How To Choose a City Bike For Commuting

  • Commuting to work on your bicycle is an excellent way to save money, get exercise and lower your environmental impact. As more cities add bike lanes for commuters, riding to work has become safer and more accessible. When you’re shopping for city bicycles, you have several styles and models to examine. Here are some suggestions for selecting the ideal bike for commuting.

Finding the Right Fit

Although the style of the bicycle depends on your tastes, try to select a model that fits your body’s shape and weight. Shorter riders have trouble controlling bikes with extended frames, and they’re more comfortable riding models suited to their physique. Whether you’re shopping for city bicycles for men at a bike shop or online store, only choose one that feels right when you’re sitting still or riding. Most online merchants have a brief trial period that allows you to ride the bike and return it if it doesn’t fit.

The shape and feel of the bike’s seat are primary factors in determining which model to purchase. Cyclists often complain that some seats are uncomfortable for long rides, but they compensate for the lack of seat support by wearing padded bike shorts. However, if you find a design you like with an uncomfortable seat, you can replace it with a more comfortable aftermarket version.

If you’re looking for the best city bicycles for women, the same considerations apply. The top tubes on women’s models are sloped down at an angle, but men’s bikes and women’s bikes are mechanically identical except for that design change.

Examining the Commuter Route

The length of your commuter route and the terrain in the area should play a role in your decision. For shorter courses, you’ll be more comfortable in a bike designed for an upright, sitting posture. Beach cruisers and single-speed models are perfect for trips that require 15 to 20 minutes of riding.

A bicycle with multiple gears is more comfortable for trips with hilly terrain and steep inclines than a single-speed or fixed-gear model. Also, durable, premium-grade brakes are vital for riding down steep hills and maneuvering through heavy traffic. When you’re sharing the road with automobiles, you often need to stop on a dime.

Comparing Maintenance Costs

You may be tempted to purchase an expensive mountain bike with a top-of-the-line suspension and drivetrain for your trip to work. There’s nothing wrong with showing off a stylish bicycle, but you’ll save money and enjoy the ride more with a city bike. High-end models are expensive to maintain and repair. If you live a short distance from your destination, you may only need a fixed gear back that costs hundreds rather than several thousand.

Choosing the Proper Accessories

If you plan on taking a briefcase or gym bag to work every day, you can select a bike that accommodates a rear rack for storage. For regions with frequent rainfall, you can buy a model with front and rear fenders to minimize the amount of water and mud that sprays on your legs.

When you’re shopping for a new city bike, select one that feels comfortable and suits your daily commute. You can find several exceptional bicycles sold by highly-rated online merchants.

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