How to File an Amended Tax Return

How To File An Amended Tax Return

If you haven’t received your extra income tax refund for 2017, 2018, and 2019, it’s not too late because you can still file an amended tax return in case you haven’t done so before.

Basically, amended tax returns are for those taxpayers of the United States who find a mistake after filing the tax return. If anyone discovers a mistake on an already filed tax return, the Internal revenue system allows them to correct such errors by filing an amended tax return. 

These types of mistakes need to be corrected so that you can get a tax refund. In order to do this, you have to change the filing status, and correct your income, credits or deductions.

We have mentioned more about filing an amended tax return which you will gradually know after going through the whole article.

How To File An Amended Tax Return

If the tax is not paid by the due date, it can result in the additional charge on tax. The Internal revenue system will calculate the total charges and will send you an additional bill more than your original tax if you don’t include it.

How To File An Amended Tax Return

Why to File an Amended Return

Filing an amended tax return is important if you have forgotten the credits or tax deductions after filing your original income tax return. There are four main reasons to file this return. The number one is to correct the wrong information you made during the tax return. Apart from it, if you don’t amend your return and owe more in taxes, then there are chances that you have to pay the penalties if the IRS sends you a notice regarding the CP2000.

The second reason to file an amended tax return is to change your filing status to one, only if certain requirements meet. Third reason is that you can change your deductions so that you won’t face any problems in future such as an IRS audit as already mentioned.

Another reason to file an amended tax return is to claim or correct a credit that is sometimes bound to the dependents on your return. Therefore, filing an amended tax return is important. However, if you still have not filed or corrected an amended tax return, then you can get a CP2000 notice from the IRS.

How to File an Amended Return

In order to file an Amended Tax Return, you have to first collect all the necessary documents including your original tax return. Now, in case if you have made a mistake related to income, you can correct it by filling a new 1099 form. 

After collecting all the important documents required to file an Amended Return, it’s time to get the right forms such as Form 1040-x which is the official IRS form for amending a return. Now you need to fill out that form carefully so that you won’t make mistakes. 

The 1040-x form contains three columns. The first column will consist of the numbers that were previously reported on your tax return. The second column is about the amounts from your original return that you have to increase or decrease. At last, in the third column, you have to enter the result that you get by adding the amounts by adding the first and third column.

After doing all this, it’s time to submit the form(address would be provided in the instructions). Make sure you attach all the necessary documents along with the amended tax return.

You can also go through the step by step guide to file an amended tax return by clicking here.


This was the complete information about the Amended Tax Return. You should also make sure that amended tax returns must be filed within three years of filing the original return.

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