How To Braid Your Own Hair? | Trying Out Best Celebrity Hairstyles Of Your Own!!

how to braid your own hair

Love those Ghana braids but getting stuck in your own locks? Here’s a guide that will teach you how to braid your own hair with perfection!

Braids, be these French or cornrows, look so appealing that we want to imitate those twists and turns. But sadly, not all of us can do that and especially, without any guidance. Let’s bid adieu to the usual french braids and go bold with celebrities’ braiding styles! Naomi, Amanda, and Yara rocked the Met Gala 2021 with their classic braided hairstyles, and hence, let’s try them out in this expert tutorial of “Braiding Hair”. You want beautiful braids and you shall have them in easy steps!

Braiding, although looks complicated but believe me, it isn’t so! You can braid your own hair without torturing yourself. The basics of any braiding style are the same with only a few differences here and there! If you can do the classic flat braid without any problem, then you can surely master some of the best and often described as “difficult” braiding styles without a hitch!

Even, Yara Shahidi drew inspiration from the paragon herself, Josephine Baker! So there’s no questioning what happens when the classic “Eton Crop” meets “a pair of braids!” The result is, obviously, magical! And, it’s time that you create magic. So, without any delay let’s look at these stunning braided hairstyles and learn how to try them out!

How To Braid Your Own Hair | Expert Tutorials For Different Types Of Braids

Steps on how to braid your own hair

Braids are majestic and their history is THE HISTORY!

It dates back to 25000 BC which only shows how rich and old this hairstyle is!

From Africa to Japan, braids were kind of universal where not all were fond of this cultural heritage! What I’m about to say is completely unrelated to the braiding tutorial but I want you guys to get your dab of history! 

We all know how Africans were basically “tortured” Right? But do we know that they had to change their not-so-ordinary hairstyle?

Not only this, they were ordered to go through a massive transformation to meet the “American standards” if they ever wanted to be qualified enough to be seated with their fellow white countrymen! Whatever change they did embrace, the color of their skin still posed a dilemma and a factor of prejudice in the standard law.

Let’s not forget the atrocities committed to this race of people who were tortured with slavery and had to let go of their freedom and heritage. I’m talking about the period before the Civil Rights movement when the immigrants had to change as minute a thing as their hairstyle, for instance, braids.

We all love those African braiding hairstyles but you should know that it’s actually “degrading” to even call them “just a hairstyle”.

These hairs signify history and they signify “power” and “determination” too! They signify a struggle for acceptance and hence if you ever try any of these classic hairstyles, you should know what history they have and how many miles have they covered to be accepted by what we term as “standard fashion” today.

Wow! That was a rather depressing history of braided hairstyles but let’s leave that behind for now and teach you how to braid your own hair!

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1. Basic Braid With A Twist

This is a simple braid which we’ve been doing or rather, our elders have helped us with till now! You can add a twist to this simple braiding hairstyle by curling your hair first and then following these simple steps!

  1. Once you have detangled and curled your hair, try to finger brush them gently.
  2. If you can easily get through these loose curls, there’s no need to brush again but if you think there are still some portions that are tanged, brush the hairs again.
  3. Once brushing is done, divide your hair into three even sections, namely, left, right and middle.
  4. Now take your left strand of hairs into the middle and bring your middle strand to the left. 
  5. Then bring the right strand of hairs into the middle and again, bring the left strand of hair into the middle.
  6. Keep repeating this process of crisscrossing three sections and tie them all together when you have two or three inches of hair left!
  7. Once you’ve tied up the braid, try to fluff it out by pulling the braids slightly, and VOILA, you’re all done!
  8. Try bringing out few flicks of hair from the front and this will complete your basic three-stranded braided look!

2. Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are the next most sought-after braiding style after “french braids”. If you know how to do french braids, then dutch braids will be a piece of cake for you! Beauty if you don’t know how? Don’t worry! I’ll walk you through the process!

  1. Thoroughly detangle your hair first and then divide it into three even sections.
  2. Try to start with the three strands like you normally do with a basic 3-stranded braid but here’s a takeaway. Braid the left under the center unlike over the center of your hair like you usually do.
  3. Now once you’ve carried out the first step perfectly, start adding more sections of hair on the go.
  4. Take extra hairs from the sides and start adding them to your natural criss-cross pattern by joining them all in the center.
  5. Repeat the process and halt when you’ve reached just 2-3 inches of hair left.
  6. Tie the hair and then brush the extra hair that sticks out. You can use gel or simply pin them up.

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3. Ghana Braids Or Cornrow Braids

Ghana braids look majestic and thus you should definitely try them out! This hairstyle can be a bit tricky as you have to pay close attention to the evenness of the portions so try applying cream or oil to your hair to tame stubborn hairs, especially if you have curly hairs.

  1. Set out the portions on your head in the way you want your cornrows to look.
  2. Gently apply hair creams on these portions to set them in place.
  3. Take one portion and divide it into 3 sections and start following the same pattern as you did in the dutch braid. However, try to bind your cornrows tightly unlike your dutch braids.
  4. Repeat the same procedure for all your portions and voila, you’re all done!
  5. Do not forget to tie all of your braids nicely and tightly so they don’t open up. These braids can last 2-6 weeks if you care for them!

4. Two-Strand Twist Braids

Two-strand twist braid creates the perfect illusion of dreads and hence, is one of the widely tried out braiding hairstyles! The process to do this hairstyle is rather simple so without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Divide your hair into various sections and then take one section. Try to do numerous sections as more sections of hair will give more definition to the hair!
  2. Apply mousse or hair cream to this section of hair and then divide it into two parts again.
  3. Twist these two together tightly and secure the end with a rubber band
  4. Repeat this to all your sections and voila! You’re all done!

Met 2021 Braided Celebrity Hairstyles 

From Yara Shahidi to Amanda Gorman, there were a lot of celebrities that put the red carpet on fire with their braided hairstyles. Here is a little sneak peek of their looks:

Yara Shahidi’s Crowned Braids  

Many celebrities did the braided hairstyle for Met Gala 2021 and one of them was Yara! Yara wore the classic braided crown under her voluminous curls which looked nothing but regal! Fesa Nu did her hair for the evening and it wasn’t surprising as she has the knack of giving life to any hair she touches!

Fesa draws inspiration for her hairstyle from traditional African culture, mainly from South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria. She considers herself a hair poet rather than a hairstylist and that reflects in all her hairstyles! 

Here’s how Fesa designed the braided cap for Yara in Met!

Gemma Chan’s Braided Hairstyle

Gemma rocked this year’s Met with her beautiful dress designed by Prabal but the star of the evening was actually her braids that looked cute as well as classy! Gemma paid homage to Anna May Wong, the first Chinese-American actress this year by this look of hers!

Her hairstyle was done beautifully by stylist Owen Gould who did a remarkable job of pairing Gemma’s frontal bangs together with a bun and two sticking-out braids.

Amanda Gorman’s Braided Ponytail

Amanda’s blue dress completely mesmerized us but her hairstyle was not too far behind the line! The lady had this perfect bun with braids hairstyle paired with a luxurious headpiece! You’d be surprised to know what inspired her to get this look, it was actually- “statue of Liberty”.

Amanda was inspired by the statue of liberty and boy, did she look stunning!! Jason Bolden styled her hair in a beautiful bun cum braid which was fabulously paired with her blue dress and Behr headpiece!

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Wrapping Up:

Braids look classy transforming us into this sleek, hard-to-look away from divas! There are many kinds of braids and the most basic braid that sets the pace for any other braid is the classic 3-stranded braid.

Braids like french, dutch, and cornrows are some of the most tried-out and well-appreciated hairstyles among ladies who want to look put together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is braiding your own hair easy?

Braiding your own hair can be easy to difficult depending on the kind of braids you’re trying to do and obviously, on your skill! If you can carry out basic braided hairstyles, then other more complicated ones might not be too difficult for you. However, if you tend to get jumbled up in the sections of your hair, braiding isn’t going to be easy for you!

Should you braid your hair wet or dry?

You shouldn’t braid your wet hair as it can damage your hair. First of all, we shouldn’t even comb our wet hair so braiding is not even an option! One must always braid with dry hair only!

What is the easiest way to braid your own hair?

The easiest braiding hairstyle is the classic three-stranded braid! This braiding style takes only a minute or two depending on the length of your hair!

Does braiding hair make it grow?

One of the most commonly held misconceptions about braiding is that “Braiding makes our hair grow”. However, in truth, it doesn’t! Braiding is a safer alternative for those who over-style their hair but you should also keep in mind that braiding too tight can also lead to breakage!

Should I sleep with my hair in a braid?

Essentially, you should never sleep with braided hair! The reason for the same is that “it leads to breakage!”

How long should I keep braids in?

For a healthy scalp, you should never keep your braids on for more than 8 weeks!

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