How to Do Your Own French Manicure At Home? | Salon-Like Nails At Home!!

How to Do Your Own French Manicure

When was the last time you treated yourself to yummy pasta, watched your favorite movie with a bowl of popcorn, or had a relaxing pampering session? Not anytime soon, Right? I know spending hours outside your home feels like total mismanagement for your busy schedule. But what if I tell you that you can do this all at the comfort of your home all by yourself? Curious to find out “How To Do Your Own French Manicure at Home?” Well, keep reading then!!

Homemade Hair Conditioner
Homemade Hair Conditioner

French Manicure is my all-time favorite manicure. I am pretty sure it’s your favorite too. Firstly, it fits every occasion and mood. It also saves you the heck of buying matching nail paint with your dress as it goes well with every color and dress. Ooops!! Did I say that too loud! LOL!!! But who likes spending hours in the salon when you can achieve the same results in all the comfort of your home! 

There are plenty of ways to ace the perfect French Manicured Nails on your own. Just make sure you are using the right products for your nails, be it nail shapers or nail gel, and the right methods to do so. Like I remember using a thick brush for my tips and ending up all messy and disappointed. Well!! To save you from repeating the same mistake, below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on How to do your own french manicure at home!

DIY french manicure at home is very simple and easy. You can do it anywhere and anytime. No professional tools, no partner, no nothing! Just the wish to attain the perfect salon-like nails and you are good to go!! 

How To Do Your Own French Manicure At Home?

Give your nails the proper care they need! Treat your nails like babies and use the best products to pamper them!

Wish to get salon-like nails at home? Oh, you are a beginner at this?

Don’t worry, below is a simple step-by-step process to achieve professional french manicured nails at home using minimal products!!

Step 1: Clean Your Nails

How to Do Your Own French Manicure; Clean Your Nails

Ahh!! We all love the clean and classy finish of French Manicure. You can curate that freshly manicured look at home using some simple tips. 

It’s not just about getting the perfect white line at the tips of your nails. It’s more of creating a simple sober look!!

To achieve the perfect nails, clean your nails and remove old polish from them. You can use a nail paint remover for this purpose. 

Done with the cleaning? Move to the next step…

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Step 2: Give Nails Your Favorite Shape

Ahh!! This part holds a love-hate feeling for me. At one point you are creating your favorite nail shape, but at the same time, you have to bear all the squishy squashy noises while shaping your nails.

Try to give a smooth finish to the edges so that the manicure lines are set gracefully on them. Avoid any broken edges, and maintain symmetry.

WOW!! You have done a great job shaping your nails, it’s time for some buffing!!!!

Step 3: Buff Nail Plate

How to Do Your Own French Manicure; Buff Nail Plate

Do you know what’s the best part about buffing your nails? It’s done to improve nail texture so that your nail paint stays longer.

You can use a good-quality nail buffer for this purpose. Go gentle on your nails, start buffing the cuticle area first. 

While many people still feel that buffing harms your nails by removing the natural layer from them, it’s not so. If you buff your nails with care, they’ll stay healthy!

Ahhh! You just know that buffing makes the nails dry. It’s time for some hydration!!

Step 4: Hydrate Your Hands And Cuticles

Just like our face and body, our nails too need proper hydration. During a manicure, try to hydrate your nails with any hand cream or nail oil before applying the base coat.

Now applying a little nail paint remover or alcohol will help in removing the excess amount of hand cream left on the nails.

Once you feel your nails are clean and the base coat is ready, jump to the next step…

Step 5: Apply The Base

How to Do Your Own French Manicure; Apply The Base

Apply the base coat on your nails. Applying a base coat helps in protecting your nails from getting stained or yellow. Also, it ensures that your manicure lasts for longer. That’s why salon manicured nails have a longer-lasting impact than nails done at home.

For a professional French manicure at home, you’ll be needing two different nail shades. One for the tip and another one for nails. 

Ready to paint? Let’s move to the next…

Step 6: Paint The Tip Of The Nail

It’s time to achieve that perfect French tip!! But here’s a tip: Use a good quality white nail paint(or whichever color you are aiming for the tip) along with a thin brush.

To get the fine line, start from the nail growth area and form a line. Stop when you feel like you have achieved a perfect smile line on the tips.

Great job!! You got the perfect white line!

Step 7: Apply A Sheer Pink Shades On Top Of Your Nails

How to Do Your Own French Manicure; Apply A Sheer Pink Shades On Top Of Your Nails

To add natural shine to your nails, you should use a sheer pink nail shade on your nails. This helps in modifying the nails. 

This sheer pink coating helps in covering the blemishes on the nails. Also, your nails look so soft and attractive!!

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Step 8: Finish With A Thin Layer Of Topcoat

Finally, it’s time to coat your hard work with some transparent topcoats. This makes the manicure last longer.

Apply a thin coat of watery topcoat to finish the at-home French Manicure. Enjoy the final results that look so damn amazing!!

Hurrah!! You did it!!

Amazing DIY French Manicure Ideas To Try At Home

Can’t decide which design should you go for? Well!! Here are plenty of DIY French Manicure Ideas to try at home. Ready to explore some fun, trendy shades and styles? Read along then!

1. Midnight Blue Themed French Manicure Nail Designs

DIY French Manicure Ideas; Midnight Blue Themed French Manicure Nail Designs

Think out of the box and be creative with your French Manicure designs!! This one is worth a try!

To create this design you’ll need a beige base coat with midnight blue nail paint. Instead of white tips, go for blue tips. And it’s ready!!

2. Glowing Floral French Nail Design

Ahh!! This one is too cute!!

For this French Manicure nail design, you have to follow the same procedure as in a normal french manicure with a slight floral twist.

Using a light pink base, white color for tips, and a transparent polish as a topcoat create the regular manicure and add a white and black floral design on either nail.

3. Bows On Light Pink Base Coating

DIY French Manicure Ideas; Bows On Light Pink Base Coating

A French manicure with bows looks WOW!!!

If you need a simple, elegant, and the cutest french nail design, then go for these bows on a light pink base coating.

The design is exactly the same as a regular french manicure with an additional bow on the ring fingernail.

4. Sparkly Glitters French Nail Design

French manicure doesn’t necessarily have to be dull and boring. It can be glittery as well!!

This is a super cute and easy to create nail design that you can give a try at home. Instead of going for white plain nail tips, go for glittery tips.

5. Black Polka Dots With Nude Coating

Ahh!! Black Nails!! Black polka dots with the nude coating is one of the best french manicure ideas that you’ll love to curate at home. It’s super easy and looks amazing.

After all who doesn’t love BLACK!!!!!!

6. Butterfly Design With Pink polish

DIY French Manicure Ideas; Butterfly Design With Pink polish

Butterfly designs are very much in trend right now be it in tattoos, or nail designs. Try this amazing artistic floral butterfly design at home and give wings to your nail art!!

Use any colors to create butterflies and flowers and for the tips go for a cute pink shade. Isn’t this French manicure a great way to showcase your artistic approach?

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7. Polka Dots With Lace Tip

The lace design is my personal favorite as it looks so elegant and traditional at the same time. Do try this blend of old and modern nail design for your next french manicure session at home.

8. Trendy Tips

DIY French Manicure Ideas; Trendy Tips

Think out of the box and create these trendy french manicure tips. It’s a playful design in which instead of filling the tips, they are left blank. 

To create this trendy tricky nail design you can draw the nail tip with black color and leave it unfilled.

9. American Flag French Manicure

You can’t ask for more after this!!! American flag looks so classy and elegant be it in clothing, or nail designs.

Red, white and blue shades with a hint of glitter go perfectly fine to create this super cool look at home!!

10. Lavish Red French Manicure

Paint it red!! If you want to try a bold and rich manicure then go for this vicious-looking French Manicure that looks hot!! 

Be it Valentine’s, birthdays, or any other occasion, this manicure idea goes well for every mood!!

11. Sensational Snowflake French Manicure

DIY French Manicure Ideas; Sensational Snowflake French Manicure

Winters are approaching and what can be better than a cute and sensational snowflake french manicure design?

To create this look you need to cover your nails with blue polish. The rest procedure is the same as in the regular french manicure. To create the snowflake effect, use white polish to draw tiny snowflakes at the tips.

Enjoy the winters!!

12. French Manicure In Rainbow Hues

It’s time for some playful shades to create this amazing rainbow french manicure design!!

All you need is some nice rainbow shades to cover your tips. Use a plain nude base coat tipped with rainbow hues. Looks amazing!!

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Wrapping Up:

Ahh!! That was it for now!! One thing is for sure that I felt while writing this post that nail designs can be so fascinating!! French Manicure is an elegant nail design that meets every subtle, classy, and royal nail art needs!!

But adding our own colorful twist to it is always fun. Use your creativity to create the best adorable manicure at home and flaunt it!

I love how easy-peasy this whole process is to achieve the desired celebrity looks!! If you liked it too, do share the post with your loved ones. 

For more trendy updates, stay tuned. Until then Happy Self-Care!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding French Manicure:

Q: Can you have a French Manicure on short nails?

Yes, why not!! Doesn’t matter if you have short nails or long nails, french manicure suits equally on every nail type and size. In fact, it makes your small nails look elongated!

Q: What is the difference between a French and American Manicure?

We often get confused between American and french manicures. Are they the same? No, there’s a slight difference between the two nail designs. The french manicure usually aims for bright visible white tips with a nude base coating. Whereas, the American manicure is done using creamy shades. The nail tips are painted with faint white creamy color to give

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