How to Come Up With Business Names Ideas for Accounting Firms

How to Come Up With Business Names

Since the business world became globalized, we have seen a boom in almost every industry. Companies worldwide are strategically connecting to make their internal and external processes more efficient. Accounting firms are among the most prominent service providers to businesses of all sizes, effectively helping them in bookkeeping and preparing standardized financial statements. They help them excel audit sessions and keep them on the legally acceptable track while offering them practical professional advice where required.

Like every other business industry, accountancy is also facing a lot of competition. An accounting firm might have better services than its rivals, but marketing the brand is the real challenge. Entrepreneurs starting up new accounting and finance businesses are using their innovative skillsets to develop out-of-the-box ideas conducive to building brand identity. They understand that to stay atop the market, differentiation is the key. To provide high-quality accounting services, offer legitimate advice, and prepare timely financial reports, these firms require well-educated individuals to work for them.

Accounting companies are looking to hire employees who can deal with the newest technologies in this field and meet the client’s demands with accuracy. Many of them encourage their current workforce to opt for higher educational programs. There is another alternative for professionals who like less crowded learning sessions and don’t want to commute around college campuses. Enroll in an online master of accounting to improve their practical and academic proficiency. Such programs help them develop critical thinking skills and polish their accounting and financial decision-making abilities.

Besides hiring experts to run the business, accounting entrepreneurs use all their resources to make their business stand out. It all starts with the name! The name of the firm is what leaves the first impression, which is often the last one. It has to be catchy and straightforward to go the correct influence and impact on the potential customers’ minds. Here are some ideas on how you can come up with the perfect name for your accounting firm:

  1. Précised and Perceptible

The number of words you choose for your company should be elaborative but also concise. To ensure that it isn’t too long or too short, implement the rule of more than one, less than four words. It means that your business names should include two or three parts – because more than that is dull, and less than that makes it harder to remember. Your accounting firms’ name should convey the business message with its name. Still, it also has to help the audience differentiate it for what it is. The first part of your business would be the industry’s definition or indication of the locality. In contrast, the second and third parts will indicate the company’s nature.

  • Personalize, Localize, Industrialize

The first word of your business name has to have something industry-related; it could be as simple as keywords like accounting, finance, money management, etc. It requires a few hours of research to understand the basis of the industry you’re operating in to grasp the concept of what your audience expects from you. For instance, if your accounting firm helps in business taxation or capital management, these words could help create your business name. Also, you can start with your locality and make your accounting firm’s name territorial. It makes your brand more trustable, and customers around you feel closer and more connected to the brand. Adding these little details and playing with words help you make your firm’s name more personalized—this way, it’s easy to memorize and impactful.

  • Innovate A Brand

For the second part of your business name, use keywords describing your brand and building a relationship with the targeted audience. It should reflect your business processes and tell them how you operate. To revolutionize your brand, you need first to recognize your niche and the type of audience you are targeting. This part of your company’s name would suggest your specialization and what your clients can demand from your services. Terms like legal, solution, safe, secure, etc., help your customers understand your company’s core values and drive them to opt for you. Hence, involve your team when choosing the second or third part because it is essential for you to share the same principles.

  • Opt For Simple But Avoid Ordinary

When you are naming your accounting firm, remember that it’s something that’s going to stay forever. And so, your choice should be what’s not only trendy but long-lasting. One such way is to use portmanteaus, where you make an amalgamation of two keywords, and the reader immediately understands what your business stands for. It keeps your firm’s name precise but self-explanatory. Another way is to use your name or a combination of you and your business partner’s surname. It is straightforward and may seem conventional, but that’s what makes it timeless. Many firms use acronyms and abbreviations of the promoters’ names to make it attractive, unique, and realistic.

  • Use External Resources

External resources like using the internet for trademark research, Google test-runs, name-generating websites, and a search for domain availability can help you massively. You need to register your company’s name, so before getting deep into the process, shortlist your favorite names and see which ones are easiest to get the trademark for. Some of them may already be taken by other companies, which could plausibly take away some of your audience. Besides, you will need to make your website run your business successfully. For that, you need to check the domain availability under your name. It should be one of the last steps before finalizing the name.


Don’t be hasty in deciding the name for your brand; it has to speak for your company and its core values perfectly. Your accounting firm’s name should be enough to start with building brand awareness, and it should be catchy enough to grab attention.

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  1. CA R. Venkata Subramani

    Great ideas to select the name of your accounting firm. If the firm is regulated by the accounting body like say, Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales or India or similar accounting bodies based on the geographical location, there would a limited choice of names for such accounting firms. The reason is the name of the firm can only be a combination of the names of the partners of the proposed firm. Any name other than that is likely to be rejected by the regulatory body.

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