How To Fix Google Bard “Authorization Error”?

Google Bard authorization error

Users can encounter a variety of issues when attempting to access websites on the Internet. Many people are getting the Google Bard Authorization Error when using the recently introduced Google Bard. Due to this error, users are unable to access Google Bard services.

As Google Bard is a brand new AI assistant from Google and users from all over the world are trying it out and checking its features. This makes Bard servers run in overloaded conditions. More number of users are accessing the server at the same time. This leads to the error and prevents more users from accessing the server.

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To fix Google Bard Authorization Error,
1. Wait for some time and then try again
2. Try clearing the browser cache and cookies
3. Reduce the number of requests you are making to Google Bard. 
4. Use a different account to access Google Bard.
5. Clear your browser’s cache
6. Restart your computer or use a different device. 

The worst thing about the Google Bard Authorization error is that if this error occurs once, it will come back again and again. 

What Is Google Bard “Authorization Error”?

When you try to access the Google Bard and the access code request fails for some reason, then you will get an error message Google Bard Authorization error. With this error, your access to the website is blocked. There are a lot of reasons for this error and the reason for this error is stored in the JASON or XML file. 

Can You Fix Google Bard “Authorization Error”?

Yes, we can easily fix the Google Bard Authorization error. There are several reasons that lead to this error and using some common fixes we will be able to resolve this error. If the error is due  to the unauthorized client, in that case, we will not be able to fix the Google Bard Authorization error. You will have to use some other account that will have the authorization of Google Bard.

Why Is Google Bard Showing“Authorization Error”?

There are different reasons that cause the Google Bard Authorization Error.


If the request has a missing parameter or value or a value is available is included multiple times.


It happens when the authorization of the client fails. If the authentication parameter of the client is missing, then you will get this type of error.


If the grant of the request is invalid, expired, or given to some other client, then again you will face this issue.


If the authorization of the client has expired or is revoked, then you will get the Google Bard Authorization error.


If the request has been made and that type of grant is not supported by the grant or the server.


If the server has encountered an unexpected error or is under maintenance, then you will get the Google Bard Authorization error.


If the server is overloaded and it is not in a condition to handle the request, it will return an error.


If the scope requested is invalid or not supported, then again you will get the Google Bard Authorization error.

How To Fix Google Bard “Authorization Error”?

Google Bard authorization error

If are you facing the Google Bard Authorization error due to any of the reasons and you want to resolve the error, then here are some fixes you can try out. 

Fix 1: Check Your Google Account Settings

As the Google Authorization error occurs mainly if your access has been revoked, you can go to your Google account settings and make some changes there. Firstly make your account default on the browser. Then click on the Google account and manage your account settings. Then search for authentication error in the account help. Go through the account checkup and your issue will be resolved. You can also try removing any other account logged into the same browser.

Fix 2: Restart Your Browser 

You can also try to restart your browser once you have made any changes to the account. You can also try restarting your computer once and then try again. Click on the power button and select the restart option. Then your computer will start again. Now try again and your issue will be resolved.

Fix 3: Clear Your Browser’s Cache And Cookies 

Google Bard authorization error

When you use the internet cache and cookies are automatically downloaded on our browser. They make the surfing faster but these can also lead to the errors like the Google Bard Authorization error. Go to the browser settings and then to the cache and cookies. Clear both of them and restart your browser and try again. You will be able to access the Google Bard now.

Fix 4: Try Using A Different Browser

Some browsers are not authorized to use the Google Bard. You will also always get an authorization error while trying to access Google Bard from those browsers. Try using the Google Chrome browser only.

Fix 5: Update Your Browser 

It is always best to keep your browser updated. This improves the internet surfing experience and keeps you secure from unsafe links. It also prevents any such errors as the authorization error or the request time-out error.

Fix 6: Contact Google Support 

If you have tried the fixes above and you are still getting the same error, then you can try contacting the Google support team and they can help you to resolve the issue.

How To Avoid “Authorization Error”?

Google Bard authorization error

The Google Bard Authorization error is an unexpected error because it is mainly concerned with the request part of the server. Here are some practices that can help to minimize such errors.

Make sure that you are logged into your Google account in your browser.

Check your Google account on the browser and sign in again if required. Also, try to log into just one account at a time. Using multiple accounts can cause this type of error.

Check your Google account settings to make sure that you have not revoked access to Google Bard.

If you are getting an error and the error message shows that your access has been revoked, then simply access the Google Bard from another Google account. You have to leave that account for some days and then it will have its access back again.

If you are seeing this error on multiple devices and browsers, wait for Google to fix the problem.

If you have tried to access the Google Bard from different accounts and devices and still getting the Google Bard Authorization error, then you can wait for some time as the server might be down. Try again after some time and you will be able to access the Google Bard.

If you are still seeing the error after waiting, contact Google support for help.

You can use the down detector to check whether the Google Bard is down for everyone or not. If it is then you have to wait. But if the server is running, then you can contact Google support for help.


Whenever you are facing any kind of error on the internet be it Google Bard Authorization error or any other error like the conflict error, too many requests error, there are also ways to resolve it. But before you start using the fixes, check on the down detector if the issue is from the company end or not. If there is an error on the server and everyone is experiencing it, then there is no need for any fixes. You have to wait till the issue is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Google Authorization Error?

The Google Authorization error is mainly of 400 admin_policy enforced error. This error will not allow you to log into the Google account unless the admin approves it.

Q2. Why Google Authentication Failed?

If you have entered the wrong email address or wrong password, then you will get the Google authentication failed.

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