria like you should be a female, your age should be ranging between 18 to 30 years, you should be a resident of the United States, and should have a minimum height of 5’8” barefoot.

This competition happens once a year. You can google the details and fill the form if you meet the criteria.

10. Adapt Professionalism

How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model; Adapt Professionalism
Image Credits: From The Stage

One thing you should eat, sleep and wake up with is discipline. Strange but that’s the secret!! Be professional. Adapt healthy and positive habits like getting up early, sleeping on time, eating healthy, regular gyming, etc. Be on time and be nice.

11. Edward Razek Is The Key To Success

How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model; Edward Razek is the key to success
Image Credits: The Guardian

If you don’t know who Edward Razek is, let me tell you he’s been the man behind the casting of Victoria’s Secret for the past fifteen years. From advertisements to runaways, he takes care of everything for Victoria’s Secret.

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Daniela Pestova, Heidi Klum, and many popular runway models are launched by him and made the reach superstar status.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know the steps, you know the process, you know where to reach out, what’s this wait for? Get started and live your dream. Do share this post with all those aspiring beginners who need help with how to become a Victoria’s Secret Model. Good luck with the journey!! Spread your wings high!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Are The Requirements To Become A Victoria’s Secret Model?

1. The model must be female.
2. The model must be between 18-30 years of age.
3. The model must be from the United States.
4. Minimum height must be 5’8” tall while being barefoot.

Featured Image Credits: CNBC

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